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  4. Bet Sensation has a massive selection of mobile friendly slots that can be enjoyed on real and virtual currency. Players who are willing to make a deposit and bet real money will be eligible for a 0.3% daily Cashback bonus. Anyone is eligible for this daily bonus, by simply logging into their account and playing any of the slots in their portfolio. The corresponding bonus will be credited to their accounts the very next day. This is calculated based on the total amount wagered over 48 hours, up to a maximum of €100. Claim a Slots Cashback Bonus Every Day Bet Sensation has made it incredibly easy for players to claim the 0.3% daily cashback. You can play any of the slots in their portfolio except for Endorphina, ELK Studios, Red Rake, Fazi, Wazdan, NyxOgs, Thunderkick games. The minimum bonus amount is €0.3, with a maximum of €100 and a total bonus payout of 500% the daily cashback bonus. It is enough to bet the amount once before cashing out, with players being expected to meet these wagering requirements within 48 hours.
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  6. On the 15th of February 2021 the Chairman of the Executive Board of Kansspelautoriteit, René Jansen, sent a thoughtful and detailed letter to European Commissioner Thierry Breton regarding the reformation of the now-defunct Expert Group on Online Gambling. Far from being one lone voice in the recognition of the challenges facing the various gambling regulators that make up the European Union, Jansen’s letter had the open support of fourteen market supervisors. Fallen on Deaf Ears The call for the reinstallation of an oversight body to help EU members align their gambling regulations, safer gambling practices and AML activities is a sound one. Jansen has gone on record with his concerns that “no EU framework for gambling regulators to even communicate, let alone to jointly tackle the big issues”. Considering the socio-economic impact of the regulated EU online gambling market, one would assume that a small team of experts is a small ask. Especially since they would be able to positively influence everything from job creation to social awareness initiatives to international cooperation, however, European Commissioner Thierry Breton felt the request had no merit. In response to a personal and impassioned missive from Jansen, which contained the signatures of all supervisors who showed support for the gambling group, Breton’s response was a form rejection of the request emailed in by one of Breton’s associates. Breton’s respondent merely notes that as per his request they are sorry to inform Jansen and the “representatives of national regulators who signed the letter” that as the EC has not “actively following gambling-related issues” since they disbanded the original Expert Group and for this reason, the “Directorate General does not intend to reverse this decision”. Passing The Buck In addition to what can clearly be labelled an out of hand dismissal, the letter continues to direct the attention of Jansen and his co-signers to farm out their various concerns across several different Director Generals, saying: “However, the letter you sent us addresses many different policy issues which are related to gambling but fall under the responsibility of other Commission services, such as in the areas of anti-money laundering (DG FISMA), consumer and youth protection (DG JUST), the prevention of addiction (DG SANTE) or issues of taxation (DG TAXUD). I, therefore, encourage you to get in touch with these DGs for those matters that fall under their competency.” The response from Breton’s office is tone-deaf, completely missing, or ignoring, the issue that lies at the core of the original request, the need for a central support structure to guide a burgeoning and evolving online gambling sector. While there is obvious merit in dealing with the various Director General’s listed in the response, this would simply add to the challenges the jurisdictional regulators face as they would now be involved in half a dozen individual projects, each with their own delegates, timelines, and directives rather one having these all housed under one gambling-focused team.
