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  • 22_bulb.pngFor the most part, online gambling is an individual effort, with players playing against the house and beat the odds. However, there are occasions where players are pitched against each other and where the house edge takes the backseat. We’re talking about casino tournaments, of course.

    Casino tournaments usually gather a certain number of players to compete in a particular game or several games. Those achieving the best results, for example winning the most money, are declared winners and awarded additional prizes for their success. On this page, we’re bringing you a detailed overview of everything you need to know about casino tournaments.

    Casino tournaments have their roots in the time long before online gambling.

    Land-based casinos started organizing these events to attract more visitors and establish an atmosphere of camaraderie and competition. These events helped people change their focus and make them feel more a part of the group instead of being lone individuals taking on the casino.

    22_history.pngInitially, casino tournaments featured table games such as blackjack. Since this is one of the rare table games where players’ knowledge and strategy play a rather important role, blackjack tournaments were an excellent way to engage players. While luck was still very important, those who were well acquainted with the basic strategy would usually fair better. Winners were given various rewards like cash, VIP tickets, trips, casino vouchers, etc.

    With the development of online casinos and the popularity of casino slots growing, operators came up with the idea of slot tournaments. These are rather interesting and imaginative events because slots, unlike table games, are usually played one on one, man vs. machine. With the introduction of slot tournaments, players were pitched against each other and winning at slots received a whole different dimension.

    Usually, these casino tournaments aren’t about how high or low one plays. While there is often the minimum spin amount, it is usually a kind of wager that all players can afford. Thus, everyone can compete and those with bigger bankrolls and deeper pockets don’t have an edge. It is all about competition and socializing, as many online casinos allow players to chat while they play and share their experiences (or talk about anything else they feel like).

    Casino tournaments have become especially popular during the recent years, as the industry is looking for way to engage the new generation of players, millennials, who require more from their gaming experience. These social, competitive events might be just the answer the casinos are after, as they introduce a whole new segment of the gameplay. Additionally, casino tournaments, especially slots tournaments, are a lot of fun, and you should definitely give it a try sometimes at one of our recommended casinos.

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    What are casino tournaments?

    Casino tournaments are special events pitching players playing a certain casino game or a slot against each other, with those achieving the best results winning additional prizes.

    What games are usually offered in these casino tournaments?

    These days, online casinos mostly focus on slots tournaments, although there are still some online blackjack tournaments as well. Other games are rarely played in a tournament format.

    Where can I join one of these casino tournaments?

    There is a growing number of online casinos offering tournaments as a part of their overall portfolio. This applies especially to slots tournaments, as there are dozens of operators offering these events on a daily basis.


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