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  • Over the years there has been a rise of interest in casino games with Online Slots being amongst the most popular new additions. While upfront these seem to be getting all the attention there are other games that have withstood the test of time and have remained as popular as when they were first created.

    These classic games aren’t constantly spoken about on the daily casino news but they’ve become so iconic and linked to gambling activities that they’ve starred in movies, books and even played a role in pop culture. The first games that will instantly pop into your mind would be Blackjack and Roulette but there is one other that deserves to be put in the spotlight and that is Craps.

    Craps has been known to be quite a mysterious and enigmatic game which is why many are too afraid to try their hand at the game. Don’t feat, GamblersPick is here to save the day with all the information you’ll ever need to play craps. And the best part is with the free craps variants available online you can test and try strategies and bet combinations without risking depleting your bankroll.

    Craps Online Beats Going Outside

    There are many advantages to playing free craps online but for many craps has been a game played in land based casinos for many years. Although the word FREE seems to be the biggest benefit of playing online there are a list of others worth mentioning to get you amped for a decent session of free craps online.

    The Advantages of playing Free Craps online

    • You can play at any time for as long as you desire
    • You can practice your skills and strategy for free
    • You can play at your own pace
    • No unnecessary travelling or costs
    • No annoyances such as smokers or loud noises from slots or other games
    • You can make mistakes without worrying about what anyone else thinks
    • You can choose between variants for better odds
    • You can play like a high roller and place big bets without having to worry about your bankroll
    • Any bonuses and competitions are paid out in chips
    • No Real money deposits required
    • Risk free entertainment at your fingertips on desktop, mobile or tablet devices


    So what are the disadvantages of playing free craps online?

    • Lack of a casino atmosphere
    • No actual pay-outs
    • No physical dice to roll (It might seem petty but some people love the feel of rolling the dice)


    As you can see there are many advantages for playing free craps of which the most important is the fact that you can play risk and cost free. Especially for beginners this is a big benefit. Craps might seem daunting and learning it in an environment where others are present can cause unnecessary stress and confusion. Playing Free Craps online removes all outsider elements and allows you to focus on the game and what you are doing instead of what you think others feel you should be doing.

    The Evolution of a Game

    History is something we learn in school, it’s a subject some love and others detest but luckily when it comes to history on casino games it’s always new and surprisingly interesting. Craps especially has a very interesting historical tale behind its name.

    According to some it is believed that the game of craps was created and evolved during the time of the Holy Roman Empire. In this time soldiers in the Roman legions were throwing pig knuckles around in their shields.

    Fun Fact: The pig knuckles tossed onto the shields is where the saying “to roll the bones” first became popular.

    Other historical sources say that Sir William of Tyre, and English nobleman, and his knights invented the game Hazard while they were waiting to lay siege on Hazarth 1125 AD. This game Hazard also pronounced ‘azzahr’ was played by the Arabs in the Middle Ages. It became quite popular in England during this time and was even mentioned quite a few times in a book called “Canterbury Tales” written by Geoffrey Chaucer at the time.

    It’s all in the name of the game… Crabs became the term used to describe the lowest roll value in the game and many believe this is what cause the name to change drastically during the early 1700s when the game was brought to Acadia, a French Colony.

    When France lost control of Acadia and it became an English colony some of their culture stayed behind and crabs quickly became a popular game rooted deep into the American Lifestyle. It was only in the 19th century that the game became commonly referred to as Craps and that’s how it stayed.

    The game had two basic forms back in the day, casino craps and street craps. Although the latter might seem dirty it was in fact one of the most pure forms of playing the game. Players would sit crouched over the game board in the streets to get in on the action.

    Over the years craps has managed to remain a popular game choice among many casino players but this version we have John H. Winn to thank for. It was back in 1907 when Winn revolutionized craps and became known as the Father of Modern-Days Craps by implementing changes to provide wrong and right bets. Not only that, but Winn also managed to improve the layout of the game and add a “Don’t Pass Bets” area. It’s this very version that we are still using today both in land based and online casinos.

    Get Your Engine Started!

