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  2. What would you do if we told you that we knew a way to reach the mythical land of gold? El Dorado Treasure is an online slot game created by Apollo Games based on the legends focused on this fictional land. Visually, you’ll get a chance to enjoy the shiny, colorful icons with unique designs placed on black reels. You will also find lianas between the reels and decorated columns used as frames. El Dorado Treasure is played on 5 reels and has 5 paylines. We have a relatively high number of regular symbols in this game – eleven. These icons include four playing card values, a creature mask, a skull mask, a shield, a vase, an idol statue, a ceremonial knife, and a sun ornament. Next, the frog-like humanoid creature is a wild icon with the power to replace any regular symbol as long as it can help users complete winning patterns. Also, wins with nine, twelve, or fifteen matching card values will triple, quadruple, or multiply the original winnings by five.
  3. Are you fascinated by the occult? Apollo Games created the Occultum 81 online slot game for all the fans of esoteric things. This slot features attractive graphics like dark greenish reels filled with original icons in memorable colors. You can also see crystals on both sides of the matrix. Occultum 81 is equipped with 4 reels and provides 81 ways to win. We have a list of seven basic symbols in this slot: a stone with a mysterious inscription, a golden horseshoe, an orb, a cauldron with a green potion, a bottle filled with a pink potion, a book, and a skull with glowing eyes. Furthermore, the blue crystals and red crystals act like wild icons, and they have the power to replace any icon in this game. When the winning combination includes blue crystals, the winnings are multiplied by two.
  4. Step into a facility where every fruit is processed with the help of fire! Sizzle Fire is an online slot game by Apollo Games that takes a different approach to the standard fruit theme. It offers access to polished symbols in vibrant colors and black reels separated by red lines. You can see fire and metal in the background. Sizzle Fire comes with 5 reels and has 5 paylines. As for the regular symbols, you can expect seven icons: a lemon, cherries, an orange, a plum, grapes, a watermelon, and a red seven. You will receive a fixed prize every time you get three to five basic symbols on a payline. Don’t forget that we have a special icon here – a Scatter icon in the shape of a golden star. Hitting three to five scatters anywhere on the reels will provide a cash prize.
  5. Are you ready to meet the birds who love slots just like our readers? Slot Birds 81 is a bird-themed online slot game designed and released by Apollo Games. You should expect fun graphics in this release, including animated funny icons in specific colors and a dark matrix. The moving lights around the reels make the game more thrilling. Slot Birds 81 has 4 reels and provides 81 ways to win. In this case, we have a payout table with just six standard symbols, and they all look like birds in different colors, including a green one and a blue one. The violet owl is a mystery icon that serves as a Scatter and pays anywhere in view. The image of four red birds is a wild icon that replaces all standard symbols and multiplies the wins by two. To activate 10 or 20 Free Spins, you will need three or four bonus scatters (yellow birds) on the matrix.
  6. If you miss the neon vibe of the 1980s, you have probably come to the right place. Sunset Hotline is an online slot game developed by Apollo Games with an exciting retro theme. The visuals include shiny icons in several different colors and a transparent matrix. Additionally, the background image features skyscrapers and palm trees. Sunset Hotline comes equipped with 4 reels and provides 81 ways to win. There’s a payout table with seven basic symbols: three playing card suits (clubs, hearts, and diamonds), a blue diamond, a lemon, a watermelon, and a red seven. You can win prizes by landing four matching icons on adjacent reels. Also, the disco ball with a wild sign is a wild icon replacing missing basic symbols to help players complete winning combinations. The wild also provides the highest prize in this game.
  7. Fans of horror tales will probably enjoy a virtual tour to hell. Red Evil is an online slot game created by Apollo Games inspired by stories about the underworld. The graphics include reddish reels separated by animated lava and filled with original icons. Additionally, there’s a background image depicting the gates of hell and an animated spider. Red Evil comes equipped with 5 reels and has 5 paylines. When it comes to regular symbols, you should expect eight original icons, including crossed tridents, a cauldron with skulls, a scary dog, a ram skull, a mysterious figure with cards in its hand, the devil’s hand holding coins, a red devil, and a horned creature. Furthermore, the horned she-devil is the slot’s wild icon, meaning she replaces all regular symbols to form winning combinations. Then we have the treasure chest as a bonus Scatter icon. Hitting three or more chests on the matrix will launch a picking bonus game leading users to cash wins and multipliers.
