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  • 22_bulb.pngFixed odd games, or just fixed odds, are somewhat similar to slots and other games of chance, as the only thing that determines the result here is luck. However, in fixed odds, there are no reels to spin. Instead, the game is based on picking one of the options, which, if you are lucky enough, will trigger a win. However, before jumping into real money fixed odds games, it may be prudent to do some tests before choosing the game that will suit you. Such research can be done completely risk free by playing free fixed odd games.

    22_bingo.png Free Fixed Odd Games Explained

    What is mean by a ‘free fixed odds game’ is that you do not need to make any real money stake to play it. Instead, you will be given an amount of virtual credits that you can spend freely while playing the game. Of course, any wins that may come your way will be virtual, too, so they will be worth nothing. So why play free fixed odds games then? Because it is a great tool to test your strategy (games of chance are short of strategies, but you might have a betting one, at least), and overall to find a game which is best for you.

    This is crucial, as starting to play any game you see for real money may be destructive for your bankroll. You may not like the game itself, its graphics, or its options, but your money will be already gone. This is where playing fixed odds games for free might come in handy: you do not put anything at risk and are free to select any game you like. Once you’ve found the game you consider the best out there, you can top up your balance and start playing any time you want.

    Some online casinos will allow you to practice their fixed odd games for free, some will not, but here on GamblersPick you can play many top fixed odd games with virtual credits at no risk! Take your chance to select some games that suit you and feel free to start playing them for real only once you’re ready!

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