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  • 22_bulb.pngIt all started in the beginning of the 19th century in the United States where poker emerged. Nowadays, almost everyone knows that poker is card game that many players use as their favorite pastime. Of course, some of them are playing it professionally or for a profit. The online gambling industry is following the latest technological advancements, and as a result of that, players can now enjoy virtual reality video poker too.

    22_vr.png An introduction to Virtual Reality Video Poker

    In the last few years, we have witnessed some incredible developments in the world of VR hardware and software. Instead of 3D animations, many casinos have started offering VR games. Of course, virtual reality video poker was one of the first casino games that have become available to passionate casino players.

    With the help of a VR headset and some of the compatible Virtual Reality gambling platforms, every player can enjoy a realistic, interactive online casino experience. Keep in mind that everything in these games is happening in real time.

    Even though virtual reality video poker is still improving, the existing solutions share a few common features that have grabbed the attention of the public. First of all, VR video poker games provide detailed casino tables where players can simply sit and explore their surroundings.

    There are also many poker games with 3D game tables where you can actually talk to the dealer or even engage with fellow poker players. Many players like the fact that they can see their body gestures and hand gestures and check the behavior of other players. This is something that provides a more realistic experience that we are used seeing in land-based casinos.

    It’s still difficult to tell whether virtual reality video poker will replace live poker, but it sure has a strong potential.

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