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  • 22_bulb.pngIt seems that people love playing different games in online casinos for one great reason – the opportunity to win big prizes and to cash out quickly. The most popular casinos found on the Internet are providing fast cashout methods. However, this is usually true only for the money player’s have deposited. When it comes to bonuses and free money provided by the casino the situation is a little bit different.

    Almost every casino provides at least one type of bonus.

    This is a great thing, but there is a catch – you can’t withdraw the money until you meet certain wagering requirements.

    The fact that these requirements are revealed before you use the bonus doesn’t make it easier. But, there is an exception and it comes in the form of no wagering required bonuses.

    22_coupon.png An Introduction To No Wagering Required Bonuses

    This is a type of casino bonus with a self-explanatory name. Thanks for this bonus offer, casino enthusiast can enjoy great wins and get a chance to cash out at any moment you want. So, there are no wagering requirements, limitations or restrictions – you can withdraw the bonus money as you play.

    What’s interesting is that many online casinos are providing such bonuses for almost every kind of conventional bonuses. For instance, there are no wagering required match deposit bonuses. So, if you are a new player and you want to get a bonus like this, you can sign up and claim the bonus without placing bets. Another interesting example is the no wagering required Free Spins bonus. As you have guessed, these bonuses are designed for online slot players. Once the player uses the free spins bonus once, they have the right to withdraw the bonus money.

    The list of no wagering required bonuses continues with reload bonuses, high roller bonuses, free play bonuses, bonus package, cashback bonuses, and the no deposit bonuses. In the past, there were more of these no wagering required bonuses. However, many casinos have decided to remove them from their offer because they were abused by players trying to make money without playing and investing their own money. That’s why no wagering required bonuses are quite rare these days, but they are still available.

    One possible downside of these bonuses is that they provide relatively small amounts of money, but don’t forget that you are getting something for nothing.

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    How can I get a no wagering required bonus?

    It depends on the online casino you are using. Some of them are crediting these bonuses automatically to new users or to selected existing users. Other casinos ask players to contact their customer support.

    How much can I expect to get?

    Once again, it all depends on the casino you choose. However, in most cases, these bonuses are smaller compared to ordinary bonuses with wagering requirements.

    How many types of no wagering required bonuses are there?

    Every popular type of casino bonus comes with a no wagering required variant.

    What are the best no wagering required bonuses out there?

    Check the list on GamblersPick.

    When can I cash out?

    At any time you want.


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