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  • 22_bulb.pngApart from wild symbols, scatters are a group of symbols most commonly found in a variety of Online Slots. In fact, slots with scatter symbols have almost become a norm and it is unusual to see one without them, unless they belong to the classic slots category.

    22_slots.png Slots Scatters Symbols

    Scatters are primarily symbols set to pay a certain amount regardless of where they land on the reels. I.e., they can be „scattered“ anywhere on the board, but they will still pay a certain amount, without having to be lined up on a payline.

    Usually, at least two scatters are needed for a player to get paid, and more of them landing on the reels mean a bigger payout as well. The maximum number of scatters, most often five, is usually a mini jackpot, paying 500x or more times the bet.

    Slots with scatter symbols also often use scatters as bonus triggers, meaning landing three or more scatters will take you into the bonus or Free Spins round. Hence, these symbols play multiple roles and are very important for the entire gameplay.

    More often than not, scatters are represented by a symbol that has relevance for the main theme of the game, but sometimes they are also simply represented by the game logo or something along those lines. Either way, landing a few of these across reels is usually exciting as it means a nice win and/or a chance to enter the bonus and really win big.

    If you enjoy playing slots with scatter symbols, you aren't alone, as most slots players prefer this type of games. We bring you the most interesting of these slots for you to enjoy and try to win big. Remember, landing one of these on each reel usually means you'll pocket a nice win, so it's worth really going for it.

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