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  • 22_bulb.pngAmong the many variations of video poker, Loose Deuces certainly takes a special place, mostly for the unique gameplay style that players have to adjust to. The game makes all the deuces in the deck wild, making proper poker hands a lot more common and payouts for hands like three or four of a kind significantly lower.

    Payouts in Loose Deuces start at three of a kind, making all hands with value under that worthless in the end.

    Still, starting with pairs can be beneficial, as making good hands like four of a kind and full house becomes exponentially simpler with deuces acting as jokers.

    22_video-poker.png Playing Loose Deuces

    In most video poker variations, making four of a kind pays pretty well, while making a straight flush is a bingo of sorts. On the other hand, making such hands in Loose Deuces will only pay four or five times the initial stake, meaning players will want to go after stronger hands like four deuces or wild royal flush more often.

    Those who have studied the maths behind Loose Deuces have figured out that keeping high cards in this game has absolutely no value, and neither does keeping any other cards that are not directly a part of a winning combination or a super strong draw. In most cases, you will only want to keep your deuces, and draw all other cards, unless you already have a winning hand. Even in such cases, it is often beneficial to discard other cards, keep your deuces and go chasing for the top payouts.

    While Loose Deuces does impose a slightly different gameplay style that will require some adjustment on the player’s part, the game is highly rewarding, fairly low variance and gives you a chance of hitting some very solid payouts without having to draw out any extremely improbable card combinations.

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