  7. Out of the blue, DraftKings has moved to axe its paid Daily Fantasy Sports contest offering in Oregon following its ongoing bid to take charge of the state’s sports betting vertical. In an announcement email sent to customers last week, the Nasdaq-listed DFS and sports betting giant disclosed that it would stop powering DFS in the Beaver State. Currently, DFS isn’t exactly legal in Oregon, but DFS operators serve the market as the activity falls in a grey area of state law. So, while no law explicitly allows it, DFS hasn’t particularly been defined as an illegal activity. Consequently, because of the chance that offering DFS could be considered illegal, the Boston-based DFS juggernaut decided to call it quits. But then, the actual reason as to why DraftKings has exited the Oregon DFS market is because it wants to butter up to the state’s regulator and win over the Orogen Lottery. Given that DraftKings is the likely candidate to take over the Scoreboard app, Oregon’s Lottery-operated sports betting platform, it is best that the brand stays clear of any contentious activities. That way, it may be easier for the state’s decision-makers to warm up to DraftKings and hand the company the Scoreboard platform to run. DraftKings Still Stands by the Legitimacy of DFS in Oregon Interestingly, even though DraftKings has gone above and beyond to try and clean up its act, the company maintains that DFS is rightfully taking place in the Beaver State. Part of the statement that DraftKings sent to its DFS patrons in Oregon announcing its exit read: For a few months now, the Oregon Lottery and DraftKings have been having talks about the Scoreboard takeover. As we speak, the Beaver State’s Scoreboard sportsbook app is powered by SBTech, and it has been so since the monopolized Lottery-run sports betting went live in 2019. But then SBTech has had a murky history with the Oregon Lottery because of allegations of having operations in countries where gambling is illegal. As such, the Beaver State’s Lottery has been looking to sever ties with the ‘tainted’ partner. It’s worth pointing out that when DraftKings went public in April 2020 by merging with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), the deal was actually a three-way merger. Apart from the SPAC, DraftKings also combined its business with SBTech, the technology company behind its sportsbook platform. After the trinity become one, SBTech’s black-market allegations resurfaced, but the larger DraftKing’s brand but the claims were brushed off. Merger or not, Oregon Lottery officials are pushing hard to break off from an SBTech association. The plan of switching from SBTech to DraftKings was first disclosed in February by Barry Pack, the Oregon Lottery Director. Back then, he said that: However, since then, there hasn’t been any official authorization to close the deal, although, with DraftKing’s latest move, the approval seems to be just around the corner. FanDuel Happy to Fill DraftKings’ DFS Gap in Oregon FanDuel, the biggest competitor to DraftKings in both DFS and sports betting, welcomed the news and reassured customers that it would continue serving the Oregon market. Now that DraftKings is out of the equation, FanDuel will singlehandedly command the entire industry, enjoying virtually all the $335 million annual revenue in the Beaver State’s DFS industry. Nonetheless, should DraftKings’ effort to appease Oregon’s regulators bear fruit, the company’s bet on sports betting, the DFS exit shall be a worthwhile sacrifice. So, while DraftKings’ DFS customers may be upset, the company is playing hardball. This isn’t the first time that DFS operators, DraftKings and FanDuel in particular, have had to make last-minute adjustments to adapt to changing market conditions. Last month, the two DFS leviathans had to move swiftly in Connecticut to avoid being kicked out of the market. They had to strike deals with tribal casinos in the state at the 11th hour to keep their operations intact, whereas their counterparts such as MonkeyKinfeFight and PrizePicks ended up closing shop in the state.
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    Premier Casino Review

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  12. When it comes to implementing new projects and setting lofty goals the Kindred Group - known for such brands as Unibet casino, 32Red and Maria casino - is proving to have a fantastic appetite for bold claims and then owning their success or failure along the way. Not only are they actively pursuing a long-term project of developing casino games with 98% RTPs as a way to protect players from unnecessary losses but February 2021 saw them announce their vision of deriving 0% of their gaming revenue from high-risk players. Moving forward from there they intend to open the system that made it all possible up to other gambling operations to help them achieve the same zero harm result. Playing The Long Game While many online gambling companies may desire to derive 100% of their revenues from safe and happy gamblers not many would have the courage to announce that they are working towards it and to then add a timeline to the goal. When setting out the roadmap for “Project Zero” the management at Kindred set the end of December 2023 as their target. This gave the company a sum total of thirty-five months within which to develop the people and systems needed to eradicate the monetisation of harmful gambling! The core of their arsenal in addressing this mammoth task is their in-house player monitoring and risk assessment tool, PS-EDS (Player Safety Early Detection System). Building on the globally recognised Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) and Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM 5) Kindred have created an