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  • In this world of instant soup and fast food, society grows all the more restless with slow mechanisms of service in any sphere that influences their lives. Mobile phones provide instant communication and internet solutions. We have instant access to banking, instant access to online shopping, instant access to maps, news, entertainment, and more. What has the high-tech world done to us? We have become an impatient people. But, who can blame us, with the pace of modern life! We are governed by time, and our panicked schedules rule our lives. If a product or services wants time in our lives it must be done quickly – must be done…NOW!

    It's habitual: Rushing is our MO. We get a “rush” from rushing. It's unconscious and can be addictive.’ (Huffington Post: “Why We Rush Through Life.” By Sura)”


    Whether our quick paced lives are healthy or not is a topic for another day. The fact is that online service providers know that keeping their service/product front of mind demands fast and efficient service.

    Online gambling is no exception. As players we expect a fast and efficient deposit process to allow us to gamble when we want to without delays. On the flip side we also expect the cashout process to be as smooth and as quick. When I come knocking for my winnings, I expect a fast payment.

    Cashing in at land-based casinos is one of the easiest things to do, but not as straight forward at online institutions. There is always red-tape that can hold things up. It is for this reason that you should do your homework before choosing a casino, to make sure that they support fast payouts.



    When a casino supports fast payouts, it proves that first and foremost they are customer focused. There are a few things to be said of fast cash-out casinos:

    • Stability of the Casino: Slow payouts by casino vendors could point to a cash flow problem. Fast and efficient withdrawal speeds say, “We take pride in our customer liaisons and we have no management issues here.”
    • Shows Etiquette and value: Speedy service shows how much a casino values you. It is also good etiquette and decency to be prompt in paying, when you were prompt in receiving.
    • Promotes Responsible Gambling: It is far easier to practice good bankroll management and budgeting, when all funds are where they are supposed to be. When funds are in ‘limbo’ they can neither form part of your bank account nor your casino bankroll.



    Do not concentrate all your efforts on finding a casino that pays out super quickly, but rather ensure that fast payouts are accompanied by further virtues with regards to withdrawals. Keep an eye open for:

    • Fast Deposit and Pay-out times
    • Low withdrawal fees
    • Decent Pay-out percentages
    • High withdrawal limits


    Good, fast and ethical casinos are usually groomed that way by the laws they are governed by. Therefore, an excellent way to verify whether a casino may or may not give you hassles on the other side, would be for you to have a look at their:

    1.  Licensing: Casinos without licenses to operate, or who are licensed by bogus commissions should be avoided. These ‘rogue’ casinos will happily take your money, but when it comes time to withdraw wins, you either wait ages, or only receive a portion of your money back, if any at all. Licensing certificates will be found at the footer of an operators ‘home page’.

    Beware the bite: To avoid any chance of running into sharks and slow payers, we advise paying close to attention to the reviews by your peers in the GamblersPick Community. They share their experiences which could help you avoid some sticky situations, while finding a few hidden gems.”

    2. Auditing History: Check to see when last the casino was audited (if its ever been audited). If you can see any involvement with a testing company called “eCOGRA”, then you can sigh in relief, for you are guaranteed the services of a top casino.

    Who Fights For You? eCogra is a leading independent and internationally approved testing agency, specialising in certification of online gambling software and systems. They watchdog the casinos to ensure they adhere to acceptable gambling practices and standards.”



    There are several factors that may determine pay-out speeds from one casino to the next:

    Have they hired their dream team?

    All withdrawal requests must be processed and authorised. These processes must be carried out by physical staff members. Therefore, any negative influences on staff may have a negative effect on the speed that and service is carried out at. Certain factors may include, but are not limited to:

    • Staff Training
    • Understaffing
    • Staff Welfare
    • Management


    Each of the above may have a direct impact in either a positive or negative way in which your withdrawal request is handled.


    Who are you?

    Casinos are extremely careful about who they pay money out to. They could get into a lot of trouble for okaying pay-outs to minors. They can be held to account for paying out to impostors as well. As such, a casino may ask you for certain documents to be submitted before authorising a pay-out. This is guaranteed upon your first withdrawal but may need to be done every now and then as a precaution. The types of documents they might ask for will include: 


    • Photo proof ID: Here, you can provide your national ID, passport, or National Security Card.
    • Proof of Residence. Here, a utility bill or statement may accompany your ID.
    • Copy of Card: If you used a credit or debit card for deposit and withdrawal, you may need to send the casino a copy of the front and back of the card. You may blackout the middle numbers on the card, as well as the 3-digit security number at the back for security against fraud.


