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  • 22_bulb.pngThe vast majority of online casinos provide a wide range of bonuses and special offers to their loyal players. So, besides the welcome bonus, there are some other attractive bonuses for active users. Obviously, online casinos are doing their best to keep their existing clients happy and satisfied. One of these bonuses is the reload bonus.

    22_coupon.png Casino Reload Bonuses: What Are These Bonuses All About?

    Casino reload bonuses are bonuses that provide players an opportunity to claim a specific percentage of their last deposit as free money (bonus). These bonuses are usually offered to certain players or categories or players. There are situations when casino reload bonuses are provided as a regular promotion. In order to make things even more entertaining and profitable, casinos are often providing these bonuses combined with other bonuses like Free Spins for example.

    In some cases reload bonuses are linked to the welcome bonus. In other words, new players can benefit from this offer too. So, new players can expect second reload deposit bonus (up to five bonuses in some cases).

    Many casinos are providing reload bonuses to their loyal members. This offer is a sign of appreciation because they are satisfied with the players’ regular playing. Additionally, some casinos have developed special Reload Bonus programs where players can get the right to claim such bonus after a specific period of playing on a regular basis. Needless to say, the more time you spend playing with real money, the more attractive reload bonus you can expect.

    Furthermore, there are casinos that send emails to inactive players offering reload bonuses. This is a nice way to turn inactive players into active players again. It’s also good to know that some online casinos offer reload bonuses for all registered players like weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reload bonuses. When you have an offer like this, you can use a bonus based on the initial deposit you’ve made during that week or month.

    The casino reload bonuses belong to a group of bonuses that can be claimed over and over again (unlike welcome bonuses). These returning bonuses are linked to wagering requirements. Of course, every casinos has different rules and requirements, but according to some statistics the average wagering requirement is between 20 and 40 times of the value of the bonus. This means that you will have to place bets worth 20 to 40x the bonus.


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    Can I use reload bonuses with other bonuses?

    Yes. Some casinos are making combinations of different bonuses with the reload bonus. For instance, you can use the welcome and reload bonus at once as part of a bonus package.

    How can I get the reload bonus?

    It depends on the casino you select. There are different things that will make you eligible for this bonus.

    Do I have to use a bonus code to become eligible for this bonus?

    In some cases the answer is affirmative. If you have any doubts, contact the casino’s customer services.

    Is the reload bonus a returning bonus?

    Yes. You can get this bonus many times.

    Can I get a reload bonus regardless of the games I play?

    No. Most casinos are offering reload bonuses for players using specific games.


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