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  • 22_bulb.pngSuper Fun 21 blackjack is a table game whose name speaks for itself and can be both entertaining and profitable when optimal strategies used. The rules bear are some variations from the classic blackjack game, but most of the core game mechanics are still in effect.

    Online casinos offering the game carry a house edge of less than 1%, which is significantly better than what most casino games have to offer.

    Splitting and doubling down rules in Super Fun 21 blackjack are slightly different from the classic and they benefit players. They have the option of splitting any two cards before placing an extra bet on the resulting hand. Players can continue splitting the hands up to four times, while doubling down can be done just once. One special rule of this game is known as Double Down Rescue which enables players to recuperate half of the stakes by surrendering after they double down.

    22_blackjack.png Winning Tips at Super Fun 21 Blackjack online casinos

    In a Super Fun 21 blackjack game the dealer will always be compelled to hit a soft 17 hand. Players enjoy a degree of freedom and can employ special mechanics such as insurance. As in all types of blackjack, this is a poor decision because it increases the house edge despite paying 2:1. When players draw 6 or more cards they win automatically if the total is less than 21, but blackjack only pays even money.

    Unlike insurance which is usually a bad choice, late surrender can be considered when playing Super Fun 21 at online casinos. When players have a total of 16 against the dealer showing a 10 or Ace they should consider the possibility of surrendering. The same goes for a total of 15 against dealers holding an Ace.

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