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  2. There is a lot to be said for the court of public opinion. Well-Placed speculation can see any investment vehicle suddenly see an upturn as Joe Public grab hold of some media titbit and either flock to or flee from the asset in question. This was the intention behind the headline-grabbing media campaign by Grayscale Bitcoin Trust earlier this year entitled “Drop Gold”. ✓Why Drop Gold? Grayscale label themselves as a “trusted authority on digital currency investing” we can expect them to be biased towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. However, their Drop Gold campaign asks from interesting questions of the worlds oldest mineral-based investment vehicle. Questions like “Why are you investing in gold?” and “Are you living in the past?”, and they even chose to get a little spicy with flippant remarks that refer to gold as a “nice rock”. Their assertion is that gold should be left to the jewellery industry not kept as an investment vehicle. The USA dropped gold as its standard in the 70s, it is not a viable transactional tool, offers low growth potential and simply does not measure up to the Bitcoin in any area. So, what is it that Grayscale offer? In short, they promote the idea of managed investment accounts, like you currently have for regular fiat-based investment portfolios, only with your portfolio being made up exclusively of digital currencies including Bitcoin. ✓Grayscale Strike A Nerve While many people used to the online shenanigans of marketing executives most likely wrote these off as gimmicks not really giving them much attention it seems to have struck a nerve in their competitors, World Gold Council. The Council hit back at Grayscale’s ad campaign with a meaty audit style review highlighting the emotional, financial and future-proof value of gold as a viable long-term investment. As with Grayscale, it is worth noting that the Council has a vested interest in the product they are evangelising for, be sure to take their insights with a grain of salt. Starting with the scope of their report – for an expansive report with such highlights as “global survey” it only covered 18,000 respondents across 6 countries (India, China, USA, Germany, Canada and Russia). This is hardly a large enough cross-section of any one of these regions let alone all six to make any kind of value recommendation from. ✓Primary Lesson From The Gold Study The report includes a lot of subjective language that leans towards showing that gold is still deemed a safe and secure investment vehicle by most age groups with a notable drop off in the 18-38 age bracket. In particular the 18-24 age bracket showed little interest in long term slow burn investments choosing instead to err towards living for the now not the future. The Council addressed this stating that: “Gen Z’s live-for-today, risk-taking attitude is most evident in their exposure to other investments, rather than in the exclusion of gold – [cryptocurrencies] is significantly skewed towards short-term and speculative needs, in contrast to gold which is skewed towards long-term and wealth preservation needs” Yet despite that statement the data they collected in their own survey found that less than 22% of the respondents in the 18-22 bracket considered cryptocurrencies as “speculative” or “high-risk” to them digital coins are simply part of the investment ecosystem they grew up with. ✓Does Gold Need To Worry? The recent Bitcoin awareness survey by Blockchain Capital compared both the “awareness of” and “interest in purchasing” Bitcoin across the generations from Fall 2017 to Spring 2019, the results speak for themselves: Overall Interest: Increased from 19% to 27% Interest By Age Group: 18-34: up from 32%-42% 35-44: up from 34%-35% 45-54: up from 15%-25% 55-64: up from 9%-16% 65+: up from 4%-8% While there will always be those who invest in gold, the reality is that cryptocurrencies become more mainstream. The greater this mainstream adoption becomes the more likely it will be to divert more revenue from mineral and fiat currency-based investments into future-facing platforms like Grayscale.
