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  • We often take things for granted, we want the very best smartphones, the latest fashion wear and top of the range of pretty much everything. Sometimes we need to take a moment and reflect on how much things have changed since it all began.

    Today you can do pretty much anything on your smartphone. In essence it’s a mini laptop with everything from Microsoft Office, to banking apps and more installed on it. When it comes to online gambling you no longer need to wait until you get home to start up your PC and login to you installed casino software. You have access to your account from your mobile device, be it via the app or in-browser betting, which allows you to play from anywhere at any time.


    If I Could Turn Back Time

    Technology has come a long way and so has the creation of mobile phones. To think the first mobile phones were only used for phone calls and later on SMS functions and games as simple as Snake and Tetris were added to them. If you travelled back in time today to tell people that phones would one day be able to open online casino games directly from a mobile browser they’d probably send you to the doctor thinking you have a fever or something.

    A First! The Motorola Dynatac 800x was the first handheld mobile phone ever designed and was later on referred to as “the brick”.

    The truth is that our mobile phones have become a part of our daily lives, we don’t go anywhere without a phone and as such we’ve also become spoiled and in need of instant access to anything at any time. Samsung and Apple might be the industry leaders in the mobile industry but Motorola was the first company that mass produced the first handheld mobile phone in April 1973. And to think the first SMS ever sent was only in 1992, a solid 21 years later.

    Much like the online casino industry, mobile phones have seen some major changes and improvements over the years purely to increase the enjoyment and usability thereof. We went from using our mobile devices only for phone calls and SMS to having instant messaging, updating those across the globe on our whereabouts and actions to playing games and accessing websites by the touch of a button.

    As phones have evolved and improved so have their signal, now we are even able to connect our mobile devices to a Wi-Fi connection just to have a stronger line and smoother internet accessing experience.


    What’s The Big Deal?

    We have a lot to be thankful for especially in the development of mobile phones because as technology allowed for smartphones to be born new opportunities were created for the online casino industry.

    Casino games have been on mobile for quite some time, perhaps not as beautifully designed and operational as they are now but they’ve been around since the early days. In fact the first mobile casino games were in black and white and could be played on the old Nokias. These were known as WAP games and to play them you needed to buy and download them to your mobile phone.

    WAP games didn’t last very long as they were painfully slow and people were more frustrated by playing them than actually enjoying them. Luckily in 2001 Java came into the picture and they created faster action games. With the Java Platform, Micro Edition games could be written specifically for feature phones.

    So deliciously fruity… The first Java Casino game was Pub Fruity. It was created by IOMO and included little mini games you can bet on with chips. These games were not for real money but they sparked an interest.

    As time passed and Android and iPhone hit the market the mobile slot games became more advanced. The new games included better graphics, speed and a smoother gameplay. Again, there was still room for improvement and when HTML5 was developed in 2010 everything changed. With HTML5 Game developers were enabled to write a game once and it would be playable on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

    With faster connectivity and the ability to create games that can run on multiple platforms big names such as Microgaming, NetEnt and RTG have jumped at the opportunity to expand their gaming portfolio and also provide a larger audience with their exceptional games.

    More and more online casino games are being converted to mobile format which enables players to not just explore new games but also embrace their favourite oldies from anywhere at any time.


    Get In On the Action, NOW!

    There are various reasons why mobile slots are considered beneficial and a must play. So much so that they are highly popular among both veteran and novice players. The biggest reason to get in on the mobile slot action is because it is quick to understand, easy to play and comes without a set of rules or guidelines you need to study. These are pure games of chance and winning isn’t guaranteed but considered a pleasant surprise.

    • Spoilt For Choice!

    The mobile casino platform is still quite new but thanks to industry leading casino software developers there are already so many online casino slots to choose from. New games are added to the list almost daily which means you get to be picky.

    It’s a well-known fact that our preferences differ and that everyone doesn’t like the same style, theme or genre of games. For this reason there is already a massive selection of classic slots, fruit machines, video slots, 3D games and even progressive jackpot games you can access on your mobile device.

    Ideally it would be best to try the free slots first to see which ones tickle your fancy but if you’re a spur of the moment type of person there’s also nothing from with diving right in and playing for real money from the get go. The choices are endless and the list of mobile slots continues to grow with each passing day.

