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    The online gambling community is a large one and it includes people from all over the world. There are thousands of internet casinos out there, and no matter how hard we try, it’s virtually impossible to keep up with everything that’s going on out there.

    That’s why your contribution is important. GamblersPick relies on user casino reviews to let the world know about different gambling options out there. Writing a short review of the casino you’ve just played at, highlighting the good and the bad will help others know what to expect and if they should give it a try or keep on looking.

    It takes only a couple of minutes of your time and it can be of great help to someone else weighing their options.

    The more players get actively involved in the process, the better. As the GamblersPick community grows, you will be able to find personal player reviews and experiences for almost every casino out there. Just as you rely on the community to help you find the best and avoid the worst casinos, so does the community rely on you.

    Additionally, many casinos have their representatives on the GP site, so if you have a problem or a complaint, they'll often respond to your review and help you along. Casinos are typically faster to reply on a public forum than in private, so leaving a review can be the best way to get their attention and have them fix anything that needs fixing.

    How to Write a Good Casino Review?

    As mentioned, your casino review doesn’t have to be super-long or extremely detailed. You can simply describe your own experience and highlights things you did and didn’t like. If you need some ideas on what to write about, here are a few good aspects to focus on:

    ●        Welcome bonus and wagering requirements

    ●        Customer support (how easy are they to reach, have they been helpful?)

    ●        The withdrawal process (how long did it take, were there any bumps along the way?)

    ●        The game selection (did you like it, was there anything missing?)

    ●        Mobile experience (did you try the casino on your phone, how did you like it?)

    Again, you’re not expected to write in-depth reviews (although you’re more than welcome to do so if you want). Simply share your own experience with others and let them make up their own mind.

    Keep in mind that once you post a review, you’ll no longer be able to edit it, so take the time you need to write everything you believe should be included. If at any time you wish to remove a particular review, you can always do it, you just can’t edit the text.

    User Casino Review FAQ

    Why is it important that I leave casino reviews?

    On the site, we provide comprehensive overviews  of the casinos to give you an idea of what to expect from an operator in terms of games, bonuses, and payment options. We also focus on the safety and gaming licenses as some of the most important aspects of any gaming site.

    However, there is no substitute for the real user experience. Player reviews help everyone get a much better picture of an online casino and what the particular operator has in store.

    Are there any special rules about writing reviews I should know about?

    When writing a review, you should describe your personal experience with the casino, focusing on the good and the bad that you've had the first-hand experience with. This is much more helpful than writing about the general information already available on the casino site (listing game providers, licensing info, payment methods).

    We do ask you to avoid offensive language as these reviews will not be published. Also, you're not allowed to create multiple user accounts with the purpose of leaving several reviews of the same casino (positive or negative).

    Do you delete negative casino reviews?

    No, absolutely not. The whole idea of user reviews is to show the rest of the community the good and the bad. If you had a bad experience with an online casino, we encourage you to share it and let the others know.

    That said, we do filter out those reviews that purposefully try to manipulate a casino's rating (in either direction) as well as those reviews that look like spam or bot-produced content. The goal is to keep the site clean and only featuring genuine player reviews.

    Is there a limit on how many reviews I’m allowed to leave on the site?

    No, there is no limit to the total number of reviews.  You’re allowed to write as many reviews as you like for different casinos. However, you're only allowed one review per casino.

    Why is my review pending approval?

    When you post a review on the site, it needs to be checked and verified by the moderators before it goes live. This is done to ensure reviews adhere to above guidelines, i.e. they don’t contain offensive language and are genuine user reviews .

    Can I edit or delete my review?

    Once your review is approved and appears on the site, you can’t edit or change it. However, you’re free to delete your review at any point. Simply visit the casino page, find the review, and use the delete button to remove the entry.

    Who can see my review?

    Once approved and published, your review is visible to everyone who visits the casino overview page. While only GamlbersPick members can post reviews, everyone can read existing reviews whether they have a GP account or not.

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