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  • Online gambling is a favorite pastime of many people around the globe. A couple of decades ago, when online casinos were first started to appear, due to various technical restrictions, they could only offer their players a chance to play if they downloaded and installed the casino software locally on their computers.

    For obvious reasons, this wasn't the most convenient option for either players or operators. Players were restricted in terms of when and where from they could play, while operators weren't making as much money because players weren't able to play as much as they'd like. The solution to this problem appeared in the form on no download casinos.

    No download casinos, often referred to as instant play casinos, allow players to log in and start playing straight from their web browsers. These casinos require no download and no installation, which means that customers can freely access their accounts from pretty much any computer. Once the browser is closed and the history deleted, there are no traces of gambling activities.

    No download casinos are, thus, much more convenient and player-friendly. With the casino software, players often have to go through various hoops to successfully install it, including occasional issues and conflicts with their antivirus software. With instant play casinos, all these problems are avoided and jumping straight into the action is as simple as it gets.

    Modern-day no download casinos are often accessible through various mobile devices as well, which makes them even more appealing. By simply visiting the casino site and logging in with their existing details, players can make deposits, request withdrawals and enjoy their favorite games.

    Likewise, no download casinos these days feature huge game libraries. When instant casinos first started to appear, the number of available titles used to be somewhat limited. This is no longer the case, however, as a large percentage of popular slots is available in the instant play variation via the HTML5 technology.

    Most new casinos don’t even offer the download option as players prefer to play at instant play platforms which provide them with much more freedom and flexibility. Some of the older brands that have been around for a while still have downloadable versions for those who want to have the casino installed on their computers, but the number of these players has decreased significantly over the years.

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    What are no download casinos?

    No download casinos are online casinos that can be played straight from the web browser, without players having to download or install any software locally on their computers.

    Are no download casinos the same thing as mobile casinos?

    Most no download casinos can be accessed via mobile browsers as well, but mobile casinos are usually specifically adjusted for the mobile environment as well, through the application of responsive web technologies.

    Are there any downsides to playing at a no download casino?

    When no download casinos first appeared, they used to offer somewhat weaker selection of games, which was their biggest shortcoming. This is no longer the case with modern casinos, so there are no real differences between playing at instant casinos and the ones you download to your computer.

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