  3. NetEnt features one of the Royals of Rock and Masters of Metal, in their latest slot machine dubbed “Ozzy Osbourne Slot”- to be released soon. The Black Sabbath frontman made a name for himself as a crazy rocker that even went so far as to bite the head off of a bat while in a high stupor. In his solo career, he amassed sales of over 100 million albums worldwide. The branded slot masterpiece features the old rocker and his famed music accompanied by various ways to win cash rewards up to 2,500x your stake. Bryan Upton, NetEnt’s Director of Game Products expressed his excitement in this way: “Thanks to his larger-than-life personality and outstanding contribution to music, Ozzy has developed a loyal and passionate following over the past 50 years – we can’t wait to bring this to the reels for players to enjoy.” This fine game ensemble is due for release on 21 November 2019 and can be played for real money at Mr Play casino. Stage and Sound Expect mayhem on the reels, as this ‘batty’ musician headlines his slot with attitude. The setting is a dark stage background, highlighted by some scary symbols and accompanied by some well-known tunes, written and performed by Osborne, himself. Metal-heads around the world will appreciate the setting and hang on every spin awaiting the next dark win. The game symbols all herald Ozzy. All high paying icons are different depictions of the artist, with the highest symbol representing his infamous biting of the bat’s head. 5 of these symbols over a single payline will pay you up to 50x your stake without additional multipliers added. The lower paying symbols are also thematic and rather inventive. Here you can expect to see a crucifix, rose, skull, and a raven. The Wild icon and symbol substitute is a bat. There is also a game Scatter, which triggers both bonus games. Extracting Cash from Black Sabbath Winning rewards in this game is quite straight forward. The grid offers up 5 reels with 20 paylines strewn over the positions. You will need to land 3 or more matching symbols over one of the paylines from the left-most reel to the right. With multipliers in place, you could be looking at hauls up to a maximum of around 2,500x line stake, even though the theoretical jackpot is capped at 10,000x. Play to your pocket in this medium variance game, where you can stake wagers of between €0.20 and €100 per spin. But, before you do anything else, decide on whether you want to play with the Bonus Bet Feature on or not. It will cost you twice as much to play each spin, but increases the hit frequency, bonus frequency, the number of Free Spins offered, and the value of the multipliers won. ✓ Re-Spin Feature Landing 2 scatter symbols on either reels 2, 3, or 4 at the same time, will trigger a free re-spin of the reels with the Symbol Charge feature in play. Symbol Charge includes the choosing of a random game symbol (symbol spinner) and then the choice of 1 of 4 features to be applied to that symbol (feature spinner). One of the following symbol modifiers will then be played out: - Coin Prize: Each time the selected symbol arrives on the reels a coin prize will be allocated to each icon, to the value of three of a kind on the paytable. - multiplier: Each time the symbol is involved in a win, it will multiply the win by a random amount. - Wilds: All instances of the selected symbol on the reels will transform into Wilds. - Upgrade: All instances of the symbol on the reels will be upgraded to the next highest premium symbol. ✓ Free Spins If you manage to land 3 scatters instead of 2, you will be treated to 4 free spins of the reels (5 if you have engaged Bonus Bet). The symbol charge feature will be activated on each free spin, giving you a variety of winning opportunities. Encore! If you are an Ozzy Osbourne fan, or just love hard rock and metal, then this slot game is coming to the market especially for you. It has been long in the making, with every detail of the game scrutinised over and tested to perfection for you to enjoy at Mr.Play casino today. GamblersPick invites you to read more reviews and even write some of your own as a community member. Our peer-written reviews ensure that the truth of each game is vocalised to the community for genuine player satisfaction.
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  8. There is a bunch of birds enjoying the beautiful garden, but it turns out that these birds are not ordinary. Birds Of Magic is an interesting online slot game designed and released by Playreels. When it comes to graphics, it’s a slot game with high-quality visuals that include unique icons, blue reels and a background image that portrays a garden with flowers, plants, and birds. Birds Of Magic is played on 5 reels and has 20 paylines. In addition to five playing cards, this online slot game has six other regular symbols – five of them are birds in different colors and shapes and one of them represents a lady covered in feathers. The image that features two feathers is a wild symbol. It shows up on the last four reels and replaces all basic symbols to help players complete winning combos. The nest with three blue eggs is a Scatter symbol. If you get three of them on consecutive reels, you will trigger a round of up to 30 Free Spins. Lastly, a stack of any three regular symbols on the first reel will activate three respins with sticky triggering symbols.
  9. Sometimes people need help from witches and their magic to become rich. Bewitch To Rich is a witch-themed online slot game by Playreels with a fun story like this. In terms of visuals, it’s a nice cartoon-like game with quite unique symbols in bright colors, purple reels and a view of a mysterious dark castle in the background. Bewitch To Rich has 5 reels and 40 paylines. On the list of basic symbols in this game, you will notice nine symbols like this –five uniquely designed playing cards, a bottle of purple potion, a toadstool, a green book with an eye on it and a red-haired witch. The closeup shot of a black cat is the wild symbol. This is the highest-paying icon here and a symbol that replaces all missing regular symbols to finish winning combos. Additionally, the cauldron filled with green potion is the Scatter symbol. You have to wait to land at least three cauldrons anywhere in view to trigger seven Free Spins with an extra wild symbol. To be more precise, one of the regular symbols is turned into an extra wild symbol at random.
