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  • Playing free slots is fun but if you’re looking to cash in on some actual winnings then you might need to consider playing Real Money slot. The benefits of playing real money slots are endless but there are just as many cons to it.

    When you are ready to take part in Real Money slots gameplay you’ll know but just in case you are still not certain of what to expect, we’ve created a quick guide on what awaits in the land of Real Money Slots gameplay.

    Pros and Cons of Real Money Online Slots

    online casinos have become incredibly popular over the past few years, so much so that many believe online casinos are slowly filling the spot of land based casinos. Reality is that there will always be space for land based casinos and they aren’t going anywhere. And just like there are a lot of pros to playing in land based casinos, there are a lot of pros of playing at online casinos.

    The Pros of Playing Cash Slots Online…

    1. Better Bonuses & Promotional offers

    The online casino industry is booming and there are hundreds of superb online casinos to choose from. For this very reason online casinos are forced to be more competitive and offer better deals to get players to sign up and remain loyal to their online casino.

    Thus, playing online gets you access to bonus extras you wouldn’t get at a land based casino, at least not to the degree it is handed out at online casinos. These include signup bonuses that go as high as 200% and added extras such as Free Spins that can be played on certain games.

    2. The Rules are better

    Those who’ve had the advantage of playing in online casinos as well as land based casinos will be quick to tell you that the rules of online casinos are a lot better than the ones in brick and mortar casinos.

    3. Playing in comfort

    Forget about dressing up or actually getting into your car to satisfy your craving for casino games. You get to play Real Money Slots from the comfort of your couch or even office chair if you’re feeling lucky during lunch time.

    4. Less Distractions

    Playing Real Money Slots online enables you to control your environment. You get to decide where you play and which distractions you allow into your gaming environment. Unlike in land based casinos where you have to listen to the chiming of the slots next to yours or the frustration of unlucky players not getting that payline win they were hoping for.

    5. No additional costs

    Apart from the money you spend on deposits to fund your Real Money slots play you are under no obligation to tip a waiter, buy food or even pay for transport… Unless you are playing while in transit.

    6. Instant Access

    The biggest pro of all is the fact that you get to play your favourite Real Money Slots from anywhere at any time. You have instant access to your online casino and can be the first to try new online slots for real money at any time of day or night.

    7. Loyalty Programmes

    One of the main benefits of playing your Real Money Slots at one online casino is the loyalty programme. The more you play, the more points you collect and the higher your VIP ranking becomes at the casino. This ensures that you will keep getting bigger and better rewards for your gameplay. In most online casinos you can even convert your loyalty points back to credits to continue playing longer without having to make another deposit.

    The Cons of Online Cash Slots…

    1. Slower pay days

    Unfortunately while winning online can be easier in some cases it comes with the con slower pay-outs. You are actually required to provide identification when requesting your first withdrawal or even a large one at a casino you’ve been at for a while. Compared to walking to the cashier and getting your cash instantly this can be a drag – thankfully we have a list of Fast Payout Casinos to help you with this!

    2. It’s a little lonely

    The con of controlling your gambling environment by playing slots online means you’ll have less face to face interaction. For the introverts among us this could cheekily be considered a pro but for those who thrive in a social environment this could become lonely. If this is you why not visit our Live Dealer casinos and get your social fix!

    3. The final say

    If you run into any grievances playing for real money you have to accept that the online casino you are playing at will have the final say. This is why choosing one with a good reputation among the GamblersPick Community can be a real life, and wallet, saver!

    Play Like a Pro

    Reading through the cons of playing Real Money Slots might have scared you off a little but if you take on your gameplay following a few simple tips and tricks you’ll get to remain in control while increasing your fun and entertainment.

    1. Take the time to understand the paytables

    Even if it is boring and no fun, take the time to look through the paytable and fully understand what the values of the symbols are and how big your payouts could possibly be. And take a look at how the paylines work and award prizes to understand why some spins provide wins and others don’t even if it seems that there are three or more symbols lined up on the reels.

    2. Know the RTP (Slot Volatility) and understand it

    The slot volatility is the risk factors associated with the slot, the Return to Player (RTP) percentage indicated how big or small your chances are of actually landing a winning spin on a certain slot. Let’s say for example the slot you are playing has an RTP of 94%, this means that $94 of every $100 put into the game will be returned. The most important thing to remember is that the RTP does not just count for you but for every other slot player using the game. So even if you played a $100 on it, it doesn’t mean you’ll be the one receive $94 in returns.

