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  • 22_bulb.pngCraps is one of the oldest and most played casino games that involve dices. The thrill that players feel when they are using the pair of dice (or more) at the table can’t be described with simple words.

    There are a few different versions of craps, but they are all equally exciting.

    With the help of virtual reality online craps, you can now increase that excitement.

    22_vr.png An introduction to Virtual Reality Online Craps

    You are probably familiar with online craps, the Internet-based version of craps, but what about virtual reality online craps? One of the things that modern online slot players are missing is the interaction in online games including craps. With VR online craps, you can include this component too.

    We can freely say that virtual reality online craps is online craps with a special personal touch. As a player, you will get a chance to interact with the dealer and the players in a similar way like in brick and mortar casinos. Every player can use their hands to take and put the chips on the table and look at the direction of the dice.

    If you have ever played live craps, you should know that virtual reality online craps is like live craps, but with more features. It is possible to walk to the table and take a set at the table without leaving the comfort of your home. On top of that, every player can adjust the setting according to their needs. if you want a more crowded place you can add more virtual players – in case you want peace, you can play at an empty table. It is up to the player to choose what’s best for him.

    Virtual Reality online craps is the future of craps according to many seasoned craps players.

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