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  • 22_bulb.pngOne of the best things about online casinos is the fact that players can get many different bonuses. Casino match deposit bonuses are offered by almost every serious online casino today.

    In order to get a casino match bonus, players should pick a casino, create an account and make a deposit. In some cases, they will have to enter a bonus or promo code in order to redeem their bonus. Typically, these bonuses are credited to the account right away.

    22_coupon.png Casino Match Deposit Bonuses Explained

    If you want to withdraw your bonus money, you’ll have to meet the requirements. Of course, the initial deposit you’ve made can be withdrawn whenever you want. For instance, in case you are looking at a 200% match deposit bonus (up to $500), you can get a total of $1000 once you deposit $500. Obviously, $500 of them is your money and the other $500 is bonus money.

    Whenever you are betting you can use the bonus money just like real money. However, if you want to withdraw bonus money, you will have to follow the wagering requirements. Every casino has its own wagering requirements, so read these requirements before you make a deposit.

    22_calculator1.png Wagering Requirements

    Now let’s explain the wagering requirements. For instance, in case the casino requires players to rollover bonus money 20 times before they get an opportunity to withdraw them, you will have to place bets worth $10.000 (500x20). It doesn’t really matter whether you’ve won or lost these bets – you will keep what you have earned once you meet this requirement.

    22_info.png A Few Other Things Players Should Know

    The time players need to clear the bonus money depends on the size of their bets. The higher bets they make the better. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should play recklessly because as we said before this money can be turned into money that can be withdrawn. Once you meet the requirements your balance will be unified.

    Those planning on using match deposit bonuses should get information about the minimum deposit requirement. Typically, online casinos don’t allow players to make a deposit smaller than $10 to get a casino bonus like this. In addition, you should know that there is a maximum withdrawal amount associated with the winnings obtained from the bonus money. If you win more than that, you won’t be able to use that money.

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    How can I get the most from my match deposit bonus?

    In order to get the most from your match deposit bonus, you should invest more money (recommended for experienced players) and read the wagering requirements.

    Are casino match deposit bonuses available on mobile devices?

    Yes. They are available and in some cases, they are even better.

    What’s the typical size of a match deposit bonus?

    It depends on the casino. They are usually between 100% and 400%. Keep in mind that the size of the bet plays a role too.

    Are there any special terms for withdrawing bonus money?

    Once you meet the wagering requirements, the bonus money you have, are turned into ordinary money. So, there are no special requirements other than wagering requirements.

    Are these bonuses available everywhere?

    No. Typically, there is a list of restricted countries where these bonuses are not available. Check this list before you apply.



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