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  • 22_bulb.pngBlackjack Switch is one of the newest versions of blackjack, invented in 2009 by Geoff Hall in which people play two hands simultaneously. They are allowed to exchange the top two cards which means that they have a better chance of making blackjack. This is a significant advantage for the player, so online casinos compensate by paying blackjacks at 1:1.

    The house edge is still low and in line with most blackjack games, even though a dealer hard 22 pushes all player hands.

    Blackjack switch online casinos use as many as eight decks of 52 cards each which are shuffled together. To accommodate the two hands being played simultaneously, each playing position has two wagering boxes. Hands are split and doubled separately as if they were played by different people.

    22_blackjack.png Key Differences in Blackjack Switch

    Since this is a very new version of the classic game, blackjack switch is played by using slightly different strategies. The most important decision is whether to switch the card in the beginning of the game to improve your chances. One way of handling the situation is by trying to make the best possible hand, while sacrificing the other. A different approach is based on the dealer’s card, in an attempt to maximize the overall return on investment.

    When players decide to sit down at Blackjack Switch online casinos tables, they need to factor in one of the key differences. The dealer will push all hands except for a natural blackjack if he has a hard 22, so it is less likely for him to go bust. One of the consequences is that players benefit less from splitting cards or doubling down and they need to take these core blackjack mechanics with a pinch of salt. Instead, this type of blackjack makes it worthwhile to take additional cards even with the risk of going bust.

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