  8. Who’s prepared for a creepy, eerie, frightening Halloween night? Scary Night is another exciting Halloween-themed online slot game created by Apollo Games. This game has cartoonish visuals, including dark reels surrounded by scary frames and sinister-looking colorful icons. On top of that, we have the dark cemetery in the background. Scary Night is played on 4 reels and offers 81 ways to win. This release has eight basic symbols: a carved pumpkin, a ghost, and six terrifying fruit characters (an orange, a lemon, cherries, plums, grapes, and a watermelon). Let’s not forget that the joker skull is a wild icon, which replaces all missing basic symbols whenever it can help users finish winning patterns. Every wild icon in a winning combo multiplies the winnings by two. So, two wilds will quadruple the winnings while three will multiply the winnings by eight.
  9. Enter the land of robots, a dark place where technology rules the world. Roboland is an online slot game designed and published by Apollo Games with a robot/futuristic theme. Visually, it’s another game with detailed original icons in several colors and a dark matrix. The background image represents a mechanical door. Roboland comes with 5 reels and has 15 paylines. The game’s payout table features eight basic symbols: a futuristic bell, a green robot’s head, a lighting bulb, four playing card icons made of metal, and a battery. Players will win prizes whenever they have three to five matching (or two to five high-paying) icons on a single payline. Remember that the spheric robot is the slot’s wild icon with the power to replace any missing basic symbol. Also, the blue star is a bonus icon, and landing three or more stars anywhere on the reels will launch 10 Free Spins.
  10. Chess fans who fancy slot should definitely check this title. Lucky Chessmate is an online slot game designed and released by Apollo Games based on the popular board game. This release has exceptional graphics, including cartoony icons and a chessboard used as a matrix. The background image depicts a golden grid with red banners. Lucky Chessmate is equipped with 5 reels and has 10 paylines. You will find ten standard symbols on the paytable. All these icons look like fun cartoon-like chess figures, including a knight, a bishop, a rook, and a king in white and black colors. Don’t forget that the black and white queens are wild icons, and the unique thing about them is that they replace standard symbols matching their color. Also, landing three to five identical wilds on a payline will provide a decent cash prize.
  11. Are you prepared to meet the most unusual tribe you have ever seen? Frutiki Tribe is an online slot game developed by Apollo Games focused on a group of tiki fruits (as the name suggests). This game’s visuals include big, detailed, animated, cartoonish icons in bright colors and colorful reel positions. Users will also find carved poles around the matrix and a jungle behind it. Frutiki Tribe is equipped with 4 reels and provides 81 ways to win. The slot’s paytable features eight basic symbols representing various tiki fruits, including a plum, a pear, an orange, cherries, a lemon, a watermelon, grapes, and a dragon fruit. The only icon with special properties is the exotic rambutan fruit in the role of a wild icon. So, the rambutan counts as any missing basic symbol to help you finish winning combinations. Simultaneously, this is a multiplier icon that multiplies the wins where it participates by two, four, or eight times. The multiplier value depends on the number of wilds in the winning pattern – one, two, or three.
  12. Let’s enter a vault where you can find golden versions of the juiciest fruits. Age Of Gold Multi Reels is an online slot game created by Apollo Games with a classic story. It’s also a game with nice visual elements, including polished, glitzy icons and dark green reels. Besides, the game has a dark grid over a vault’s opening in the background. Age Of Gold Multi Reels is played on 3 reels and has 27 paylines. You should expect a list of seven regular symbols: an apple, cherries, a lemon, grapes, a plum, a kiwi, and a watermelon. The slot’s wild icon is represented by an elegant wild sign. So, the wild sign replaces all symbols in this release as long as it can help users finish a winning pattern. Whenever the wild contributes to a winning combination, players get an extra free spin on top of their winnings.