early warning and interventions system that is aimed at marrying financial and behavioural data: “By combining principles from the PGSI and DSM 5, PS-EDS not only takes into account financial criteria but also behavioural indicators allowing us to better detect harmful gambling in the online environment.” They believe that by learning to recognise and respond to behavioural triggers they will be more likely to address financial losses before they occur. Appreciate the Ebb and Flow Looking back over the data from the first five months of Project Zero there has been some early success which appears to have been eroded in June but Henrik Tjärnström, CEO of Kindred Group, is positive about their progress overall saying: “During the past quarter, we have continued to see a positive and constructive dialogue across the industry in terms of achieving a more sustainable gambling market. Ensuring that the discussion continues to take place and that it is fact-based, is vital if we are to achieve the ambition, we have set. Despite our revenue increasing slightly this quarter, which is an expected fluctuation, we remain dedicated and focused on our journey towards zero” The slight increase Tjärnström is referring to is a shift that shows an increase in harmful gambling revenue from 3.9% in May to 4.3% in June. When questioned on the reasons behind this undesirable increase in revenue Maris Catania, Head of Responsible Gaming & Research, explained that it is a rather positive step forward for the company in terms of its technology and human resource development: “Our monitoring system, PS-EDS, is being constantly updated and improved, and therefore we have seen an increase in the customers detected. Our Responsible Gambling teams are working on being more proactive and taking faster action from detection to intervention.” Catania went on to elaborate on their plans for evolving PS-EDS from a tool that is used to trigger interventions manually to one that is AI-driven and uses an extensive data set to communicate with potential problem gamblers automatically. With their desire to have PS-EDS become the tool of choice for online casinos to reduce their harmful gambling footprint to 0% the implementation of AI-driven customer contacts, exclusion programs and other forms of intervention is vitally important.
  13. The popular streaming website Twitch is no stranger to controversy especially with its uneven policies around dress codes and content. One topic which has become a heated area of debate in the last year is the growing popularity of streamers who gamble live to tens of thousands of viewers. Essentially these popular streamers have affiliate or sponsorship deals with bitcoin casinos and others to play a variety of casino games as a form of entertainment. The viewers then go along for the ride, sharing in the camaraderie of the activity just not its financial losses or gains. According to the latest Twitch channel data, there are around more than 6000 channels on Twitch dedicated to online gambling which includes Online Slots, online poker, and table game streams. These streams garnered a combined watch time of more than 29 million hours in the last 30 days. Emotional Community Response Given the nature of these streams and a lack of understanding of gambling regulation, many non-gambling streamers have been calling on Twitch to take action and shut down these gambling channels. The fact of the matter is the majority of streamers who participate in this vertical are working with regulated online casinos and are themselves based in regulated markets such as the UK or Sweden. The call to shut down these streams is baseless as Twitch’s terms and conditions claim that it will not allow illegal activities to be streamed, but in the case of these streamers, they are in fact legally gambling online. There is one aspect of resistance that does make sense, but it requires Twitch to address their age-gating technology, not the banning of online casino streams. At present Twitch has no verifiable way to check the age of their account holders, which does mean it is possible for children to view these streamers play online slots for real money. Slovakia Shuts Down Twitch At the moment online gambling is illegal in Slovakia and this has resulted in the government banning Twitch from being streamed within their borders. The breaking point for the Slovakian government appears to have been when a local streamer who goes by the moniker dDanis on Twitch began amassing a sizable following for his regular online slot streams. During these streams, the player would not only allow viewers to watch him play but also promote his partner casinos by offering promo codes to new signups and discount coupons to existing customers. When he also began to play and promote online poker the Slovakian Gaming Authority obtained a court order to suspend his account and subsequently blocked all access to Twitch itself. Who Will Be Next? Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam is a popular American streamer who has more than 1.5 million followers. Of late Nikham has been shifting his focus from playing video games like Call of Duty: Warzone to online gambling with a penchant for Bitcoin and crypto-focused sites. If the Slovakian response is a sign of things to come it is not too unrealistic to see the US gambling regulatory authorities take action against Twitch and US-based streamers who are actively engaging with and promoting unregulated casino sites. The risk of exposing minors to online gambling in an environment that is designed to promote long-term engagement could become a viable target for an aggressive US gambling regime that has made it clear from the outset that it will not stand idly by and allow abuse of its legislation.
