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  • 22_bulb.pngRoulette has always been one of the most popular casino games because it is fairly simple and straightforward and yet extremely exciting. The popularity of roulette transferred from land-based venues to online casinos where the game continued to thrive. With time, casinos and Game developers realized that introducing an extra dimension to the game would help boost its popularity even further and progressive jackpots roulette games were born.

    There are different variations of progressive jackpots roulette in terms of how the jackpot is awarded.

    That said, the principle behind the jackpot remains the same – it grows as more bets are placed across the network of casinos hosting a particular variation.

    22_roulette.png Progressive Roulette Games

    With Microgaming's Roulette Royal, for example, players automatically pay a side bet of a single credit on each spin. The main jackpot is awarded if the same number lands five times in a row, regardless of whether an active players has placed a bet on that particular number or not. This variation also pays several smaller jackpots for the same number landing two, three, and four times in a row. This jackpot is extremely hard to win as the odds of this happening are 1 in about 1.9 million.

    Playtech has recently merged their live roulette offering with their Age of the Gods jackpot series of slots, becoming the first company to offer a progressive jackpot on their live roulette tables. Not surprisingly, this progressive jackpots roulette quickly became a big hit with the players. Like with their slots, the jackpot is awarded randomly, so everyone is in with a shot and there are several different layers for different bet sizes.

    There are a couple of more progressive jackpots roulette variations out there, although roulette has never been the first game you think of when thinking about progressive jackpots. Land-based casinos often have a progressive jackpots roulette wheel which is only active for that particular casino.

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    Can I play progressive jackpots roulette online?

    Yes, there are several variations of progressive jackpots roulette found at online casinos.

    How does one win a jackpot on a progressive jackpots roulette?

    This depends on the variation. Sometimes it happens randomly, sometimes a certain thing needs to occur (like the same number landing five times in a row with Microgaming's Roulette Royal).

    Are there any live roulette progressive jackpots?

    Recently, Playtech introduced live roulette progressive jackpot tables, featuring their Age of the Gods progressive jackpot. The jackpot is awarded randomly.

    Are progressive jackpots roulette games worth it?

    This depends on the exact rules and how big the jackpot is at a particular moment.

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