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  • Card players who love to gamble it up will fall in love with Red Dog Poker immediately. The game provides a very simple gameplay and tons of super-fast action. Instead of trying to make any poker hands, players are dealt out two cards and will place bets on whether the third card that is yet to be dealt will be a part of the spread between the two cards.

    Red Dog Poker gives the player an option to raise the bet once the first two cards are dealt, which allows him to capitalize on big spreads by doubling the bet. On the other hand, the player can simply take a free card when the spread is smaller, thus risking less.

    Despite payouts for smaller spreads being bigger, the best chance for the player comes from large spreads. For instance a spread of 11 cards pays even money but is very likely to land. On the other hand, a spread of a single card pays out 5:1 but only has a 12.5:1 chance of hitting, making raising in such situations extremely hazardous.

    A Game for the Real Gambler

    While there is an optimal strategy to be applied to the game of Red Dog Poker, many people love this game because it gives them an ideal opportunity to gamble it up. While raising in some situations may not be the best mathematical decision, it can be extremely thrilling to risk it all and try to hit that big progressive payout.

    On the other hand, players who prefer to risk less can collect all their wins and not gamble at all. By applying the perfect strategy, players can reduce their chances of losing significantly and bring down the casino edge to just 2.5%.

    Another great feature of Red Dog Poker is activated when the two cards dealt out are identical. In this case, the player gets a free shot at the third card and if that card makes three of a kind, the player is paid 11:1 for a great boost to the overall playing bankroll.

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