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  • Poker can be a stressful game with all the strategy and thinking that is involved in many of its variations. Luckily, online casinos have come up with a version of poker that does not really require too much thinking and is down to luck a lot more, making it more like an arcade game than an actual poker game.

    Poker Pursuit is a game that is played against neither the dealer nor other players, but rather against a payouts table that is set in stone. The player receives a total of five cards from a standard playing deck of 52 cards in this game. The first three cards are dealt once the player makes his initial bet. Once the three cards are revealed, the player has two options, call and raise.

    When making a call, the player gets the next card completely free of charge. When raising, the player will have to pay another bet, valued the same as the initial bet, but will also stand to win double the money. This process can be repeated once more after the fourth card before the final card is dealt.

    Once all the cards are dealt, the player’s hand will be compared to the paytable. Depending on how many bets he made, the player can stand to win up to 3.000 initial bets if he can make a royal flush. Other hands give different payouts, with the minimum qualifying hand being a pair of tens, which pays even money for every coin you bet.

    A Simple Game for Stress Release

    Poker Pursuit is truly one of the simplest poker games out there. The game is quite straight forward, and choosing between calling or raising is usually a no brainer. In many cases, the player will already have a qualifying hand, where raising will be the only logical option, while in other situations, calling will really be the only play to make.

    The simplicity of Poker Pursuit makes it a great game to play when not looking for competition but rather stress release and entertainment. However, Poker Pursuit is still a game that can provide very generous payouts and with a little luck can significantly boost your poker bankroll.

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