    Processing of these documents could hold a withdrawal up.

    Agents? This is no spy flick!

    Due to stringent security laws, all UK casinos must have withdrawals authorised by a registered pay-out agent before funds can be release. This can add significant time to the process in, however, in certain scenarios may only delay things by a few minutes.

    Scrutiny on Big Loot

    If the sum being requested is large, the casino may delay pay-out in order to take extra precautions before paying out. These precautions may include ID documents being sent to them etc. Smaller payouts are very seldom subject to such snags. Please note that not all large transactions will be subject to such scrutiny.

    VIP god or regular bod?

    Loyalty status at an online casino will dictate a lot about the level of service you receive. High Rollers will generally be paid out much faster than regular players. After all, casinos are businesses and big spenders always get preferential treatment, no matter what industry you are in.

    VIP’s often have a personal assistant that is at their beck n call at an online casino. These staff members will bypass all of the red tape that regular players are subject to, to ensure ultimate client satisfaction.

    Method to the madness

    The banking method that you opt to use at an online casino will play a big role in the amount of time it takes you to redeem your winnings. Unlike the above factors in the list, the casino has no sway in this regard, as each banking method is undertaken by a third-party service provider.

    If you have a ‘need for speed’ then stay away from cheque withdrawals. These transactions can take up to 2 weeks before cash is available in your bank account. This is due to the long process involved in making the cheque out, courier posting it, depositing it, and waiting for it to clear.

    The more popular forms of withdrawal include e-wallets, credit/debit cards, and bank transfer,

    • E-Wallet: An e-wallet is a virtual wallet that mediates between your bank account and a payer/payee. The most common forms of e-wallet are PayPal (not used much by gamblers because of the stringent regulations in place for gambling), NETELLER and Skrill. The last two cut down withdrawal times to less than an hour, in most cases. If speed is your queen, then an e-wallet is the best choice for you.
    • Cards: Credit/Debit Cards are the most popular form of payment and withdrawal in most parts of Europe. The only down side to this, is the bank fees incurred for transactions. The service is a bit slower than e-wallets and could take 3-5 days before the funds reflect in your account.
    • Bank Transfer: This is a casino favourite, as the costs involved on their side are low and the security very high. Bank transfers can take a few days to reflect, depending on the institution being paid.
    • Bitcoin: Although not used very commonly at a majority of casinos, the service out does even e-wallets in transaction speeds, costs and security. Fortunately, there are only a few casinos that operate with cryptocurrency, with that number set to grow in the course of the next few years.


    Quick Tip: Try and keep to the same banking method for both deposits and withdrawals, as the hassle is far less on both your end and the casino operator end.




    How do we figure out when a casino is taking to long? What are the industry norms? And what can I expect from a Top Fast Paying Casino?

    1. Rogue Casino Meander: There have been noted cases where payouts have taken a few weeks to a month to register in player’s bank accounts. This level and speed of service is totally unacceptable. At most, turn around times should take a week to process and even that is on the slow side.

    2. Regular Casino Canter: Most modern casino methods clear funds in between 1 and 3 days, so when taking into consideration admin processes before approval, a more acceptable maximum turn around time for pay-outs should be around 5 days, max.

    3. Top Casino Turbo: Casinos that are ‘on the ball’ should clear payments across to you within minutes if you have selected a suitable payment method. There is very little excuse for things not to be almost instant in this day and age, especially with modern advances in technology. However, even top casinos need some grace, so payments can be expected to clear from a 1 minute to 48 hours after completing your withdrawal.



    The market out there is extremely competitive. If one casino is not able to satisfy your desires, another one will. So be picky and do not settle for second best. There is a good chance that you will find a Fast Pay-out Casino that has the full package for you. Just make sure that the eventual choice falls within the parameters of reputable casino practice. Thanks to the internet, you will be able to view many reviews on any casino you choose. This can act as a great guide to choosing your gambling home.

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    What constitutes a fast payout casino?

    A fast payout casino is the casino that will process your withdrawal request and send the money in the shortest possible time, sometime within hours from the request.

    Are all fast payout casinos reliable and trustworthy?

    Generally speaking, most fast payout casinos are reliable because the speed of withdrawals is one of the best indicators of trustworthiness. However, there are always exceptions, so players are advised to always check other important factors as well.

    Why do some big casinos make me wait for my withdrawal?

    Certain gambling licenses request casinos to introduce a waiting period (usually up to 48 hours) on all withdrawals. This means that no withdrawal can be processed before this time has elapsed, regardless of how long you’ve had an account or any other related facts.

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