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  14. Rumours of a booted gambling white paper surface as citizens of the UK grow accustomed to the new faces that lead their country in government and sovereignty. With a new Prime Minister at no. 10 Downing Street who seems to apply the no-confidence vote on most of her predecessor's decisions, media reports tell how PM Liz Truss plans to focus on growth and scrap anticipated legislation changes. The UK gambling reform is part of a list of outstanding bills that now may no longer be on its way, and as we await confirmation on the rumour, experts ask what this would mean for the industry. Some argue that the PM will not drop it altogether, but could this be a necessary disappointment or another unnecessary improvement setback? Out with the Old, In with the New Defining the previous UK government rule as chaotic could be an understatement in many aspects, and change was necessary. Since PM Truss stepped into her role as leader of the conservative party and Britain, she announced a few cabinet changes and a new gambling minister. More steps to get her house in order included the announcement of scrapped legislative reviews, namely the energy bill and bill of rights. A leading UK media source report indicates the long-awaited gambling reform white paper may also be on the chopping block. While this is a shock to many in the industry, there may be reasoning behind the decision, and only time will tell whether it is so. PM Truss explained that she does not believe the government must tell people how to lead their lives and prefers changes that make a real difference. When commenting on why she wants to drop the obesity strategy, she said: “I would put these in the category of culture wars, not policy making. It’s not serious, thoughtful changes.” The new government sets out to lighten the burden on businesses in the country with the reality of the rise in costs, and PM Truss would rather focus energy on growth strategies than restrictive law changes. Overdue Gambling Reform Challenges with the anticipated review of the UK’s outdated gambling act span over the past few years. One challenge was the bill changing hands with four ministers in charge of the DCMS over approximately two years. Another was the inability of parliament to agree on what to include or exclude in the updated legislation. In his public resignation from Boris Johnson's cabinet earlier this year, Chris Philp mentioned that the reform only needed the final signature. Philp, now the new chief secretary of the Treasury, championed the white paper along with strict changes in legislation such as compulsory donations from gambling operators. Cabinet members commented on plans to cut certain anticipated bills and said: "Anything that puts additional burdens on business or seems like unnecessary interference in people's lives during a time of crisis is in our sights." Topics raised for potential inclusion in the gambling act reform covered affordability checks and restricted bonus offers from online operators. If the new PM sees no use in telling people how to run their lives, and the government aims to lighten the load on businesses, the white paper could very well be on its way out. Gambling with Necessary Changes A gambling industry expert warns of the impact this could have on the UK gambling industry. Regulus Partners analyst Dan Waugh believes a definitive update on British gambling regulation is imminent, and further delays may do more harm than good. Other bill cancellations came with instructions for further research by the new government, hinting at future updates in those areas. Perhaps the Truss administration seeks clarity on specific gambling industry facts before making a call. But, in the meantime, various stakeholders wait a bit longer. Regardless of whether the white paper includes restrictions for players and operators, a reviewed gambling act is necessary. Although confusion reigned in the previous administration, we must ask whether the new government should throw out nearly three years of work.
  15. The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has formally embraced the UK Government Growth Plan 2022, officially released by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng, on Friday. As UK’s premier gambling industry trade body, the BGC has declared its intention to “play a leading role” in supporting the Growth Plan. BGC CEO Michael Dugher lauded the growth agenda, describing it as ambitious and bold and one that would work by setting up a regulatory framework that allows businesses to thrive. The Plan, which has since faced backlash from non-Conservative leaders, reverses a planned business tax rise that would have seen corporation tax go from 19% to 25% next year. According to the Chancellor, this will allow companies to use the extra cash to create employment opportunities, raise wages, and pay out dividends to be plowed into pension schemes. Moreover, the additional funds could simply be reinvested and hence contributing to the rebuilding of the economy. Gambling: A British Success Story As the new Prime Minister settles in at Number 10, the gambling community awaits the pending White Paper on gambling that was put on hold after her predecessor’s resignation. The BGC boss did not forget to mention the review of the Paper and reminded the government to consider it as the gaming industry plays a pivotal role in the UK’s socio-economic growth. Part of the official statement on BGC’s website reads: However, from what analysts have been saying, PM Liz Truss seems to be occupied with other pending matters. Therefore, the gambling subject and the White Paper, in particular, may be postponed even more. Nevertheless, the BGC CEO’s sentiments were that any progress made on the White Paper would be much appreciated. He said in part: It’s worth pointing out that UK’s gambling industry is among the best regulated globally, with a low problem gambling rate of just 0.2%. Mike Dugher added that BGC members provide a solid economic pillar for the hard-pressed high streets of Britain with their bookmakers. Meanwhile, casino gaming and bingo offer substantive support to the tourism, hospitality, and leisure industry. Per the official statement, the BGC is also committed to supporting the government’s Leveling Up program, which is supposed to be realized by 2030. The program entails giving communities that feel left out of development a chance to catch up with the rest of the country. It is ultimately expected to promote globally competitive economies throughout the UK. So, in his statement, Dugher also mentioned the mission to grow world-leading British tech in cities such as Stoke-on-Trent and Leeds. In these two local jurisdictions alone, the gambling sector supports over 8,500 employment opportunities and pumps over £630 million into their economies, according to the BGC CEO. UK’s Gambling Sector to Win Big From the Growth Plan From the look of things, the Growth Plan is focused on resolving the current financial crisis facing UK citizens. And even though there’s no mention of the gambling industry in the Plan, companies invested in gambling-related ventures are expected to benefit substantially from the tax cuts. Nonetheless, the Growth Plan has been heavily blasted since it was announced. Critics, for instance, are claiming that instead of helping the current situation that low-income earners are facing, it seeks to enrich the rich even more. The faultfinders have further argued that the additional debt the UK government will be taking will end up falling back on the underprivileged. Moreover, as we speak, the sterling pound is down at a 37-year low against the dollar. However, Chancellor Kwarteng has since responded to the critics, voicing that his ‘mini budget’ is not a gamble. Rather, the tax cuts will, in fact, solve “the riddle of growth” the UK is currently facing. The gambling industry was among the worst hit during the pandemic, which explains why the BGC called on the government’s intervention back in August. Based on the newly unveiled Growth Plan, the intended measures may immensely work in favor of the gambling sector.
