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  • 22_bulb.pngAccording to official sources, roulette is a casino game that was played since the 18th century. Today, this exciting game of chance is played around the globe. Over all these years, the concept of roulette has witnessed some changes and as a result of that, we can now enjoy a wide range of roulette games. Additionally, modern players have different expectations compared to players that have played casino games decades ago. That’s why we have access to online casinos for example. But, this is not where the use of technology in roulette stops. Namely, one of the latest hits in this field is the 3D roulette.

    3D roulette is not much different compared to other roulette games. The most important one is the fact that the roulette is presented in three dimensions.

    22_roulette.png From 2D to 3D

    Before the emergence of 3D roulette, online players were enjoying 2D roulette.

    3D roulette is more or less the same as classic roulette if we take the visual appearance aside. This special type of roulette comes with a beautiful design and a very realistic display. The wheel and the table look so real that you will definitely feel like you are inside a brick and mortar casino. In order to make things even more interesting, the creators have used the classic casino sounds.

    With the help of a 3D roulette, you can also get a chance to look at a bigger display of the table and wheel and even zoom in and out these elements. In some cases, players can turn on the animations and sounds.

    Roulette players that are used to 2D roulettes must give 3D roulette a try. The 3D version looks amazing and if you are into great graphic design, the 3D roulette won’t leave you disappointed. The good news is that almost every reputable online casino has a roulette like this.

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