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    The Bitcoin (Sign: Ƀ and Code: BTC) is a cryptocurrency used worldwide.

    On this page you can find a list of online casinos that accept Bitcoin as a deposit or withdrawal method and learn more about Bitcoin online casinos.

    Bitcoin Online Casinos

    Bitcoin is the first word that comes to mind when people talk about crypto currencies. They are now used worldwide and the increasingly high number of merchants accept them for all sorts of payments.

    As the worth of the crypto currency is surging, so does the number of Bitcoin online casinos. They promise fast withdrawals and deposits, complete anonymity and unmatched convenience.

    Benefits of Using Bitcoin Online Casinos

    We have mentioned a few benefits of using Bitcoin online casinos, but we will now provide some details too. One of the main reasons why people are using this type of casinos is the fact that there are no fees involved. This means that when you are processing withdrawals and deposits in Bitcoin, you won’t have to pay any fees. This is something that players can’t expect to get from ordinary payments.

    Next, players who are interested in using Bitcoin online casinos can reap the benefits of the decentralized digital currency. In other words, Bitcoin is not controlled by banks, financial organizations or governments. This is quite useful when you want to avoid the overly complex laws in your country related to online gambling. If you are using Bitcoin in specialized Bitcoin online casinos, it’s highly unlikely that you will show up on the government’s radar and get your money seized. This is the reason why these gambling sites are used by people from every corner of the planet. Every player that uses Bitcoin online casinos has a chance to keep their anonymity and safety. Of course, they also have complete control over their funds. Bitcoin use requires your email for the process of verification and potential recovery attempts. You don’t have to share your credit card or debit card details, bank account information or personal information.

    Bitcoin Online Casinos: Types

    Bitcoin online casinos can be separated into two groups. The first one includes casinos that accept only Bitcoin as a payment method. The other group includes online casinos that accept multiple payment methods including Bitcoin. The latter accept Bitcoin but convert them into standard currency (Euros, dollars, pounds etc.). This can be tricky because when you want to withdraw the winnings, your money will be converted into Bitcoin again. You can lose a significant amount of money on these conversions.

    Regardless of the type of Bitcoin online casino you select, you can expect a wide array of attractive casino games. In the recent period, Bitcoin online casinos are focused on online slot games, but those who are fond of classic casino games like roulette, blackjack, poker, keno and other similar games won’t be disappointed. The good news is that these casinos are following the latest trends and they are adding different variations of the classic games.

    When it comes to bonuses, it seems that Bitcoin online casinos have even better bonus offers compared to ordinary online casinos. Form free spins and no deposit bonuses to welcome and loyalty bonuses – these casino sites have everything modern casino players need and want. Finally, let’s not forget that most of them have mobile versions which mean that both Android and iOS-based device users can enjoy these games.

    Top Bonuses

    Welcome Bonus


    100% up to $300 on your first deposit



    Bitcoin users don't reside in a single country and many of them consider themselves as citizens of the world. They want to feel free when gambling online or spending money on goods and services.

    Many feel that the only way of achieving that is by using a currency that is not the monopoly of a central government. The main reason for why so many have turned to Bitcoin online casinos in the first place is that they allow them to play casino games in countries where gambling is illegal.

    Back in the day, only a handful understood the intricacies of crypto currency and knew how to make deposits and withdrawals at Bitcoin online casinos. Now these operators have comprehensive tutorials and customer support teams that explain players every step of the way.

    Deposits and Withdrawals Explained

    Making deposits in Bitcoin online casinos is safe. As we said before, users can see where they have sent the money, but the receiver can’t check personal and sensitive information like personal name, home address, credit card or debit card information or any other information that can make them vulnerable.

    Players who want to place a casino deposit in Bitcoin, don’t have to do anything special compared to the ones that are using different deposit methods. All it takes is to visit the deposit page of the casino they are using and follow the instructions. Depositing in these casinos is almost the same as depositing e-payment solution.