  16. Last Thursday, the New Jersey Assembly Committee met to discuss the extension of online gambling for another ten years. Lawmakers Ralph R. Caputo and Annette Chaparro are co-sponsoring a bill that will extend iGaming activities in the Garden State to 2033. The bill was bound to expire in October 2023 if it did not receive further legislation meaning the lawmakers’ hearing was timely. Although the bill is yet to have a counterpart in the Senate, Caputo intends to get a like-minded lawmaker from the upper chambers now that it has advanced to the next phase in the legal process. However, it has a few more rounds of approval before Gov. Phil Murphy signs it. In 2013, when online casino gambling was legalized, New Jersey took pride in being one of the pioneers of the nation’s iGaming. However, due to the uncertainty of the impact of iGaming on NJ’s land-based casinos, the state legislators came up with a sunset date. Once again, Caputo’s bill will not make online casino gambling permanent. Instead, the lawmakers will maintain the sunset date strategy to enable them to make amendments if online casino gambling starts hurting the performance of brick and motor casinos. iGaming Has Been Pulling in Large Numbers Online casino gambling generated crucial revenue for Garden State’s casino sector in the thick of the pandemic in 2020. So, it is no surprise that the bill extension talks have received support from New Jersey casinos and gambling companies such as Bally’s, DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM. In support of the extension bill, Caputo said: Since its launch in 2013, New Jersey’s iGaming industry has become a major hit and ranks second in revenue after slot machine play. In 2021, casinos in the Garden state grossed around $1.4 billion from online gambling, a 41% growth compared to the $970 million recorded in 2020. In addition, from 2015, the iGaming revenue has increased by roughly 20%, and it is expected to break its record this year. Furthermore, in the first months of 2022, ending July, the iGaming wins recorded $951.2 million, an increase of around 26% from the same period in 2021. In addition, data from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement show casinos recorded $136.7 million in July, a 15.2 % increase from the $118.7 million recorded in the previous month. These iGaming revenue numbers are indeed impressive. However, executives from Atlantic City casino say the money the house wins through the activity is not all kept by the casinos. Instead, the revenue is shared with other parties, such as tech platforms, which accounts for about 70% of the revenue. Nonetheless, the figures are still something to behold. Extension Will Help NJ Keep up With the Competition The online gambling extension will come in handy since New Jersey faces stiff competition from the neighboring states. New York launched sports betting at the beginning of the year and has since ousted New Jersey to claim the lead. New York is also deliberating on broadening the iGaming industry; however, the idea has not passed the state’s Assembly committee since March. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania’s sports and online casino betting is also catching up fast. Jane Bokunewicz, the faculty director at Stockton University’s Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality & Tourism, said: In another bid to boost the casino business, the State’s Assembly committee has floated another bill. The bill, once passed, will require casinos running online gambling activities to advertise on their online wagering sites the names of their Atlantic City land-based casinos. Garden State Lawmakers Should Just Make iGaming Permanent The concerns around making online casino gambling permanent are valid. Atlantic City casinos feed the New Jersey ecosystem by employing thousands and working hand in hand with different businesses. However, basing our argument on the bill passed in 2013, the iGaming platforms do not act as an independent entity but are rather an extension of the Atlantic City casinos. Therefore, game wins collected at the online gaming entities were another revenue source for the land-based casinos. Additionally, the sunset date may end hurting Atlantic city casinos’ future projects because lenders may categorize revenue from online casino gambling as short-term income. It is also a problem for online game operators since they cannot make a long-term investment because of the time cap. That’s because they aren’t 100% sure whether their investments will materialize or their revenue streams will be nixed. Suppose players were to stop visiting Atlantic City casinos. In that case, it might not necessarily be because of online casino gambling but rather other forms of entertainment away from gambling, such as movies, boardwalk, and sports activities. However, what measures would the state take if online gambling overtook land-based casinos? And would making iGaming activities illegal in the state get the bettors back to the physical casinos? With such questions looming, land-based operators should adapt to the everchanging industry trends like any other business to stop viewing iGaming as a threat. That said, it would be better to permanently legalize iGaming in NJ as time has already proven that the two gaming verticals can co-exist.
