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  • 22_bulb.pngMini roulette represents a popular game of chance that shares some characteristics with European and American roulette. What makes mini roulette different is the fact the wheel is smaller and the number of slots is lower, and as a result of that the winning odds and payouts are different for different bets.

    In most cases, the mini roulettes come with 12 numbers and an additional zero slot.

    Players are free to choose where they will place their bets. They can use any number, but they can also use a combination of these numbers. So, similar to ordinary roulette they can bet on colors, evens or odds. But, there is a twist in the gameplay related to the payouts. The typical 2:1 payouts in ordinary roulette games pay 3:1 in mini roulette games while straight bets come with 11:1 ratio. The 2:1 (even money) payout is reserved for the reds and blacks, odds and evens and the combinations of numbers between 7 and 12, 4 and 9 and 1 and 6.

    Another thing that players should know is that mini roulette usually doesn’t come with a maximum limit associated with the amount players can bet during the game. So, players who are on a winning streak can expect to cash out a large amount of money if they are placing large bets. Due to the fact that the roulette wheel has just 12+1 numbers on it, there is a higher chance to cover a higher percentage of each number per game. The final result is an increased potential payout and increased winning chances.

    Mini roulette is a friendly and simple game where players usually interact with each through specially designed chats. This is a type of roulette that unites both beginner and professional players because of its unique concept.

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