  10. Get your binoculars and exploration equipment because we are going on a trip to the African savannahs. African Wild is a thrilling online slot game designed and released by Playreels with a story that revolves around wild animals. The game obviously uses cartoonish visual elements like cute icons, purple reels and a view of the savannah in the background. African Wild comes with 5 reels and 50 paylines. On these reels and paylines, you’ll get a chance to find eleven different basic symbols – a giraffe, six decorated colorful playing card symbols, a zebra, an elephant, a lion and two native characters. Additionally, you can find a wild symbol that depicts the sunrise and baobab trees. This symbol substitutes for all regular symbols to complete winning combinations. The air balloon acts as a Scatter symbol. When a player lands three of them on the first three reels, they will activate the bonus game which comes with sticky wild feature. The bonus game is actually a Free Spins round where wild symbols will stay in place for the rest of the free spins. You can re-trigger this round at any moment.
  11. Don’t let the name of this slot confuse you, the djinn is just another name for a genie. Djinn’s Treasure is an online slot game made by Rocksalt Interactive based on Arabian folk tales. This is a cartoonish slot game that features very colorful visual elements, a set of reels that look like a carpet and a view of a medieval Arabian city in the background. Djinn’s Treasure is equipped with 5 reels and 10 paylines. Players can expect to find nine standard symbols in this slot game including a green carpet, five stylized playing cards, a treasure chest, a book, and a Golden Lamp. There is one very special symbol in this slot game and that’s the blue genie. For starters, this is a wild symbol with an ability to replace standard symbols in situations where it can help players complete winning lines. It’s also a paying symbol, but only if you get three or more of them on the reels. When you get something like this, you will also receive ten Free Spins. One of the standard symbols is transformed into an expanding symbol in this round giving you more chances of winning.
  12. The depths of the seas are places where you can find more than weird animals and plants – these places serve as underwater vaults loaded with treasures. Riches Of Atlantis is an online slot game designed and developed by Rocksalt Interactive. The visual elements of this game look good and include very colorful and detailed symbols, transparent reels and a background image where you can see Atlantis. Riches Of Atlantis comes with 5 reels and 10 paylines. On the matrix of this slot game, you will find five playing cards made of stone, a sea turtle, a dolphin, a red-haired beauty and the king of Atlantis (Poseidon) used as regular symbols. The trident symbol is in the role of a Scatter symbol and a wild symbol. As a wild symbol, it replaces regular symbols whenever it can help you complete a winning combination. On the other hand, if you land three or more of these symbols anywhere in view, you will activate ten Free Spins with special expanding symbol. This symbol is actually one of the basic symbols chosen at random.
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  18. If fairytales are your thing, then you should probably check this online slot. Woodland Fairy is an online slot game by Rocksalt Interactive that takes players on a journey to an Enchanted Forest. In Woodland Fairy you can expect modern graphics that include 3D-like icons with many details, visual elements in specific colors, and high definition background which includes an animated fairy and fantasy plants. There are 5 reels and 20 paylines in this slot game. The classic matrix is home to nine standard symbols – a yellow orb, a green potion, four playing cards, toadstools, a ring and the logo of this slot game. Whenever a player lands three books (Scatter symbols), they will grant ten Free Spins. Collecting three stars in this mode will release the fairies found in the jars above the reels. They will turn some of the symbols into locked wild symbols. Collecting the crystal flower symbols in the base game will unlock the emerald reel that features emerald wilds. They are expanding wilds that substitute for missing standard symbols and multiply the wins. Lastly, the fairy is the special wild symbol that eliminates low-paying symbols and brings high-paying symbols. This is a sticky wild.
  19. It turns out that women can be successful pirates too. Femme Pirate is an online slot game designed and released by Gamefish Global with a story focused on a beautiful female pirate. In Femme Pirate, you will find decent visuals including carefully crafted icons, transparent reels, and an open sea and an island in the distance behind these reels. Femme Pirate comes equipped with 5 reels and offers 243 ways to win. A treasure chest, five playing cards, a compass, a pirate ship, a treasure map, and two crossed guns – this is the list of standard symbols found in this slot game. As some of you might have suspected, the brunette pirate is the wild symbol. She counts as any of the symbols we’ve described above as long as it can help you develop a winning combination. She also multiplies the wins by two. There’s also an image of a skull and crossed guns in the background and this is the Scatter symbol. Get three or more of them anywhere in view to trigger 15 Free Spins. This time, every win is multiplied by three while wild wins are multiplied by six.