    Most smart players opt to play medium volatility slots as they have the most balanced payouts.

    3. Manage your bankroll

    It is extremely easy to get caught up in the moment and continue playing even if you’ve already went over your budget of the day. Create a budget and time management schedule on when and for how long you want to play. Don’t be afraid to play smaller bet amounts if you wish to play longer periods of time. It might not bring the desired winnings you hoped to receive but it could definitely relieve the stress on your bankroll and budget.

    4. Play Responsibly

    This is something that cannot be stressed enough, with instant access to the best Real Money slots available on the internet it is incredibly easy to get lost in the gameplay and go over your personally set time limits. It starts with a thought as simple as “Just one more spin” and leads to serious gambling issues if you are not careful. Always stick to your budget and playtime schedule to ensure that you remain out of the danger zone for developing a possible gambling problem that could not only get you in serious debt but hinder other aspects of your life too.

    Pro Tip! Don’t chase your losses ever! The biggest mistake many avid gamblers make is to think that they will eventually make up for their losses if they continue playing. If you are on a losing streak the best decision you can make is to step away from the slots for the day. Your bankroll and your sanity will thank you.

    We’ve Come A Long Way!

    When it comes to the history of slots and where they really originated from there is a lot of debate. There are those who say Charles Fey was the original inventor with his Liberty Bell slot creation back in 1887. Then there are those who say Putt and Sittman, two men, were the first to market a slot machine as early as 1891.

    When you take a look at slot machines today especially the classics featured in both land based and online casinos it seems Fey’s Liberty Bell was the inspiration behind it all. There are a lot more similarities to his Liberty Bell Slot machine in modern slots. Back then to win you needed to pull the lever of the Liberty Bell slot and wait for three Liberty Bell symbols to line up in the payline. It is also said that Fey was the one who developed the system of automatic coin payments which is what ultimately made a massive difference for the first slot players in the world.

    Ever since the Liberty Bell slot machine was created there has been a lot of improvements and changes made to slot machines. From simple one armed bandits to multi-payline slots with a range of reels. As technology became more advanced, slot Game developers had more opportunity to improve slot machines and because of this we have a range and variety of slot types we get to pick and choose from.

    Know Thy Slots

    When playing Real Money Slots for the first time you need to know of the different types of slots on offer before you can make an informed decision on which types of slots you would want to play.

    1. Respect the Classics

    As someone new to playing Real Money Slots it’s always a safe choice to opt for classic slots. These are simplistic slots with very little added features and a straightforward gameplay. They generally come with three reels and one to three rows as well as between one and five paylines. The thing you need to know is that these slots are basic, they have very little bonus features and the graphics and sounds and themes are generic and simplistic. It’s the games that started it all for the online slot machine movement.

    2. video slots and Bonus Features

    Then there are the Video Slots that came years after the classic slots. These games are considered the successors of classic slots as they came during the time of improved technology. Thus, these are considered improved versions of class slots. These games don’t make use of actual reels instead they make use of computerized representations of reels made possible by smarter software. These games are often created with a minimum of five reels and can have between nine and over a thousand paylines depending on the developer. What sets the Video Slots apart from the Classics is mainly the fact that they come with heaps of bonus features including free spins and click me features. And of course there are cool animations added to increase the entertainment levels.

    3. Big Win Slots

    Most commonly known as Jackpot slots these games can be either of Classic or Video slot style. Although most of the more popular jackpot or progressive jackpot slots are of Video Slot style. These slots provide you with the opportunity to win big amounts of money during both the base game and bonus games. Some of these games even have a bonus game structured around a progressive jackpot pool.

    The progressive jackpot games vary especially when it comes to the types of jackpots on offer. There are:

    - Stand Alone progressive jackpots (Single game jackpot that keeps growing)

    - In-House Progressive jackpots (jackpot linked to various games in certain online casino)

    - Wide Area Progressive Jackpots (jackpot linked to games on various online casino sites)

    Ready to start playing Real Money Slots?

    It might be time to decide on an online casinos that will work for you. Why not start by checking out the top online casinos listed on GamblersPick? Be sure to keep an eye out for the online casinos with the GamblersPick GamblersPick Selecticon next to it. These casinos have been vetted and reviewed thoroughly and are considered to be highly beneficial for all players.

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