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  • 22_bulb.pngUnlike many of the special blackjack variations out there, Super Sevens Blackjack doesn't actually affect the rules of the main game. Instead, this is a special side bet that can be introduced for almost any blackjack table, be it a classic game, Atlantic City Blackjack, or a different variant.

    With Super Sevens Blackjack, players are allowed to place a side bet on whether the first card they receive will be a seven (7).

    More sevens in a row will pay more, as explained below. However, it is important to emphasize that Super Sevens doesn't influence the actual game and side bets are optional, so you can play a regular game of blackjack at a Super Sevens table.

    22_blackjack.png Super Sevens Blackjack Rules

    Before the hand is dealt, players have an option to place a Super Sevens side bet. By placing this bet, you're staking the money that the first card dealt to you will be a seven (7). If you guess right on the first card and the second card is also a seven, you'll get paid even more. Finally, if the third card off the deck is also a seven, you'll hit the biggest possible Super Sevens Blackjack payout.

    22_info.png Here's the side bet breakdown:

    Being dealt the first seven: pays 3 to 1

    • Two sevens, not suited: pays 50 to 1
    • Two sevens, suited: pays 100 to 1
    • Three sevens, unsuited: pays 500 to 1
    • Three sevens of the same suite: a payout of 5,000 to 1


    Although it can be a lot of fun, Super Sevens is what's known as the „sucker's bet,“ because it has a large house edge of around 12%.

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