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  • If you have ever played a game of Five Card Draw Poker, than Oasis Poker will be a fairly familiar poker variation. The game pits the player against the dealer, with each receiving five starting cards, after the player pays the ante bet. Once the cards are dealt out, the player can see one of the dealer’s five cards and has the option to draw new cards instead of the old ones, paying one ante bet per card drawn.

    Once all the drawing is done, the player can call or fold. By calling, the player posts a bet worth two ante bets and the dealer’s cards are revealed. If the dealer does not hold at least Ace King High, the dealers hand will not qualify and the player will win double money on the ante, and get his full bet back.

    On the other hand, if the dealer’s hand does qualify, the two hands will be compared. If the player’s hand is better, the player will win money based on a preset payouts table which pays higher for strong hands like three of a kind or straight and flushes.

    Oasis Poker is a fairly simple type of casino poker and one that offers limited payouts with limited risk. The game does not offer too much space for strategy, but deciding which hands to fold and when it pays off to draw will be the determining factor between winning or losing in this exciting poker game.

    No Progressive Bonuses and Low Variance

    Oasis Poker is one of the lowest variance casino poker games because it offers no extra bonuses or features, which means the player will only win or lose based on hand comparisons against the dealer, which tends to be a relatively break even proposition.

    Solid winning streaks can lead to big wins and getting a hand like straight flush or royal flush will award you with a decent bonus. On the other hand, it takes a very long time to lose any significant amount of money on Oasis Poker, which makes this game ideal for poker lovers looking to play for hours and enjoy themselves in an online casino environment.

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