  14. It turns out that just something that looks retro doesn’t have to work in that way too. Hyper Joker Gold is an online slot game designed and published by Gameburger Studios. It’s a game that will remind you of old fruit machines, but it’s different. Even the visuals look modern and include shiny icons in striking colors and elegant reels. You can also find a glitzy purple grid in the background. Hyper Joker Gold comes with 5 reels and has 25 paylines. This time, you can expect eight regular symbols on the payout table: triple dollar signs, triple bars, a gold bar with gold coins, gold coins, and four playing card icons. We also have a jester behind a wild sign that serves as a wild icon. As such, it counts as any missing regular symbol. The Free Spins star is a Scatter icon that can appear on the second, third, and fourth reel. When it appears on all three reels at once, it will activate 10 free spins where the central three reels display a block of identical symbols. Lastly, we have the fancy casino chip that acts as a link & win icon. Six to 14 of these icons anywhere on the matrix will activate a special feature with 3 re-spins. Each symbol reveals a cash prize or jackpot, and only link & win icons appear during these re-spins. With every new special icon on the reels, the counter goes back to three. All symbols are held in their positions.
  15. Now here’s a captain who’s prepared to spill some blood to get gold. Captain Bloodgold is a fun pirate-themed online slot game created by Capecod Gaming. You’re looking at a slot release with enjoyable visuals, a timeless story, multipliers, and Free Spins. Graphics & Theme Pirates – this is the main story of this game. To be more precise, there’s a fearless pirate captain who is always looking for more gold. You will see how it looks like to be on one of his ship’s decks with this slot. Visually, there are sophisticated cartoon-like elements, including colorful icons and a transparent dark matrix. You will notice a ship and the sea in the background. Gameplay Captain Bloodgold comes equipped with 5 reels and has 25 paylines. Whenever you get combos with three or more matching regular symbols on one active payline, you can expect a predetermined cash reward. You will have a chance to make winning combos with nine regular symbols: a cannon, a ship, crossed guns, a pirate banner, captain Bloodgold, and four playing card icons. The gold skull coin is actually the game’s wild icon. It replaces all regular icons to help players finish winning combinations. This is a high-paying symbol too. Then we have the X2 icon with a parrot. It’s a multiplier icon that multiplies all prizes by two. Finally, there’s a treasure chest in the role of a Scatter icon. Whenever players land three or more of these icons anywhere in view, they will activate up to 20 free spins. More wild icons appear on the reels during free spins.
  16. Enter the woods where the magic happens all the time. Magic Woods is a thrilling online slot game developed by Capecod Gaming. From a unique story and visuals to expanding symbols and Free Spins, this release has it all and more. Graphics & Theme Thanks to this title, you will be taken to Japanese woods, where you will meet warriors, fairies, and other magical things. Basically, Magic Woods is based on Japanese fairy tales that date from ancient times. We must say that the graphics of this game are unique too. You’ll find detailed illustrations used as icons, black reels, and a golden frame. The background displays the forest. Gameplay Magic Woods is played on 5 reels and has 15 paylines. There are nine standard symbols in this game, and they can all appear expanded on the reels. These symbols include four playing card icons placed on top of mysterious creatures, a cat on a tree, a beautiful girl, a Japanese sign, a samurai, and koi fish. Combos with three to five identical icons on one payline will deliver cash rewards. Players can find two kinds of wilds in this game. One of them is a Jolly wild that replaces all standard symbols. The other one is a random wild that appears only during free spins. To trigger a round of free spins, you’ll need at least three Free Spin icons anywhere on the matrix. You can get between 5 and 20 free spins. You cannot re-trigger this special round because scatters don’t appear on the reels during free spins.
  17. It’s time to unleash the power of the ancient gods. Wild Gods is an online slot game designed and released by Capecod Gaming. This slot features great visuals, an exciting theme, Free Spins, multipliers, and more. Graphics & Theme From the moment you start this game, you’ll know that it’s all about Ancient Greek mythology. You’re taken to Olympus, where you will meet some of the most famous ancient Greek gods and goddesses. As for the graphics, players will spot very detailed, high-quality icons in various colors and white reels with golden frames around the reels. The background image features temples. Gameplay Wild Gods comes with 5 reels and has 25 adjustable paylines. Nine unique basic symbols are available to all players of this game. These symbols include a chalice, a pair of winged shoes, a temple, a harp, a medusa coin, Ares, Zeus, Athena, and Aphrodite. When you get three, four, or five identical symbols on one active payline, you will also get a prize. There’s a wild icon that replaces all basic symbols in this game. Additionally, we have a wild x2 icon that substitutes basic symbols and multiplies the prizes by two. The red shield with two swords is a Scatter icon. Hitting five of these icons anywhere on the reels will activate the Gods Bonus game. You have to choose a statue to reveal a cash win or a number of free spins. Finally, landing an expanding version of a god symbol will provide a random cash prize.
