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  • Let’s be honest if there has been one casualty when it comes to the game of life it has been our attention spans. It’s not any one thing’s fault. The reality is simply that we have more and more to do, more things vying for our attention and – for good or bad – technology has catered to this need for speed in us and given us everything quicker and easier.

    When was the last time you debated something without looking up the answer, almost immediately, on Google? When last was there something you needed to fix or build where you took the time to read a manual or find a book on the topic? It’s just that much easier to look up a ‘How to’ video on YouTube and follow their actions and on screen instructions.

    This need for immediate gratification has, as it always does, crept beyond work efficiency and dealing with annoying tasks. We have adopted the same get-it-done mentality we learned at the office for our personal lives, including how we access and experience entertainment.

    Feeling lonely? Why waste time on meeting people and building a friendship circle when you can install Tinder, or Grinder, and swipe left or right till you find someone who meets your approval? Love at first sight is a real thing right, so this must be a legitimate way to find the companionship and connection we need in our lives...

    With that done, who has time or desire to leave home to go to the movies? Simply load your Netflix account and you have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of films, documentaries and series at your fingertips. There is nothing better than a night at home to Netflix and chill.

    In the same way that we’re constantly on the lookout for the new and shiny thing in real life, we are even more prone to be swayed by tempting new offers and bonuses online. Lack of change in life means death, online a lack of change means definite obscurity and irrelevance.

    What Are You Bringing To Table?

    New online casino customers are treated by online and mobile casino to some really fantastic bonuses and free slots to allow them to test out the new and classic games on offer, try out the software functionality and usability and interact with casino support to really get a feel for the brand and its ethos.

    There are three common bonus types that make up the bulk any new casino bonus:

    1. No Deposit (cash) Bonus: These are free credits which are credited to your real money account even before you have made your first deposit.

    2. Free Play (spins) Bonus: These are free games credited to your account on specific slot machines.

    3. Deposit Match (%) Bonus: One either one, or several, of your deposits you will receive a percentage bonus.

    There are additional promotional options which are used to add extra value to the Welcome Bonus packages on offer. A common offer is to increase the Comp Point points per wager. Instead of earning 1 Comp Point per €10 wagered you can earn 3 per points per €10 wagered for a period of time. In other instances casinos have given away set amounts of comp points, for example 50 comp points for everyone making a deposit regardless of value.

    There are also larger giveaways run in conjunction with new bonus releases. These might be a vacation prize draw where all customers taking up the new bonus are given entries based on how much they deposit or the value of their wagers. An example of this would be “receive 10 entries into the lucky prize draw for every €100 wagered. In addition receive an additional 50 entries for every deposit over €30”. As you can use the dual incentive to purchase and wager is built into this – which is further enriched by the fact that this deposit and wager incentive will mean you’re generating Comp Points as well.

    It is important to keep in mind that unlike Exclusive Bonuses or high roller bonuses these new casino bonuses will not be exempt from the regular play through and cashout terms and conditions.

    While these terms vary slightly from casino to casino, and even from offer to offer, the primary items to understand clearly are:

    What are the wagering requirements? Every casino bonus will require you to place a predetermined number of wagers before you can withdraw any credits. Generally this is a multiple of the bonus and/or deposit amounts.

    Which games contribute towards wagering? Not all games are allowed to contribute 100% of your wagering requirement. Low risk games generally have lower allowance caps. Slots are high risk and therefore slots wagers can make up 100% of your play through, whereas blackjack wagers might only be allowed to cover 20%.

    Is there a minimum deposit required to withdraw? Specifically when it comes to Free Spins and no deposit bonuses casinos tend to require a minimum deposit before withdrawing your winnings. This is often as low as €10.

    Is there a cashout maximum? This is not really applicable to deposit bonuses however given the free nature of no deposit bonuses and free spins, combined with the requirement to only deposit €10 most casinos have capped the amount that can be withdrawn on a free offer. This generally tops out at about €100.

    Wagering Pro Tip! Don’t be fooled by the smaller wagering requirements. Often a 30x wagering, which looked reasonable, will be on the sum of your bonus plus your deposit amount. Whereas a 50x requirement might only on your bonus amount. Take a moment to do the math and make the smart bonus choice!”

    Why Go To The Effort

    The ability to attract new players is the lifeblood of any online or mobile casino. There is literally no point in offering stellar casino games, having smooth processes for deposits and withdrawals, and having the highest quality customer service representatives if there is no one in the casino to enjoy these features and benefits to begin with!

    While it might not seem feasible that this could happen, the reality is that with the dramatic growth of the online gambling industry has experienced over the last few years not being laser focused on the wants and needs of the industry, or not cracking the online advertising code, could mean an empty casino floor!

    Online promotional opportunities are also another reason for an online casino to keep their new bonus queue fresh and interesting. When an ad network or mailing list has been sent the promotion for an online casino brand a few times it will become less effective over time. Adding a few free spins, or bumping the deposit bonus percentage up can make all the difference.

    Strategic gamblers, who take advantage of the vast number of casino bonuses available to them, compile a list containing a series of casinos they feel match their deposit method needs, are licensed by their preferred regulatory jurisdiction, are using the casino software provider they enjoy and even have their ‘lucky’ slot or table game variation!

    They will then wait for an offer from that casino which suits their budget and play style. With no lack of choice this is great strategy to follow because somewhere online there is a casino serving up the games you want with the bonuses you desire.

    Exclusive Bonuses Incoming! Join the GamblersPick community and receive exclusive deposit match, free spins and even no deposit bonuses in your inbox. Then share your experience of the casinos you try this way with your fellow gamblers!”

    Let Them Play Slots!

    In order to deliver casino games that are both entertaining and have a social presence the larger casino software providers enter into licensing agreements with movie studios and production houses to allow them the exclusive rights create and promote branded slot games.

    Some of the branded slot games who have been given access to mainstream licences include the high fantasy epics Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones which both have amazing online video slots. Some of the classic franchises we have enjoyed at the reels have been the 1960’s Batman starring the late Adam West, as well as the high flying Tom Cruise classic Top Gun!

    A real industry shocker was when NetEnt announced they were releasing an official South Park video slot. The TV series was known for shocking jokes, foul mouthed dialogue and an deluge of fart jokes – it was this fringe humour that made it an interesting partnership for the usually clean cut NetEnt team.

    Last but not least is the music industry. We have recently seen the creation of a few exceptional video slots based on such industry icons as Jimi Hendrix, Guns and Roses and the indomitable Motörhead!

    The thing about these licenced Online Slots is that they come at a higher production cost and as such it is necessary for them to become highly trafficked games to earn out their costs.

    This is done by the online casinos offering tasty new bonuses, running online slot tournaments and even making these slots the centrepiece for big promotional giveaways like a world cruise or a car giveaway.

    You get to play a cool games, based on a beloved IP, with a special new bonus and you stand in line to win some amazing prizes! Sounds like a Win-Win-Win!

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    How often can we expect new bonuses?

    It’s hard to give a straight answer because it depends on online casinos. However, there are certainly new bonuses introduced weekly.

    What should I do to use a new bonus?

    Take your time to check the new bonuses and simply use the link that we have provided.

    How are these new bonuses different?

    Well, in most cases these bonuses are more creative and more generous.

    What kind of wagering requirements can we expect?

    The wagering requirements depend on the bonus which means that they are not different than the requirements associated with the old bonuses.

    Do all casinos provide new bonuses?

    Most of them provide new bonuses on a regular basis.


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