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  • 22_bulb.pngPlaying slots is usually exciting on its own because most slots offer players a chance to win big even with the smallest of bets. These big winning chances are one of the biggest allures of slot machines in general, and they are amplified even more when it comes to slots with jackpots. In addition to all the base game and bonus feature pays, these slots also feature additional jackpot prizes up for grabs, and the amounts are sometimes head-spinning.

    22_slots.png Slots Jackpots Variations

    There are several variations of slots with jackpots. The most popular ones are those featuring a progressive jackpot spread across the network of slots, which means that every bet made at any casino within the network increases the progressive jackpot ever so slightly. With popular slots, this amount increases rapidly, and leadings jackpot slots often reach seven and even eight-figure amounts.

    The other group of slots with jackpots are the machines that have a jackpot particular to that machine. Sometimes it can also be progressive, but more often this is a static jackpot dependent on your bet size.

    With progressive jackpot slots, the jackpot is usually awarded at random, while static slots with jackpot will pay when a player hits a certain combination of symbols, such as five stacks of the highest paying symbol across the reels.

    Whatever the type, it isn’t hard to see why slots with jackpots enjoy great popularity among the players. These games offer something on top of the base game winnings, which means there is something extra up for grabs, and this is usually enough to fuel the imagination. With big-name progressive slots, this is even better, because they often offer truly life-changing amounts, giving players a chance to dream really big dreams.

    We bring you the list of the best slots with jackpots online as well as the best casinos to try your luck at. You never know with these games, as the next spin of the reels could have your name written all over them.

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