  18. While the phrase “cash is king” is still as true today as it has ever been we are going through an unparalleled redefining of what 'cash' is. To our parents and grandparents, it was the literal coins and printed notes that they kept in their wallets, or even under the mattress. However, today we know that the power of cash is its buying power, not its material presence. With the concerns of cross-contamination due to the contagious nature of the COVID-19 virus and the ease of shopping online from our computers and mobile devices, the world has begun a natural shift away from cold hard cash toward digital transacting. The final piece of the puzzle was introduced by the explosion in the value of Bitcoin and the subsequent glut of interest this generated for cryptocurrencies and stable coins. The Rise of Cashless Gambling Online casino fans have been living in the future since the early days of the industry in the mid to late nineties. We deposit, claim bonuses, play our favourite casino games, and withdraw our winnings in a fully virtual environment, never setting foot in a land-based venue for any part of the experience. One of the providers well-versed in this side of the business International Game Technology (IGT) is putting that knowledge to good use in the local lottery sector. The New York-listed company has extended its lottery partnership with Washington, allowing it to “deploy next-generation cashless lottery technology” for the state-run enterprise. Marcus Glasper, Washington's Lottery Director, said: "Washington's Lottery has relied on IGT's trusted partnership and forward-thinking expertise for more than 25 years. Within that time, IGT has helped us navigate the ever-evolving lottery landscape and provide us with innovative solutions to consistently engage new players. The addition of cashless functionality on self-service machines is another chapter in our development, and allows players to have a flexible, convenient and secure way to purchase their favourite lottery games." This could mean a significant bump in lottery ticket sales from health conscience players who have avoided cash transactions up until this point, which is a win for Washington and for the local retail outlets housing these vending machines. A Massive Undertaking The scope of the agreement is immense given the fact that Washington's Lottery is worth close to a billion dollars annually and will require the retrofitting of more than 2000 lottery self-service vending machines across the state. Jay Gendron, IGT Chief Operating Officer, Lottery, said: "IGT has a deep understanding of the growth-driving products and solutions Washington's Lottery needs to help reach its business goals. Since our current contract began in 2016, we have worked closely with the Lottery to increase its annual lottery sales by 37 per cent, culminating in $950 million in total sales for the most recent fiscal year. We'll continue to support the Lottery in maximizing its funds toward good causes, including the Washington Opportunity Pathways Account which funds educational programs around the state, while delivering entertaining and responsible experiences for its players." According to the official press briefing the project will see each of the IGT GameTouch 28, GameTouch 24 and GameTouch 20 self-service vending machines enabled to facilitate cashless transactions via debit cards. As a standalone project this would be impressive, it becomes even more so when you consider that this agreement makes Washington the seventh state to implement IGT’s cashless lottery solution in only a few short years. This new deal will mean that approximately 75% of the total US lottery ticket sales are processed by IGT central systems.