    If you are a first timer you might want to run for the hills the first time you take a look at a Craps table. In truth the game might even make a strategy type game such as Blackjack look like a walk in the park. However, once you understand how the game is played and what bet options you have it will be relatively easy. The key to success with this game is understanding how it works.

    The aim of the game… When playing Craps your main objective is to correctly predict the outcome of the throw of two dice while keeping in mind the value of the other cards in the hand.

    With each round of Craps there are two phases known as the Come Out and the Point. At the start of a round you will notice a button with the word OFF on it and it won’t be near any points. This just means that no “point” has been determined. To get the game started the shooter (person who rolls the dice) has to place a bet on the ‘don’t pass’ line. You have a choice of betting with or against the shooter.

    With the first round the dice has to be tossed together in a single throw and the shooter must aim for the back wall of the table. It is required that the shooter hits the back wall with both dice. The first throw of the dice is referred to as the “Come Out Roll”. If you made a bet on the Pass Line and the come out roll reveals a 7 or 11 total you will double up on your money, if however the come out roll results in a 2, 3 or 12 and you betted on the Pass Line you will lose. This is referred to as “craps / crapping out”. If the roll delivers a total of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 it is called setting a “point” and the dealer will switch the OFF button to ON while moving it to the point number indicating that the second round of the game is about to begin.

    During this phase players can make Place Bets on the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. With these bets you are trying to predict the number that will be rolled before the 7 is rolled. The dealer will put your Place Bets on the table and these bets can be made at any point during the game after the Come Out roll. They are much like Come Bets with the only exception being you can’t add odds. Another difference is that you have the option of removing or reducing these bets at any point during the game.

    Once the point is set your aim is to get another dice roll total of the same amount for example if the shooter rolled an 8 the objective is to roll another 8 (the point) before you seven out or another 7 is rolled. If you manage to do this you will double up on your money. You stand a chance of losing if the come out roll is a 2, 3 or 12 (craps) or if a 7 is rolled right after a point is established.

    6 Super Betting Tips!

    Don’t stick to only the pass line bet. Craps has many betting options and these can be just as lucrative for players who want to succeed in the game.

    1. Odds Bet

    Once the shooter has established a point you have the opportunity to place an additional bet behind the place line known as the Odds Bet. Keep in mind that this bet can only be played if you are also passed the ‘don’t pass’ line. It’s basically an additional bet placed on the point meaning if the shooter hits his point you’ll cash in on both your ‘don’t pass’ and ‘odds’ bet. These bets can also be increased, decreased or removed at any time during the game.

    2. Hardway Bets

    This bet isn’t a one roll bet, instead when doing this bet you are predicting that a number will come up as a pair before it comes up in any other dice combination. E.g. Hard way 6 means you’re betting two 3’s will come up before a 4 and a 2 or a 5 and a 1 come up.

    3. Any 7

    This is a one roll bet with a 4:1 Payout in which you bet that a 7 will be rolled by any combination.

    4. 2, 3, 11 and 12

    This is a one roll bet made in the middle of the table that pays out 30:1, if there is only a 3 and 11 then the payout is 15:1

    5. Horn Bets

    A quick and easy bet that allows you to bet on 2, 3, 11 and 12 simultaneously. You’ll have to dish out 4 chips for this bet but luckily during free craps this won’t affect your bankroll.

    6. Place or Buy bets

    Place or Buy bets are done in the boxes marked 4, 5, six, 8, Nine and 10. With these bets you are saying that the next dice roll before the next 7 is revealed will be the number you’ve bet on.

    For The Love of Craps

    Craps can be quite scare especially seeing how many bet options there are and getting used to the table layout. Much like anything else in life the only way to become good at something is by practicing it constantly. With free craps online you get to choose between different variants and spend quality time getting accustomed to the game rules, the board layout and the betting options available.

    You can try Free Craps right here on GamblersPick today or any other day for that matter. The sooner you get started the better. Remember, you are playing for free so you can fully immerse yourself in the game without worrying about your bankroll status or what anyone else thinks. It’s just you, the Craps table and a bunch of casino game fanatics at GamblersPick rooting for you.

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