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  • 22_bulb.pngWith dozens of video poker variations out there, Jokers Wild is likely one of the simplest ones you could ever play. The game uses very simple rules and standard poker hand rankings, with the biggest difference to classic poker games being the introduction of Joker cards to the deck.

    With Jokers in the fold, making solid poker hands becomes much easier, which is why the game only starts paying at a pair of kings, unlike many other variations which pay for a pair of tens or jacks as well.

    Additionally, the game only really pays big when players are able to make straight and royal flushes with four of a kind only paying 15:1 and being reasonably easy to get.

    22_video-poker.png Jokers Wild Gameplay and Rankings

    Jokers Wild plays like all other video poker variations in most ways. The player is dealt five cards face up, and gets to discard any number of them and receive substitutions from the remaining deck. However, with jokers in the deck, choosing what to keep and what to discard becomes a bit trickier, although just looking at the paytable will usually give you the right answer.

    The game will give you your money back if you make a pair of kings or two pair, while three of a kind are the minimum hand that makes any profit, doubling the initial bet. Natural royal flush is the highest paying combination and betting the maximum amount of chips on every hand will ensure that you receive a significant bonus to the regular payout if you can make this rare hand.

    With a few minor twists, Jokers Wild is a truly simple video poker game that does not require too much thinking, with most decisions fairly automatic and logical. With a high payout rate, low variance and a solid payout potential, Jokers Wild is definitely a video poker game that most gamblers out there will want to try at least once.

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