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  • 22_bulb.pngOne of the popular blackjack varieties enjoyed in both land-based and online casinos, Perfect Blackjack is played by largely the same rules. Anyone who is familiar with the classic version of the game will have no problem in learning and mastering this type of blackjack. The difference resides in the fact that players have the option of placing Perfect Pairs side bets in addition to their standard gambling routine.

    Perfect Blackjack comes in different flavors and can be played with two or more decks of 52 cards at various online casinos.

    The dealer is always supposed to stand on soft 17 but at some casinos players are given the possibility of doubling on any hand. Except for these key differences, the game follows the same routine as the classic type. It is even possible for players to completely ignore the Perfect Pair side bet, effectively playing the basic blackjack variety.

    22_blackjack.png Winning Strategies at Perfect Blackjack Online Casinos

    Just like all other types of blackjack, this game has the advantage of carrying a low house edge of less than 1%. When playing at Perfect Blackjack online casinos where players can double on any hand, the house edge is further reduced. Players who choose to place the side bet on the perfect pairs learn immediately if the wagering is won or lost. That’s because this bet is settled after the first two cards are dealt to him. Players can also place an insurance bet, but surrender is not an alternative when playing Perfect Blackjack.

    The basic blackjack strategy applies to this version of the game, so players should stick to the standard rules. They should stand at 17 and above and even at 16 if the dealer holds a card ranging from 2 to 6. Pairs of five, or a hard 9, 10 and 11 should prompt players to double and Aces should always be split regardless of what the dealer holds. The Perfect Pairs side bet is also worth making since it can produce winnings of 5:1 for any pair, 10:1 for cards sharing the same color and 30:1 for identical cards.

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