  20. Get ready for a slot game that lets you travel to different dimensions and worlds. Avatars: Gateway Guardians is an online slot game made by Yggdrasil Gaming that includes elements of ancient mythology and fantasy stories. In terms of visuals, it’s a memorable game with animated reels, colorful icons and background image that depicts mysterious structures. Avatars: Gateway Guardians doesn’t have a classic set of reels. It uses three different spinning wheels that are part of one reel. The base game comes with 6 sections (paylines) and you have to align three parts of the same symbol in any of these sections to make a winning combo. The symbols include three light bulbs in different colors and four mysterious characters. There is a Free Spins symbol too and hitting three of them will activate ten free spins. The free spins are played in eight sections. You will notice a highlighted section in the base game. That’s the hot spot and any win in this spot activates a multiplier wheel that can boost the wins up to 101 times.
  21. Get ready to step into a fantasy world marked by violence and gory elements. Akiba Of The Dead is a horror-themed online slot game designed by Rising Entertainment. Visually, this is a cartoonish slot game inspired by anime movies. It looks like a Japanese comic book and includes many elements in vibrant colors and a view of an urban neighborhood in the background. Akiba Of The Dead comes with 5 reels and 25 paylines. There are eleven basic symbols in this slot game including six playing cards and five characters. You will be able to hit a wild symbol too and this symbol looks like the logo of the game. It replaces all basic symbols to help you finish winning lines. The wild symbol also delivers the highest cash rewards. The guy with pointy teeth is the Scatter symbol that pays in any position on the reels. When you land at least three scatters on the reels, you will activate the deadzone feature or the Free Spins feature. In the first feature, you have to avoid zombies to get cash rewards. At random, the game can activate the elevator of horror feature that provides extra wild symbols on the reels.
  22. Are you ready to meet a bunch of funny and wacky animals living happily in the jungle? Wacky Wildlife is a fun online slot game created by OneTouch. When it comes to visuals, this slot looks nice and includes 3D-like figures used as symbols, completely transparent reels and a view of the jungle in the background. Wacky Wildlife comes with 4 reels and 4 paylines. As for the list of standard symbols, you will find funny versions of cute animals like a panda, a monkey, a wildebeest, a zebra, an elephant, a rhino and a lion. The giraffe is in the role of a wild symbol here. This is the most valuable symbol and it also replaces missing standard symbols to help players complete winning combinations. The wild symbol appears stacked on the reels. If you get at least two stacked wilds on the screen, you will activate wacky respins. In this mode, the wild reels become moving wild reels that activate more re-spins. Some of the symbols pay more in this special mode.
  23. Beautiful girls dancing around an exotic island and treasures waiting to be discovered, what more can you ask for? Tiki Mania is an enjoyable online slot game designed and published by Fortune Factory Studios. When it comes to graphics, this game is based on cartoonish visual elements that include colorful icons on checkered reels and a nice background image that depicts a scene from a tropical island. Tiki Mania has 5 reels and 10 paylines. The paytable present in this slot game includes eight regular symbols – a coconut cocktail, four playing cards in vibrant colors, a guitar, drums, and some sort of percussion instruments. The tiki figures (there are four of them) represent wild symbols. They replace missing regular symbols to help players finish winning lines. Three of them come with multipliers for the wins. The red tiki wild doesn’t have a multiplier attached to it, but it nudges up or down to fill the reel. It will also activate a re-spin with a locked wild symbol. Red tiki wilds will also gather coins and might give you a chance to activate the jackpot feature. Finally, the beautiful lady is a Scatter symbol. If you manage to get three of these symbols on the three middle reels you will activate ten Free Spins.
  24. They are royals, they are on the rise and it seems that nothing can stop them from becoming more powerful and wealthier. Rising Royals is an interesting online slot game created by Just For The Win. This game uses cartoon-like graphics, but every visual element in it is carefully designed and includes a myriad of colors and nuances. Behind the transparent reels, players will find an image of a huge palace. Rising Royals is played on 5 reels and has 20 paylines. It also comes with four regular symbols including a blonde lady, a mustached nobleman, the logo of the game, a brown-haired man and four playing cards. In case any symbol except for playing cards leads to a win, the winning symbols will stay in place and trigger a re-spin. If you hit new identical symbols to the winning symbols, they will stay locked too. With every new re-spin, the symbols are upgraded and become more valuable bringing better prizes. This is a truly innovative feature, but in addition to this special bonus, you won’t find any other special features or symbols here.
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