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  • 22_bulb.pngAces and Eights is a video poker game whose payout rate is unparalleled in the industry, standing tall at 99.78%, hardly matched not only by any video poker game, but by any gambling game in general.

    The game uses the basic setup of the more classic Jacks or Better video poker game, with an addition of different payouts for quad aces, eights and sevens.

    Just like in Jacks or Better, the game’s ultimate jackpot is won by hitting a royal flush, worth 4.000 coins at maximum bet.

    The payouts in Aces and Eights start at a pair of jacks, which simply pays back the amount that was wagered. However, the game offers lucrative payouts for any four of a kind that is made, and while there are no wild cards in this video poker game, making quads is not all that impossible without them and players will definitely want to actively chase them down given the great payouts that hands like quad aces and quad eights provide.

    22_video-poker.png Quads Can Beat a Straight Flush

    Generally speaking, making four of a kind is easier than making a straight flush, but in Aces and Eights, four of a kind of aces or eights is worth more than making a straight flush, which can have an impact on the overall strategy that should be applied in some cases while playing the game.

    Other than this change in the payout table, there isn’t too much to be said for the strategy or playing Aces and Eights, which remains fairly straight forward in most other cases. You will want to keep your winning hands and go after four card draws to big hands, while you should always discard three card draws to straights and flushes which simply don’t pay enough in this game to make chasing them hard profitable.

    If you are on the lookout for the most profitable form of video poker out there, playing Aces and Eights is definitely a great idea, as this game provides and unparalleled payout rate and a reasonably low variance with all hands starting with a pair of jacks giving you at least your money back.

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