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  • 22_bulb.pngIn the very beginning, slots were quite simple and straightforward games. Over the years, games have changed quite a bit, but the basic mechanic and other segments of the game remained pretty much the same. At the same time, players' expectations have changed, as they started to ask for more from their gambling experience. That's where 3D Online Slots came into play.

    22_3d.png 3D Slots, A Game Changer?
    These titles were quite a game-changer, as they were able to offer something completely different and unseen before in the world of online gambling. 3D online slots feature amazing graphics, animated 3D characters, and highly entertaining bonus features.

    Although these slots still feature the same basic concepts, such as paylines and Free Spins, they offer an experience that's much more similar to playing proper video games. This development was necessary to attract younger generations of players who simply didn't find enough excitement in just spinning the reels and hoping for a win.

    With 3D online slots, players get much more. The entire gameplay is much more engaging and bonus features are often highly entertaining. It isn't uncommon for these slots to offer bonuses that are mini-games in themselves, interesting enough to keep the players' attention and have them coming back for pure enjoyment of the game.

    Initially, there were many challenges connected to developing 3D online slots. However, the development of technology has made things easier for companies, as they were able to develop games playable through the internet browser interface and optimize them in such a way that players no longer required high performance computers to enjoy the ride. Today, there are dozens of high-quality 3D online slots available across online casinos, with some developers such as Betsoft leading the way in this particular area.

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