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  18. Leading content provider, Pragmatic Play launched a retro slot series inspired by the most popular themes used in the very first slot cabinets. The series contains four fruity slot games with different mechanics, making it the perfect online slot series for players with specific preferences. Commenting on the release, Irina Cornides said: “Turning back the clock to deliver a nostalgia-inducing experience, the Fire Hot series combines innovative technology with a classic aesthetic to engage players from all demographics.” A combination of juicy fruit symbols, lucky four-leave clovers, and dollar signs bring home the magic in the new Fire Hot online slot series, exclusively available at Pragmatic Play casinos. Dive into the fruit-inspired reel adventure, where four choices of paylines, volatility, and RTP sweeten the deal. Nostalgic Spins The Vegas-style slots transport players to the lobbies of the first casinos, where one-armed bandits displayed colourful fruit on the reels. Pragmatic Play drew inspiration from the iconic theme and combined it with modern mechanics to deliver a satisfying slot series. Cornides, Chief Operating Officer at Pragmatic Play, said: “By delivering a selection of titles that cater to the preferences of all players, we have developed a range that players can return to time and time again.” In line with traditional Vegas slots, each of the four titles has 5 reels and 3 rows which fill with six fruit symbols, including apples, cherries, oranges, grapes, lemons, and watermelons. A 3D four-leaf clover is the Wild and the only non-paying symbol, while the golden bell Scatter rewards medium payouts for 3 to 5 of a kind. The dollar symbol is a special Scatter that only appears on reels 1, 3, and 5, triggering returns when three appear simultaneously. Each time a clover Wild lands, it expands to cover the entire reel. All four titles have a maximum potential of 2,700x the active bet. Four Fiery fruit slots Indulge in some slot nostalgia with energising music that refreshes the senses. Each respective title points to the number of paylines in the game, while Fire Hot 5 and Fire Hot 20 have medium volatilities, and Fire Hot 40 and Fire Hot 100 come with a slightly higher variance. ✓ Fire Hot 5 – Spin the fruity reels with 5 active paylines and an RTP of 96.27%, where the lowest payout comes from a matching combination of watermelons, providing a return worth x2 for 3 of a kind. In Fire Hot 5, the premium-paying apple symbol awards players with x540 their stake for 5 of a kind. ✓ Fire Hot 20 – With 20 active paylines, this instalment of the slot series has an RTP of 96.29% and the watermelon symbol awards a minimum payout of x0.50 the active stake for 3 of a kind. With 5 apple symbols on one of the twenty paylines, players win x135 their current bet. ✓ Fire Hot 40 – Play this fruity title with 40 paylines to increase the chance of landing symbol matches where the RTP is 96.43%. Minimum wins start at x0.25, and maximum payouts trigger when 3 golden bell Scatters appear for x100 the active bet. ✓ Fire Hot 100 – Trigger wins on 100 paylines with an RTP of 96.43%. Payout ranges start from x0.10 and increase to x27 the active bet for standard paying fruit symbols. The bell Scatter pays premium returns worth x100 when 5 of a kind land on a payline. Learn about these fiery slots (and many more) at top Pragmatic Play online casinos.
