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  • 22_bulb.pngOne of the blackjack variants that have gained a lot of traction recently is Spanish 21, commonly referred to as Spanish blackjack. It is very similar to the game called Pontoon with which it shares certain special rules, while the core game mechanics are the same as in classic blackjack. Between six and eight decks of cards are used but the Tens are removed, effectively leaving just 48 cards.

    The game begins with the dealer getting a hole card and he’s supposed to hit on 16 while standing on 17.

    Both the player and the dealer can make a natural blackjack by drawing two cards whose total is 21 and which pays 3:2. Just like in the classic game, at Spanish blackjack online casino insurance pays 2:1 and purchasing it is never a good idea. In fact the house edge on this action is the highest of all blackjacks.

    22_blackjack.png Special Rules for Spanish Blackjack

    Players who are familiar with the classic version of the game will have no problem learning and mastering Spanish blackjack. At online casinos where this game is offered, the hitting, splitting and standing mechanics are pretty much the same. The difference consists in the fact that players can only split up to four hands, but they can use the late surrender mechanic to recuperate half of their bet.

    There are no restrictions when it comes to doubling down and players can do so on any number of cards. Despite the obvious risks, this is a rule that largely benefits players when executed correctly. Another thing that makes Spanish blackjack online casinos temptiong is that players always win at a total of 21. At most online casinos offering Spanish blackjack, players win a super bonus for winning with three 7s.

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