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  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’d know about the phenomenon that is Blackjack. This card game has been played for centuries and its popularity continues to increase. Since the start of the online casino industry many developers have been working to create different variants of the game to keep players entertained but also provide them with different options of this classic game.

    The game has been played for years even before land based casinos were established. With land based casinos being legalized there has been opportunity to create more variants of the game and when the online casino industry started there was room for even more creation and changes to this popular card game.

    I’m on a Boat

    Gambling hasn’t always been legal, in fact it was banned in many countries for a very long time. As with all legalities there is often a loophole that can be used to get around the legalities. Riverboat Gambling became highly popular in the 19th century as it was the only way players could legally take part in gambling action without getting into trouble.

    What on earth is a Riverboat Casino? A Riverboat Casino is a casino set in a paddlewheel boat housing a variety of casino games. The 1994 Western comedy Maverick, starring Mel Gibson, centred on high-stakes card games aboard just such a vessel.

    With the ups and downs connected to lawful gambling over the years Riverboat Casinos became a safe and exciting alternative. In the US especially during the 20th Century Riverboat Casinos became extremely popular. This was ultimately because any form of gambling on dry land was illegal but there was no mention of gambling on the open waters.

    Thus, players who desperately wanted to spend some time playing their favourite card and table games had to take it to the waters. The Mississippi river especially was an incredibly popular spot as it provided an efficient method for transporting good from state to state. With it being a popular trade centre it attracted those with money to burn but it also started attracting professional gamblers.

    It was an exciting time to be alive and those who took part in the experience definitely made memories that can’t be outdone by any form of land based or online casino experience. The Riverboats didn’t necessarily move as the only rule was that they had to be in the water for gambling activities to be rendered legal.

    It was ideal for anyone and everyone who wanted to take part in gambling without risking getting into trouble. With Blackjack being one of the preferred card games since it first became popular in the 17th Century it was considered one of the top played games on these Riverboats.

    It’s interesting to see how much has changed over the years especially when it comes to the gambling industry. To think there was a time that countries such as Germany looked down on slot machine gambling but considered card and table games such as blackjack a game for the elite and upper class. In Germany they even went as far as opening casino floors that was made up solely out of card and table game variants such as Blackjack but had a separate more ‘hidden’ room where players could play slot games.

    Thankfully Blackjack remained a game considered as classic and exclusive and players never had to use the back entrance to get in on the action. When the online casino industry first started Blackjack was also one of the very first game options players could choose from. And as the industry’s popularity grew so did the interest in blackjack. The one thing that online blackjack variants tend to lack is providing players with that real feel casino experience. It was in an attempt to replicate this experience and enhance player entertainment that Live Dealer Blackjack was born.

    How Live Dealer Blackjack Works

    Online Blackjack games remain among the most played but because this card game is considered an interactive game in parts many online casino players started missing the connection, vibe and feel of playing the game at a land based casino. Due to the growing increase in numbers of players who wanted to get the real casino feel game software developers were inspired to create live dealer variants of the game. These live dealer blackjack variants allow you to indulge in a fully immersive gaming experience where you get to talk to and play against a real life dealer.

    As with all things new it can be quite intimidating to participate in a game that comes with new elements, even if it is a game as classic and well-known as blackjack. Don’t fear, we at GamblersPick have looked into this and we’ve created this guide that will provide you with all the need to know information for successfully playing Live Dealer Blackjack.

    As with regular blackjack online the hand starts with you choosing how much you are willing to bet by choosing the amount of virtual chips you’d like for the game. Once you’ve placed your bets, the croupier will deal you your cards. After you’ve looked at your cards the dealer will ask you about what action you will take next. You then get to say whether you choose to hit, stand, double down or split your cards. Most of the gameplay is exactly the same as in land based casinos so you’ll truly get to experience the real casino atmosphere from the comfort of your own home.

    The Live Dealer Blackjack variants also come with a chat option where you can talk to the dealer and in some cases even to other players if it is a multi-table. It will be quite strange at first as you’ll get to write a text in the chat box and the dealer will respond to it by speaking to you.

    Don’t get cocky… There’s a popular saying that goes “This is why we can’t have nice things”, used when people abuse something they were entrusted with. The chat option in these live dealer blackjack games is for your benefit but be warned if you use it to be offensive or say rude things the chat box option will be temporarily blocked. If someone repeatedly says mean and horrible things to the croupier or other players you stand a chance of being banned from the live casino tables. Always play nice.

