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  • Three Card Poker is a casino poker variation that pits the player against a dealer and is often found in online casinos. Unlike many other poker games, Three Card Poker involves relatively little skill and is a more luck oriented game that will allow even the novice poker players to try their luck at the game and possibly even win lots of money, without having to sweat as the other players are making their decisions.

    Three Card Poker is played with a standard poker deck of 52 cards, but unlike other poker games where five card hands are compared, the game only deals out three cards to both the player and the dealer, making it a somewhat more simplified version.

    The objective of the game is to get a hand better than the dealer’s. To do so, the player must pay an ante bet and then also pay a call bet once his cards are shown. The dealer’s hand is then turned over and there are two ways for the player to win. If the dealer’s hand does not hold at least one queen or better, the hand does not qualify and the player wins even money on the ante bet. If the dealer does qualify, the player wins even money on both ante and call if his hand is better.

    There are additional payouts on the ante bet for straights, trips and straight flushes which are quite hard to get in Three Card Poker but also very valuable. The additional payouts are paid even if the dealer’s hand does not qualify as they apply to the ante bet.

    The progressive jackpots and Variations

    The game of Three Card Poker is an extremely popular one in online casinos, which is why many casino software developers have created a version of their own. Depending on which version you choose to play, you will have a chance to also compete for various progressive jackpots by paying additional money for the jackpot game.

    The progressive jackpot game in Three Card Poker usually pays out additional winnings for hands like trips, straights and flushes while royal flush holders are awarded with huge jackpots that make playing Three Card Poker even more alluring.

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