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  • 22_bulb.pngJacks or Better is a game that has been revamped a seemingly countless number of times and Two Ways Royal is another one of the many video poker variations that derive from it. Two Ways Royal is a game very similar to Jacks or Better, with everything in it remaining basically the same, except the fact that a low straight flush, from two to six, pays out the same as the royal flush.

    Playing Two Ways Royal with optimal strategy makes the game extremely lucrative, as there is a 99.8% payout rate on offer, an increase to the Jacks or Better 99.54%. This is of course due to the fact that a low straight flush pays more and while it is rare, it does add up over the long run.

    22_video-poker.png A Game with Almost No Casino Edge

    Playing casino games, players are usually used to the casino keeping a few percentages of edge over them. However, Two Ways Royal is a game that hardly gives the casino any edge if played with perfect strategy, and luck alone decides who wins or loses, without any significant mathematical advantage for either side.

    Players who are feeling lucky should definitely check out Two Ways Royal, as it is one of the most fair games in the entire casino industry. Aside from the extra payout on royal flush lo, the game really plays completely the same as Jacks or Better and you should not make any significant changes to your overall strategy, as you would normally always go after any straight flush if four cards to it are dealt out.

    The game of Two Ways Royal does not include any wild cards or jokers, making it a simple one to play and a quick glance at the paytable will usually let you know exactly what to do. However, brushing up on specific mathematical strategies and odds before you start playing at an online casino is always a good idea, so make sure you do that before you jump into one of the numerous online casinos that offer Two Ways Royal video poker game.

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