    • Easy As 1-2-3!

    With modern technology and advanced coding mobile slots run just as smoothly as desktop variants. These games are very responsive and compatible with most smartphones in terms of screen size and mobile specifications. In simpler terms, the mobile slots are created with user-friendliness in mind.

    You will notice how there are a few slight differences in the mobile versions of slots you tend to play on desktop such as the buttons moved to one side. These changes have only been implemented for your convenience. With a slight shift in the layout the game provides better visuals and is ultimately easier to use.

    • You Get A Prize! You Get A Prize! You Get A Prize!

    Another lure towards mobile slots is the huge prizes they offer. Much like with Online Slots variants, mobile slots come with heaps of bonus features that add to the joy and entertainment of playing them. These features include bonuses, Free Spins, wild spins, re-spin multipliers and plenty other bonus features and extra symbols.

    The only way to get your hands on these rewards is to simply start playing.


    Get In The Game!

    You can head into any mobile casino and pick a random slot to try as it will definitely be a lot of fun but if you are someone who prefers to do things with a little bit of a strategy here are some tips on how to choose the right mobile slot for you.

    1. Research is key

    Yes, research is boring and definitely not anyone’s idea of fun but at the end of the day researching a slot could be very beneficial. You’ll notice that as soon as you open your mobile casino slot page there will be plenty of interesting pictures and titles luring you towards the games. The unfortunate thing is that there aren’t really a lot of mobile casinos that provide short descriptions on their games. By doing your research you can see what the game is about, how much you can win from it and even what bonus features you’ll be able to trigger.

    Become a mobile slot Viking! You’ll notice there are plenty of reviews available on the web especially when it comes to slot games. These reviews might differ from what you’ve experience by playing them first hand. Why not join the GamblersPick community where you can give your honest opinion on what your experience was on the games. You might not save the world in doing so but you could save another player the time and money they’d waste in playing or not playing the game.

    2. Focus on the features

    Whether you’ve been playing online casino slots for years or you are just starting out on mobile slots take a look at the bonus features the games have to offer. Some might attract you and others could simply bore you. By taking the time to go through the bonus features and see how they work, what rewards are attached and whether they include little fun details that interest you could determine how much enjoyment you might obtain from playing the game.

    Knowing whether you want a mobile slot with plenty of features or one with next to nothing could determine if you should play a classic slot or opt for the more enticing video slot games.

    3. Your likes and dislikes matter

    If anything revolving around Ancient Egypt bores you then mobile slots with such a theme will definitely not be enjoyable for you. Thankfully there are hundreds of mobile slots to choose from with various themes. One of the quickest ways to see if a mobile slot is worth the try or not is by figuring out which themes line up with your interests. If you love Greek mythology you could just find Playtech’s progressive jackpot series, Age of the Gods to your liking.

    Choose mobile slots based on your preferences to ensure that you end up playing a game that doesn’t annoy you. If music is your passion then you will adore the NetEnt’s Rocks series consisting of three slots themed around iconic musicians and bands. The series includes a Guns ‘n Roses slot, Motörhead slot and Jimi Hendrix slot. If themes are you thing then these slots are pure gold. Guns ‘n Roses specifically leaves you feeling like you’re attending an actual rock show and not playing a mobile slot game. The best of all is there is very little difference between the online and mobile slot variants of the game.

    4. Follow the masses

    One of the quickest ways to find something you’ll most probably like is to find a mobile slot that is highly popular among other avid online casino gamblers. Popular games often have the best quality and especially when it comes to mobile casino gambling quality is key.

    Popularity isn’t vital but if you’re looking for guidance in which slots tend to be the most rewarding or most fun to play then the popular mobile slots are the best place to start. This is especially relevant when you are looking for a progressive mobile slot. Slots are a game of chance but if Lady Luck is in your favour today choosing a progressive mobile slot played by the masses might lead to explosive jackpot wins.

    5. Don’t be afraid to take your time

    Instant gratification is always nice but it shouldn’t lead you towards games that will leave you feeling bored and unsatisfied. Take your time when choosing a mobile slot you are willing to try. In doing so you might just find one worth adding to your favourite list. A mobile slot that keeps you entertained for hours on end. Mobile slots were created mainly for entertainment and if you are not entertained then you are wasting your time.

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