    When it comes to withdrawals, players must choose Bitcoin from the list of available options and they will receive their winnings in Bitcoins (not fiat currency).

    If you want to start this process, you must make an account with some of the popular Bitcoin wallets. The good news is that players have a long list of options. When you create an account, you must link the debit card to your unique Bitcoin wallet. In this way, you can buy Bitcoins and place online orders and online casino deposits. It’s possible to avoid linking your Bitcoin wallet with any of your bank accounts. But, in this way, you will be able to receive Bitcoins and spend them only over the Internet. This is an option that some users choose because they want to keep their identity safe and avoid situations that can put their privacy at risk. Keep in mind that some casinos may charge a small transaction fee when you are withdrawing your winnings.

    Deposits are fast and withdrawals are now performed even quicker than when electronic wallets are used. All in all, the Bitcoin has emerged as a vastly superior financial instrument for gambling over the Internet.

    This is quite natural because transactions are cheap, fast and secure.

    For further reading about Bitcoin visit our Bitcoin Guide.


    Are there many online casinos accepting the Bitcoin?
    There are hundreds of such operators out there and the best part is that no other currency enjoys such a meteoric rise. We help you deal with the paradox of choice and find the very best operators, so you don’t take any chances when gambling there.
    Of course - provided that they have a valid license. Always check the casino's license before signing up.
    In order to gamble with bitcoin, you need to have access to a crypto wallet where your bitcoin is stored, and to of course have some bitcoin, then find a recommended and licensed online casino which accepts bitcoin. 
    It depends on whether the Bitcoin casino allows players to wager exclusively crypto currency or has other payment methods. Most operators will allow users to make deposits via credit cards, electronic wallets and even wire transfers. Others compel them to convert traditional currency into Bitcoin first.
    Arguably the main advantage of playing at Bitcoin online casinos is that your transactions are 100% safe. Anonymity is guaranteed, so the government is less likely to find out about your gambling routine and take actions against you if this activity is illegal your country.
    Usually, withdrawals from Bitcoin online casinos are very fast. You’ll often receive your winnings within a few hours from placing your request and sometimes even sooner.
    No, there are usually no fees attached to either deposits or withdrawals, which is another great thing about Bitcoin casinos. You’ll get the full amount of your deposit to play with and the full amount of your withdrawal will be paid to your wallet.
    If you don’t have any Bitcoin available to you there are many exchanges these days where you can easily purchase some. You can use funds from e-wallets like Skrill and NETELLER or even your debit cards to buy Bitcoin.
    Many Bitcoin online casinos do offer special games that aren’t available at traditional gambling sites. You’ll find a fair number of Bitcoin-only slots as well as many other specialty games if you want a change of pace.
    The level of anonymity you get to enjoy when playing at Bitcoin casinos isn’t what it used to be. However, your transactions are much more private than when using more traditional form of payments.
    In the recent years, more and more Bitcoin online casinos have started offering live dealer games as well. Although they’re not a standard feature you can expect at all sites, the number of operators offering live dealer tables is constantly growing.
    You have to be very careful when depositing with Bitcoin. If you send money to the wrong address it will be virtually impossible to get it back because of the way this cryptocurrency operates.
    Bitcoin online casinos are somewhat famous for offering really big and generous bonuses for their players. In general, bonus offers you’ll find on these sites are far superior to the ones offered by traditional casinos.
    The biggest disadvantage is the fact that Bitcoin can be very volatile so if you keep your account in BTC and don’t withdraw after every session, you can end up losing money due to market changes. Of course, things can go the opposite way as well if Bitcoin goes up.
    There are many BTC casinos these days and it’s hard to say which ones are really the best. You should look for those offering the games you enjoy the most and seek out the ones with the best and most generous bonuses that also have a good track record with the players.
    Bitcoin casinos in general are considered just as safe as other online casinos, however it is a must to always check beforehand that a casino is secured properly and is fully licensed. 
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