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  • online casinos have transformed the game of poker by inventing dozens of different ways to play the game, and Let It Ride Poker is one of the less popular but still quite present poker games. The game does not offer any competition against other players or the dealer but rather pits the player against a preset payouts table.

    In Let It Ride Poker, the player is dealt three initial cards after paying an ante bet. Following these three cards, the player has the option to Pull, getting the next card for free or Let It Ride, paying another bet equal to his ante bet. This process is then repeated once more before the fifth card is turned over.

    The player is paid out based on a fixed paytable. A pair of tens is the minimum qualifying hand in this game, with all pairs higher than 10s paying even money winnings. Two pair pays 2:1, three of a kind pay 3:1 and so on. A royal flush holder gets a 1.000:1 payout on all the bets made in the hand.

    Winning the Additional Bonuses

    In addition to regular payouts after all the betting is done, players also have an option to bet on the value of their initial three cards. By placing a bet on the Three Card Bonus, players have an option of getting paid up to 50:1 for a mini royal flush, consisting of ace, king and queen of the same suit.

    On top of these bonus, which the player can bet any value they want on, another bonus bet is available, which pays additional winnings for the player’s final hand value. Playing this bet will cost you a single betting unit per hand and will pay up to 20.000:1 for a completed royal flush, with all hands starting at three of a kind being awarded some payouts.

    Overall speaking, Let It Ride Poker is an extremely fun game that does not leave too much room for strategy and lets the player sit back and enjoy the game, hoping to ride a lucky streak to some major winnings or even the huge royal flush jackpot.

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