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  • When thinking about online casino gambling most people automatically think of slot machines. The reason for this is purely because these games of chance offer so much more than just a straightforward gameplay. casino software Developers such as Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt and RTG have spent years perfecting their slots. Each new slot release unleashes an exciting new opportunity to try and beat the odds.

    Slot games have grown massively popular over the years thanks to the innovation put into their creation. Whether it is graphics, animations or a new range of bonus features, the possibilities for these games are endless. If you were about to enter an online casino for the first time right now with the sole purpose of playing Online Slots you might be flabbergasted.

    The choices are endless and nearly every online casino comes with a range of over 300 online slots to choose from. Of course if you’ve been clever and trying out free slots then you’ll have a basic idea of which games work for you and which games don’t. If you haven’t had the time to try the slots in free play mode and would like to test your luck right from the get go then it can be difficult to choose a slot that would work for you.

    Much like with movies, books and other types of games the best way to start would be to try out some of the top slots available in the online casinos. These slots are popular for a reason and as they are generally loved by the masses it’s a quick and easy way to establish which of these top slots work for you and which don’t.


    Same Game, Different Name & Style

    Slots can be broken up into many different categories. Unlike table games such as Roulette, Blackjack or even Poker they don’t require skill and all variants are not mainly the same. It’s what makes slots so exciting and entertaining.


    The thing that makes slot games so popular is because they require no knowledge or skill to play. Even as a new player you can open a game and catch on to how the games work within a few seconds. It’s as simple as placing a bet, spinning the reels and waiting for a winning or losing outcome.

    Unlike table games such as Blackjack or Poker there is no rules to read or strategies you will have to master. That’s what makes them so much fun to play, you can simply spin and win. Of course with the lack of strategy this means you can’t ‘force’ the outcome into a certain direction. It’s completely luck based and while many have tried to change the outcome they have failed. When playing online slots you have to acknowledge and accept that the outcome is completely random and can’t be predetermined.


    There and Back Again!

    If you take a minute to read up on the history of slots or even open a few classic slots or fruit machines it’s easy to see how much slot games have been developed. It all started with the very first slot by Charles Fey, the Liberty Bell in which images where pictures of playing cards and now in more modern slots these playing cards still make an appearance but only as low value playing symbols.

    It’s amazing to think that in the past slot machines also referred to as one armed bandits were controlled by pulling a lever and now you can take a spin by the mere push of a button. Fruit machines were the solution to a ban on slot machines that came into effect in many states of America in 1902. These slots replaced playing card symbols with images of fruits and candy.

    As time passed the creation of slots has become a sort of art. There is a lot of time, planning and skill going into developing modern day slots. You will notice the massive difference of slots from the early days of online casinos and now. The differences are seen in the design, the theme and the animations and bonus features added to the games.


    Make My Entertainment Extraordinary!

    There are many slots that have been added to the top slots list because of various different factors. These include themes, bonus features and even progressive jackpot pool prizes. In short the top slots are set apart from the ‘ordinary’ slots purely because of what they offer in terms of entertainment and originality.

    1. A story with a golden thread

    One of the key features that can make or break a slot is the theme and how it is implemented throughout the game. The most successful slots have been created to fit the theme. When we say this it generally means the symbols, sounds, designs and even the bonus features all align with the theme.

    You will notice less popular slots often come with an interesting theme but unfortunately the developer hasn’t take enough time to plan and execute the theme properly. A slot game can fall flat simply because the time and effort hasn’t been put into the theme. For instance if you take a look at NetEnt’s Hansel and Gretel slot. This 5 reel and 10 payline slot might appear to have less to offer but when you open the slot it pulls you in. Not only does the game have a theme based on one of the most popular childhood stories read to the masses. It has also been designed to lure you in and allows you to relive the story. With each spin you will notice Hansel and Gretel, who have been placed on both sides of the reels, walking along the path through the forest. Immediately your mind makes the connection and you remember how they were left there by their father and fell in the trap of a child eating witch who had a house made out of delicious candy. Each symbol, each graphic, each animation and even the bonus features have been designed carefully to fit the theme.

    2. A shower of bonus features

    Another one of the main attractions that land slots on the top slots list is their set of bonus features. Free Spins are a common bonus feature but they work and they can be quite lucrative especially if you’ve had a few losing spins deplete your bankroll.

    History in a snippet! The first 2nd screen bonus round was created by WMS Industries for their Reel’Em slot in 1996. Since then bonus features have expanded and become more intricate.

    A more recent feature that has been seen in some of the top slots is additional bonus features and symbols attached to the free spins. With these games you first enter a mini bonus round where you get to select tiles or spin a wheel to reveal added extras. These features are highly entertaining purely because of the possibilities that come with it. Just imagine getting 12 free spins during which an expanded wild or additional wild symbols are added to your reels and if you receive a win it gets subjected to a 3x or more multiplier.

    Bonus features are not always the main interest in the game but they are a main part in the entertainment. In some cases even if a game is dull and boring players will keep on spinning determined to hit a bonus round just to see if the rumours of decent rewards are true. Consider bonus features as a twist in the story with the theme being the golden thread.

    3. Money, Money, Money!

    And then there are progressive jackpot prize pools or local jackpots that conclude the ‘story’ and also features as the big reveal at the end of it. When you play online slots you often play in hopes of triggering a big win.

    Players have the mentality of ‘any day could be your lucky day’ especially with these games of chance. And why wouldn’t they? There are so many articles on the internet where big progressive jackpot winners tell the story of how they won. One lucky lady was simply unable to fall asleep and tried a casino game for the first time when she struck a progressive win. Its stories like these that keep players hopeful and believing that their strike of luck is still on its way.

    He did what?! Earlier in 2018 there was a man who managed to go from having 0.20 in his bankroll and turning it into a high five figure winning amount. His absurd ‘strategy’ was to take his last 0.20 play one round on a variety of games – risking all his winnings with each new spin!

    progressive jackpots are generally among the top slots listed in casinos purely for the massive prize pool they offer. Many of these slots don’t have a captivating theme or might even be a duplicate with a slightly different title and symbol arrangement. They work because of their jackpots, they are played purely in hopes of striking a win that would lead to debts being paid off and luxury holidays filling up a player’s schedule. One cool themed progressive jackpot game, Jackpot Giant from Playtech is currently standing on a massive $10,000,000 progressive jackpot waiting to be claimed.

    ‘You can’t beat the odds!' Seeing or hearing of a mega jackpot such as the one currently on Jackpot Giant might fool you into believing you can be the lucky one to take it home. In truth there has been plenty of players trying their luck and in doing so they’ve achieved nothing apart from taking the jackpot from $6,000,000 to $10,000,000. If you are planning on playing the game keep in mind that a win is not guaranteed and entertainment should remain your first priority.


    The Top Slots You Desire

    There are hundreds of casino slots to choose from and many of them are considered to be top of the range. They might even be top class but at the end of the day a slots value is determined by you. We can provide you with a list of the top slots as rated by the GamblersPick community but you might find one or two of them entertaining.

    People differ and their preferences vary which is why you should always consider the top slots listed as a mere suggestion. Games that are beloved by many and worth a spin or two. You can always quit playing when you realise the game isn’t exactly what you wanted or expected.

    Come to the dark side! As a player you might have some top slots suggestions we can add to our list or thoughts on those already mentioned. Why not become part of the GamblersPick community where you can voice your opinion and possibly help other players in choosing the right slots for them? As part of the community you get to give your unfiltered opinion on slots, other games and casinos and the best part is that signing up is free.

    The GamblersPick Community would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on what makes a top slot for you! Join for free today and share your hot-or-not slot selections!

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