  19. Online and mobile sports betting is seeing an amazing resurgence in interest around the world as more nations legalise online gambling. For many betting fans across Great Britain and parts of Europe visiting a bookmaker or growing up with one on every other corner is a normal part of life, making brands like Ladbrokes and William Hill widely recognised. In the US sports betting is just as popular with many states allowing legal betting. A New Jersey Supreme Court victory in May 2018 gave each state the right to allow or refuse to allow betting within its borders. Despite the global appeal and in most cases approval for the pastime, online betting is a fairly new option given that most jurisdictions focus on placing in-person wagers. In this guide to online betting, we will cover the basics of online betting. This will include some noteworthy terms, understanding decimal and other odds, what the most common bets are and how online sports betting bonuses work. ✓Online Sports Betting Basics To begin with it is important to understand why betting online is considered gambling but is legal in many regions where online casino gambling is deemed illegal or remains unregulated. The primary reason for this is the difference between games of chance and games of skill. When playing an online casino game, the random number generator (RNG) is the sole determining factor in deciding whether you win or lose. You have no chance to sway the odds in your favour, and there is always some doubt over the trustworthiness of the system controlling the outcome. The logical concern being that since someone owns the RNG-engine they could manipulate the outcome of any game. This is why it is not only the casinos who vie for licensing in regulated markets. Leading software providers such as Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and Playtech apply for their own licenses which allows for the regulator to inspect the accuracy and independence of their payouts. On the other hand, online betting is seen as a skill based bet given that you can look at stats and other pods of information to determine your stakes, the bookmaker uses these stats to offer various odds per game and of course the players use their skills when competing. These factors combine to make betting online not only an intriguing hobby but also one where your diligence plays into how successful you can be at it. ✓10 Betting Terms Worth Knowing If you are new online betting there may be some terminology on the betting sites and information sites you visit that sounds confusing. What does it mean when a bookie offers a “no vig” bet? What is the difference between a line bet and a parlay? Here are 10 betting terms that will help you navigate this entertaining market: Action – When a betting site refers to ‘action’ it is speaking of the bet or wager that is being placed on a contest. Vig – The ‘vig’ is the amount of commission a sportsbook takes from the wagers placed with it. It is also called the ‘juice’ in some regions. Odds – Odds not only display the likelihood of an outcome but also show the available value of a bet. When a bet offers “odds against” it means you will win more than your bet amount if you win on that wager, but it is less likely that this outcome will occur hence the bigger reward for your risk. Even (Money) – When a bet is deemed ‘even money’ the reward for winning is equal to the cost of the stake. As mentioned above this shows that there are no favourites in the contest as either team winning is equally likely. Teaser – A ‘teaser’ is a bet where the odds are boosted or swayed in favour of the person taking the action but in return the bookmaker offers a lower than standard payout for that bet. Hedging – This is where you place more than one bet with different bookmakers or on two games with different odds so that a loss on one of them could still see you make an overall profit. In-Game – This is when an online sportsbook allows their customers to place bets on a match after the game has begun. No Action – This is not a great thing to see but there are times when a game must be cancelled and, in this case, it will be labelled ‘no action’ and all wagers will be returned. Consensus – This stat shows you which percentage of bettors are either for a or a against a particular outcome. You can then choose to bet with or against the public leaning. Bad Beat – With sports betting as in online poker there are times that it looks like a game is a lock, then with a flip of its wrist fate turns the tables on you and your bet loses. When this sure thing becomes a losing ticket, it is called a ‘bad beat’. There are a host of other common phrases or abbreviations which you will see across betting platforms such as “Lucky 15” or “acca” but as these all relate to various types of bets; we will address those separately. ✓Types of Online Bets You Can Place The betting options available at online and mobile sportsbooks can be a little overwhelming at first. The scope of the bets you can place goes far beyond win-draw-lose, especially when you begin to delve into specific sports and their unique betting choices. Here is our list of the most common bets you will find when joining an online sportsbook: Line Bet – These are the easiest bets to get to grips with as you get to choose a simple outcome for the content. The most common of these is the ‘win bet’ where you choose which team will win and bet on them. Line bets can also include which team will lose and predicting a draw. Over/Under – This bet type will see the bookmaker combine the estimated scores of the two teams during a match and then you get to bet on whether you think they will exceed