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  • 22_bulb.pngAndroid phones are, by far, the most present type of phones in today's market. There are countless Android apps being developed every day to serve different purposes. Some of them are just for entertainment, others are designed to complete or facilitate certain tasks. One way or the other, people spend a lot of time every day using their apps.

    Thus, it stands to reason that there are also many casino mobile apps for Android out there. Online casinos want to cater to their customers' needs around the clock and let them play whenever they feel like it, and what better way to do it than offering a nicely designed and functional casino app?

    Casino mobile apps for Android weren't as common back in the day. Although there are more Android users than iPhone users, casinos weren't particularly keen on developing Android apps.

    The main reason was the fact that, until recently Google Play Store didn't allow for real money gambling apps to be added.

    This meant the casinos couldn't get the visibility for their apps and it also created problems for the players, as they had to go through special steps to install apps downloaded from an „unknown source.“

    That said, there were still many casino mobile Android apps, which allowed players to play on the go. Overtime, the number of these apps kept growing and many of the casinos nowadays offer their standalone Android apps. Additionally, Google has finally started to change their policy on gambling apps, which means there is now more incentive to build and offer apps.

    Of course, the modern technologies have made many mobile apps, including casino apps, somewhat redundant. Instant-play casinos that can be accessed through mobile browsers have taken the place of casino mobile apps for Android.

    Apps do have certain upsides, as they make it easier and simpler to log in and play whenever you feel like it. Sometimes, casino mobile apps for Android also offer better user interfaces and make it easier to find the games and enjoy your overall gaming experience. However, most casinos that offer apps also offer the instant-play mobile platform as well.

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    Can I find casino mobile apps for Android on Google Play Store?

    Until recently, Google had a strict policy against allowing any gambling apps in their store. This has started to change, but finding casino apps for Android in the store is still not possible for most countries.

    Where can I download these apps, then?

    Casino Android apps are usually offered for download straight from the casino page, either by following the link or by scanning the dedicated QR mobile code.

    Android apps or instant-play casino, which is better?

    Usually, instant-play mobile casinos offer a bigger number of games and almost all other options found on the desktop version. Mobile casino apps for Android, however, can provide you with an easier access and a nicer user interface.

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