    Live Dealer Blackjack Strategy

    One of the key elements of successfully playing live dealer blackjack is to optimise your strategy. As you know blackjack is a game that requires skill and strategy if you wish to obtain lucrative results. With live dealer blackjack the situations that can take place are infinite. The best way to play the game is to know the basic blackjack strategy. When making use of basic strategy you have to make sure that your choices can be successfully applied depending of the number of card decks used in the live dealer variant you choose to play.

    Basic strategy tips:

    • An Ace should be counted as a 1 when paired with cards valued at 6 or less
    • An Ace paired with higher value cards should be counted as 11
    • If your hand total is between 3 and 11 on the first draw you should hit
    • A player should hit if they have an initial card hand value of between 12 and 15 and the dealer’s face up card is 6 or less. If the dealer’s face up card is above 6 the player should stand.
    • Always stand if your card total is between 17 and 20 unless the cards are an Ace and a 7 and the dealer’s face up card is an 8 or less. In the last scenario hitting would be the suggested bet choice.
    • Double down with point totals between 9 and 11 especially if the dealer’s face card is of higher value than your total hand. Doubling down is a risky bet and if you are unsure it’s best to refrain from doing so.
    • Don’t take insurance especially in live dealer blackjack games making use of multiple decks of cards. This bet is not as safe and smart as most online casinos would lead you to believe.
    • Look for a table that provides a 3:2 payout on Blackjack


    Thank You Technology!

    The improvement and advancement of technology over the years has made it possible for players to get the best possible experience with live dealer blackjack. Many live dealer blackjack games take place in actual land based casinos or studios owned by the game providers.

    These rooms have been designed and enhanced with technology to fully capture the real casino experience. Most studios are kitted out with high tech cameras and equipment to ensure an immersive gaming experience. The best live dealer blackjack games take place in a room where there are multiple cameras placed at various angles. This allows you to view the game, table and situation from all angles. Don’t get too excited as cheating and taking a sneak peek at the dealer’s cards is not possible.

    The software is continuously improved to ensure the gameplay is smooth and as realistic as possible. The way the game is transmitted also determines the quality of the game and the realism attached to it. Luckily live casino focused software developers such as Evolution Gaming has their own studio that has been fully equipped with the latest and best technology, multiple cameras and top notch sound proof to ensure a realistic and amazing gaming experience.

    Top 6 Tips for playing Live Dealer Blackjack:

    1. Find a trustworthy and established live dealer casino with licensing and certificates.

    You don’t want to start playing for real money especially with live dealer games only to find you’re fighting a losing battle from the get go.

    2. Make sure you have enough Bandwidth / Data.

    Due to live dealer blackjack being live streamed it can take quite a bite out of your data and if you don’t have enough bandwidth you won’t get the top notch experience you deserve. Live Dealer Blackjack especially should be smooth and uninterrupted as you don’t want the screen freezing or your connection dropping in intense and critical moments.

    3. Choose a table with a minimum bet of 5% your bankroll

    Always opt for the live dealer blackjack variant that fits your bankroll. Most pro blackjack players go for tables that have a minimum bet amount of 5% or less lower than their bankroll. This doesn’t just help stretch your bankroll but it also allows you to play for longer.

    4. Stick to playing one hand at a time

    Multi Hand Blackjack games are fun and exciting but when you are playing Live Dealer Blackjack it’s better to play a single hand at a time. This allows you to fully focus on the game and apply a successful strategy.

    Success in Separation… It might seem weird but another pro tip is to take a seat the farthest from the dealer. This makes it easier to observe all the cards that have been played out.

    5. Follow strategy and Blackjack Charts

    There are various Blackjack charts that can help you create an optimised strategy to ensure you get the best possible outcome with each hand. When following strategy and charts you are guaranteed a better and more fun gaming experience.

    6. Lower House Edge

    The house edge of the live dealer blackjack games available varies so make sure you check the house edge before opting in to just any game. You want to ensure the odds are in your favour.

    Get the Party Started

    The best part of Live Dealer Blackjack is that you get to go the extra mile without actually having to drive the extra mile. You get to dress in your Sunday best and get lost in a classy and elite gaming experience from the comfort of your own home.

    It’s the best feeling to take part in live casino action without having to take on additional costs or effort. You can go the entire weekend feeling like a pro with fancy dress ups, skilful gameplay and fun chats with the highly entertaining dealer. The experience of Live Dealer Blackjack is ultimately determined by how you approach it.

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