this total (over) or fall short (under). Point Spread – Here teams are given a point-based head start (underdog) or handicap (favourite). For example, Team A starts the match with +5 and Team B with -5, for the sake of the bet. You bet on which team you think will win the spread, taking into account the 5 point variance. Handicap Bets – This is similar to ‘point spread’ betting except you get to ‘buy’ points either for or against a team at the expense of a lesser payout if your betting slip wins. Parlays – These bets are also known as accumulator (acca/aka) bets, and all they are is when you choose to include two or more line bets on a single bet slip. To win you need to predict all bets on the slip correctly. The advantage is a boosted reward that exceeds the value of betting on those games individually to offset the additional risk. Teaser – This bet type combines parlays and spreads by allowing to buy multiple wagers and the pay to shift the odds in your favour. This type of bet is extremely popular in NFL and NBA betting because of the massive point variances these games offer. Pleaser – This works like a ‘pleaser’ bet but instead of shifting the odds in your favour you shift them against your bet. This makes the odds of winning lower but increases the overall payout if you win. Lucky 15 – This is a complex parlay bet that is very popular in the UK. It requires 15 bets comprised of 4 single bets, 6 double bets, 4 trebles and 1 four-fold accumulator bet. However, bookmakers will often add bonuses and odd boosts for this bet due to its outrageousness. Single/Doubles/Trebles etc – These are specific bet combinations offered by a sportsbook offering two, three, four and more bets with better than average odds. These have to be used in combination when playing a bet like the ‘Lucky 15’. Futures – These bets allow you bet in advance which team will win a league or competition. Prop Bets – These bets show the more tongue-in-cheek side of online betting. Prop bets or ‘special bets’ are wagers that are offered more for entertainment value than being a serious bet. An example would be betting on the colour of the referee’s lanyard that holds his whistle or whether the person opening the match stumbles before the first whistle blows. We recommend checking the betting section of your favourite sportsbook for the bets they offer on your specific sport as some sports have dedicated bets that you can only learn about as you become more aufeit with online betting. ✓How Decimal Odds Work when Betting Online When you visit an online sports book, you will see the available odds displayed in one of three ways, here we will explain what these are and how to read them: Decimal Odds – European sportsbooks prefer to display the available odds as a decimal point. In this case offering 1.5 on a match means you will get €1.50 back for every €1 you stake, which is a profit of €0.50. An even money bet is shown as 2.00 which means you will profit €1 on a €1 wager. Fractional Odds – This method of displaying the odds is popular in the UK and uses simple fractions to show the potential profit on your bet. For example, odds of 5/1 simple mean that you stand to win £5 for every £1 you bet. If you’re betting on the favourite to win however the odds will be shown as 1/5, meaning you will win £1 for every £5 you bet. American Odds – American sports betting uses $100 as the base unit for calculations. This means that odds shown as +200 mean you will need to bet $100 in order to win $200. Odds of -200 mean you need to bet $200 to win $100. This doesn’t mean you need to always wager $100 or more; it is just an easy unit of measure to calculate odds with. Thankfully most online betting operators include a toggle on their websites which will allow you to change the way in which the odds on the site are displayed. This will help you stay in control of the bets you’re placing regardless of where the operator is based. ✓Online Betting Bonuses Explained one thing we can always rely on when gambling online is access to a range of enticing bonus offers and promotions. Much like an online casino, sportsbooks offer their new and existing customers a range of bonuses to choose from including: Free Bets – All you need to do is create a new player account and claim the relevant bonus code to receive a number of free bets. These bets generally cannot be split across multiple games but must be used at once. Winning will also only see you receive the profit back, not the original free bet amount. Deposit Match Bonuses – By making your first real money deposit at a sportsbook you trigger a percentage-based match in bet credits which will be added to your account. These can be bet as you please, keeping in mind the relevant playthrough requirements of the offer. Enhanced Odds – These are bets with special odds, boosted in your favour which are awarded to new or existing customers as part of a promotional offer. No Vig Bets – Qualifying bets placed by players will not have any commission deducted for the sportsbook. No Risk Bets – Sportsbooks will offer new customers a promotional window within to bet and receive their losses back. These losses are generally capped at a specific amount like €500 and can take up to 48 hours to be credited back to your player account. As with an online casino bonus there is a wagering requirement attached to a sports betting bonus however this is often only between 1x to 3x the bonus amount. In some instances, these online sports books also offer casino bonuses - as they now offer a range of Online Slots and tables games for you to play between matches - where the same super low playthrough requirement is on offer.
