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  • The core of being human is having varied opinions and thoughts, that being said there is one concept with universal appeal – we love getting things for ‘free’! There is nothing as sweet as a free goodie bag, even if the items are things you wouldn’t have bought for yourself. When it comes to online gambling players tend to have the same reaction when hearing they get to play a game for free.

    Unlike from free swag a free slot generally doesn’t award you with anything other than the hours of free entertainment, and the chance to try out the stream of new slots being released each month.

    Despite not actually getting anything to take home, free slots are quite popular because they are a form of risk free casino entertainment that doesn’t risk your bankroll or require anything other than your time and attention.

    The Pros and Cons of Free Slots

    Free slots are exactly the same as the real money Online Slots available in the casino lobby, both in features and win-loss ratios, but without you having to make a deposit in order to spin. These games provide you with all the fun and entertainment of real money online slots, but without the upside of taking home any big wins you may land. You get to play as many times as you want for as long as you want – the perfect “try before you buy” experience.

    The perks of free slots:

    • No real money deposits required
    • Chase down all the bonus features for free
    • Try every new slot available at zero cost
    • Hours of risk and cost free fun

    The cons of free slots:


    Travelling Back To the Future

    Everything has to begin somewhere and online slots has quite the history. Before being digitalized slots were mainly created for brick and mortar casinos.

    How about that! The first slot machines manufactured in 1892 were all mechanical. It was only in the 20th Century when the invention of the microchip changed it all. Thanks to this tiny invention the one armed bandit has been entirely computerised, meaning games played online work exactly like games played in a land based casino.’

    For years slot machines were mechanical and the only way to operate them was by pulling a lever on the side of the machine. Ah the good old days. Thankfully technology started evolving and soon there were electric machines that were controlled by the press of a button. The mere improvement of technology opened a whole new world for slot machines. Game developers now had the opportunity to create slot machines with various themes and symbols. For players this meant looking at images other than that of regular playing cards and fruit symbols.

    A round of applause for the man who started it all! While there are hundreds of slots to play both online and in land based casinos today, it all started with a man named Charles Fey. In 1895 he created the first official slot machine named the Liberty Bell.’

    online casinos only took off in 1990 and since online slots were so incredibly popular some slot games were offered in free play mode. This was not just to enable players to practice their skills on these games of chance, or allow those with less funds to get in on the action but also to lure new players into trying the games and understanding what makes them so popular.

    It’s amazing how it all started with 3 reels and 1 payline and now there are slots with over 1,000 ways to win per spin. The one arm bandit got a facelift and while he will always be remembered for his classic and iconic style, technology has allowed us to indulge in a more modern and easier to use version. Online slots have come a long way and as technology continues to improve so will the slot machines available both online and in land based casinos.


    The 4 Major Free Slot Game Types

    While there are thousands of free slot games available for mobile and desktop from a myriad of amazing casino software providers the majority of these free games fit into several broad categories!

    1. Classic Games

    These are the gems of online casino games, traditional games that have stood the test of time and are still considered to be some of the most popular games online. Unlike the newer slot variants these gems are old school choosing to honour the original gameplay and symbols, over flashier visuals and mind-bending payline patterns. They are the creations that started it all for slot games, generally simple 3 reel and 1 payline games with little to no bonus features. These games come with beloved symbols such as the: Cherry, 7, Watermelon, Lemon, Bar and of course the Bell. Symbols which have graced the faces of slot machines since their inception.

    Normally they are played by veterans or curious new players who are trying slots for the first time. If you’ve never played a classic slot game you should try it soon. These games will give you an indication of how far the slot game development has come.

    2. Fruit Machines

    Fruit machines are considered to be the second generation of slots having had their start in pubs and clubs across Europe and Australia. With a dedicated fan based it was no surprise that these were among the earlier types of games available to play for free online.

    Given their heritage these games have that same classic feel when it comes to their symbols and layout. It is this timeless appeal that ensures industry leading game developers continue to design and develop fruit machines alongside their more modern and over the top video slots.

    The classics never die! Much like iconic movies such as The Breakfast Club, Grease and Dirty Dancing these fruit machines remain beloved among players both old and new. No matter how many new releases there are with better graphics, features or rewards, these games will continue to be played by the masses as they have been for decades.’

    3. Video Slots

    Then there are Video Slots, the slot games that are mass produced to ensure there is a wide variety to choose from. These games come with different themes, heaps of features and superb quality animations, graphics and sounds (depending on the developer). Players flock towards these games because they offer a wider range of possibilities when it comes to the amount of paylines, reels, bonuses and jackpots. They are less restrictive and with cool animations they tend to be a lot more entertaining as well.

    4. 3D Casino games

    For the more adventurous hearts who prefer something more “in your face” there is a range of 3D games to try out for free. These games often start with a cool little animated video setting the scene for the theme. During the gameplay you will also find there are little scenes playing off in-between spins to keep the story going. They are among the most fun to play free games and the best part is that they keep their fun factor when played for real money.

    While there are a few select progressive games that can be played in free play mode it will be for the experience only as jackpot wins will be disabled. Most developers don’t even allow players to explore their progressives in free play mode simply because it defeats the entire purpose of the progressive game. These games were created to allow players to help grow the jackpot pool prize but also to keep them holding on to the hope of possibly striking a mega win with cash prizes worth bragging about.

    All You Can Play Buffet

    The first thing you need to do when you are looking to play a slot for free is hover over the options and select ‘Free Play’ mode. Once you’re in the game you will have the option to select your bet amount, the amount of active paylines and get a chance to read through the paytable information. In the Info section (paytable) you will see the value of each symbol as well as which bonus features apply to the game and how to trigger them.

    You will also note that most games come with an autoplay function. This can be quite handy if you want a quick run through or like most bonus junkies only want to spin to trigger the bonus features. Some games even provide the option of automatic spins until a bonus feature has been triggered. It’s less time you spend on spinning the reels but some might say it takes away from the fun.

    If you’re an avid gambler trying free slots then you’ll notice the only big difference is that the wins are not yours to keep and any jackpot features are inactive. The rest of the game works pretty much exactly like a real money slot.

    A game of many names! Slots are known by many names including pokies, puggies, fruit machines, one armed bandits and video slots. Players in different countries across the globe tend to refer to these games by different names.’

    Before you start playing free slots opt for an online casino or page that offers free variants of the slot games without requiring you to sign up or download any software. With current technology as advanced as it is you should be able to play directly from your web browser on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

    By finding a site that allows you to play free slots without registering also saves you time and avoids you having to provide your personal details. Don’t sign up for real money play at an online casino unless you are absolutely sure you want to gamble your bankroll.

    Know Your Free Slot Machine – 10 useful facts

    1. There is a theme for every taste, you’re playing for free so try them all
    2. Most slot machines have either 3 or 5 reels
    3. Bet limits can be adjusted manually to suit your play style
    4. You choose how many paylines to enable per spin
    5. Wilds, Scatters and Bonus symbols trigger jackpots or cool bonus features
    6. Not all paylines are horizontal, check the paytable for winning patterns
    7. Each game comes with its own unique features
    8. The most common bonus features are Free Spins and in-game instant credit wins
    9. The best video slots come loaded with entertaining themed mini-games
    10. Most importantly, slot are pure games of chance. There is no skill or strategy that can help you outsmart the casino for bigger wins.


    Before you jump in and start playing your favourite free slots we recommend you take the time to browse our list of reviewed casinos and peruse the GamblersPick Community feedback.

    Pro Tip! Trying to decide between two or more potential casinos? The online casinos who have been awarded the Gamblers Select icon are those we feel qualify as a quality entertainment destination!’

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