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  • 22_bulb.pngModern casinos have invented dozens of ways people can gamble, but many of them can be expensive to play, slow, or give another type of a disadvantage to players looking to just have fun. On the other hand, penny slots are the one type of game where a player can have tons of fun relatively cheaply without having to wait on dealers, other players or anything else.

    22_keno.png Penny For Your Thoughts?
    Penny, in terms of American Dollar, is a coin worth 5 Cents. Penny slots are slots where one penny, or 5 Cents is the lowest possible denomination, but in reality these machines can often cost quite a bit more to play. Many penny slots have upwards of 20 paylines, which means that betting a penny on each of them would cost you $1 per spin, which may not be so cheap, depending on the machine you are playing.

    One important thing to keep in mind when playing penny slots is that these games often tend to have fairly low payout percentage. For instance, a slot machine in a Las Vegas casino with high wagers may pay back upwards of 95% of the money wagered, whereas a penny slot may only end up paying back 82%.

    Before you start playing penny slots, you should always remember to check how many paylines the machine in question has, how many you want to play and how much it will actually cost you to play it. Other than that, it is smart to ask around about the machine in question and find out whether it is very low paying. Many locals and casino regulars may have an idea on the extremely low paying penny slots, and may tell you to avoid them, and you should listen to them in such cases.

    Nevertheless, if you can find a fair casino with penny slots that pay back a reasonable amount, it may be the most fun and the cheapest way of gambling in a live casino without exposing yourself too much, which is why penny slots are actually a game we definitely recommend you try out.

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