  20. The Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG) is planning for the official launch of the state’s regulated sports betting market on September 9th. On this same date, the 2021 NFL season opener match will take place at the Raymond James Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys will face off against the reigning Super Bowl champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers. September 9th will indeed be a big day for Arizona sports fans as they will also legally be allowed to place future bets on their NFL home team opener match scheduled for September 12th. The Arizona Cardinals will be traveling to Tennessee for their clash with the Tennessee Titans at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville. Following a second public comment period that ended last week, the updated rules of engagement for fantasy sports and event betting in the Grand Canyon State were announced on Monday, July 26th. ADG Director Ted Vogt said: Arizona's draft regulations have now been forwarded to the Secretary of State with the public comment session over. The Copper State to Complete the Sports Betting Race in Record Time Should plans stay on course, Arizona will have managed to debut its regulated sports betting market in just five months since state legislators and Governor Doug Deucey rubber-stamped the measure. However, as most states have taken over one year for their legal sports betting markets after the activity received approval from lawmakers, this is no mean feat for the Copper State. The race to regulated sports betting in the Grand Canyon State started in February when the Arizona House Commerce Committee advanced House Bill 2772. Under the sponsorship of Republican Jeff Weninger of Chandler, the Representative of District 17, this bill sought to allow legal sports betting in tribal casinos following a compact with Gov Ducey. Alongside the tribes, HB 2772 also permitted horse racing tracks and professional team venues in the state to take sports bets. After legislative and gubernatorial approval, the measure was sent over to the US Department of the Interior as it involved a tribal-state compact that needs federal approval. DoI’s thumbs-up came in May, and from there, the ADG switched to high gear. What Does Arizona’s Regulated Sports Betting Landscape Look Like? Initial rules for Arizona’s legal sports betting scene were released in June by the ADG for the first public comment period, and a few tweaks were introduced. Now that the second public participation window is over, the gaming watchdog has released the final draft of the regulations. Here is a quick picture of the Arizona legal sports betting market according to ADG’s draft that has since been submitted to the Secretary of State for the final greenlight: 8% tax on retail sports wagers 10% tax on mobile wagers $750,000 sportsbook application fee $150,000 annual license maintenance fee 10 licenses for tribal gaming sportsbooks 10 sportsbook licenses for professional sports teams and venues All operators can have up to 2 skins with their licenses, and so, up to 40 sportsbooks could be live in the Grand Canyon State On Monday, Arizona’s gaming ombudsman also announced the formal opening of the license application period, which will end on August 9th. The ADG shall then have a week to review the applicants then announce qualified parties for licensure on August 16th. After another week, on August 27th, the ADG plans to disclose operators who have earned a license on the state. A day later, on August 28th, licensees who received approval will be allowed to start advertising their upcoming products. Eligible bettors can even download sportsbook apps and create betting accounts in preparation for the September 9th debut date. Fantasy sports, on the other hand, will likely go live in the state on August 28th. Sports betting operators who have already inked deals with the tribes, tracks, and professional teams in Arizona ahead of the launch include: WynnBet – San Carlos Apache Tribe Kindred Group – Quechan Tribe FanDuel – Phoenix Suns DraftKings – PGA Tour’s Waste Management Phoenix Open Caesars – Arizona Diamondbacks Bally’s – Phoenix Mercury PointsBet – Yavapai Apache Nation Penn National Gaming’s Barstool Sportsbook – Phoenix Raceway
  21. Zillion Games new player in the iGaming casino slots developers.
  22. If you want to have good luck, you might want to start looking for a special kind of fish. Golden Fish is an online slot game created by KA Gaming. This Asian-themed slot features polished visual elements, including shiny icons in vibrant colors and red ornamented reels. You can also notice a background image with dragons and clouds. Golden Fish comes with 5 reels and has 25 paylines. There are eleven basic symbols in this release: a lucky coin, a red bag, six glitzy playing card icons, an orange ornament, a golden ornament, and a red fish. Of course, the golden fish has a special role. This is the slot's wild icon that substitutes for all basic symbols. At random, the game can turn one or more basic symbols into wilds. Next, the gold ingot is a Scatter icon. Three or more of these icons anywhere in view will activate 15 Free Spins. You can get one of the listed multipliers (between 1x and 15x) for the wins during these spins.
  23. She's a great maid that knows how to prepare delicious desserts. Sweet Maid is an online slot game designed and published by KA Gaming with a fun theme. This title's visuals have an anime vibe and include original icons and a matrix that looks like a piece of cake. There's also some kind of restaurant in the background. Sweet Maid comes equipped with 5 reels and has 50 paylines. You'll find eleven standard symbols in this release, including four playing card icons, three desserts, two main dishes, and two maids. The cute pink-haired maid is a wild icon. She counts as any missing standard symbol to help players complete winning combinations. On the other hand, hitting three or more scatters (donuts) anywhere in view will provide up to 25 Free Spins. When a partial wild icon appears during free spins, the game will provide respins until this icon is fully nudged on the second, third, and fourth reel.
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