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    1good.bet Casino Review

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  20. Much like online gambling, artificial intelligence (AI) is not a new arrival in the tech world, and although it may be news to some, the impact of AI in iGaming is tremendous. Big data and machine learning are some of the AI integration advantages harnessed by online gambling companies, with results that benefit all stakeholders, especially players. If the only guarantee in life is change, then rapid change is the only guarantee in technology. The gambling industry is not immune to this truth. In fact, because of unprecedented market growth, the iGaming sector experiences intensely rapid change. Through AI integration, operators and software developers gain an advantage and ensure unsurpassed entertainment for their players. Here are the 7 ways AI changed the face of gambling forever. Tangible Effects of Artificial Technology Key components of AI used in online gambling include machine learning, big data harvesting and analysis, and, more recently, computer vision capabilities. Data is at the heart of how AI technology processes information and operates. When iGaming companies leverage historical data and allow AI to determine potential future outcomes, far more accurate pictures of what to expect come into view. Improvements in content, customer support, and security are some benefits revealed through efficient AI integration. ✓ 1. Data Interpretation Big data is an essential tool for every business in the digital era. Understanding consumer behaviour and optimising business strategies to offer competitive services require data collection. Knowledge in consumer science grew by leaps and bounds with the unveiling and implementing of data analytics using AI. A distinguishing factor between AI and humans is how fast AI can harvest, analyse, and store data. Its capability to extract information from various entry points and organise the data in an astonishingly accurate and speedy manner means no human employee can offer the same accuracy and output. Machine learning capabilities allow scientists to program the computers for specific data harvesting while the AI translates the data into actionable information. Online gambling platforms gather player information through AI analytics to better understand what their players look for in wagering entertainment and what they may choose in the future. Efficient application of data leads to more satisfied customers and providers where change is necessary. Operators and other gambling providers accurately anticipate player preferences, efficiently plan marketing strategies, and timeously take charge when players are at risk of harm. ✓ 2. Digital Customer Service Agents The level of service excellence a provider delivers consistently to its patrons has the power to make or break an online business. Because digital businesses face the challenge of attracting customers remotely and meeting their needs from afar, loyalty and relationship breakdown are challenges. Another reality is the vast number of options online patrons have. Therefore, online casinos have much more work to do in the customer retention and satisfaction arena than their land-based counterparts. Here, chatbots become an immediate solution to engage with players. Not only do these digital agents offer service assistance 24 hours a day, but they are also immune to bad moods and won’t match a customer’s aggressive energy. With the right data engineering, chatbots have the power to transform indifferent players into loyal, referring customers. Attentive service and efficient problem-solving can win players over. Chatbots can streamline the bulk of a platform's customer queries by answering straightforward questions and funnelling the rest to service agents in the call centre. ✓ 3. Unparalleled AML and Anti-Fraud Measures AI integration allows platform providers to secure their online casinos better than those who opt for more dated security measures. Although all licensed gambling providers must uphold the highest level of online security protocols and comply with international anti-money laundering laws, AI takes this to the next level. Land-based and online casinos have a shared risk of their exposure to fraudulent transactions. Whether it is a criminal trying to launder illegitimate money, underaged players circumventing age restrictions, or underhanded players trying to cheat their way to big wins, the risk remains. The evolution of AI technology allows for early detection of questionable transactions and, unlike manual processing, can do so in real time. This includes spotting hackers who attempt to cheat through data manipulation and bad actors who use casinos to funnel crime-backed money. Through AI efficacy, operators can inform the authorities and provide better information that may lead to convictions. A newer application of AI in the Know Your Customer (KYC) space lets players use video recordings to identify themselves. This exciting technology streamlines the sign-up process and eliminates the chance of forged identity documents from underaged users. ✓ 4. Player Protection Improvement A major challenge addressed in all gambling regions is protecting players at risk of developing gambling disorders. According to tech experts, AI once again has the answer. Data harvesting and machine learning have the potential to take traditional gambling safeguards from slightly to undeniably effective. Currently, operators and regulators struggle to agree on when to act. Regulators feel that providers should step in earlier, while many licensed providers fall short in this regard. AI integration offers a powerful tool that highlights patterns, much like the current systems. However, the process is much more accurate and swifter. Some believe the complicated nature of player behaviours and compulsive gambling poses their own list of challenges to AI adoption. Essentially, this capability can only grow into its potential once the industry at large shares knowledge and implements AI for effective player protection measures. ✓ 5. Unmatched Betting Statistics Data engineers and AI experts in the sports betting industry are interested in how AI technology can enhance the gambling market. They created exceptional computer vision capabilities for sportsbooks through machine and deep learning tools. The skill of predicting certain events in sports or specific aspects of a game is long-standing, and AI further strengthens the maths behind it. Although prediction companies delivered incredible insights to bettors long before the invention of AI, this technology surpasses the human capacity for data interpretation. AI can crunch numbers like no human, with the help of standard computers, can. A subsection of AI technology with computer vision capabilities teaches models to interpret and understand images and video. This technology is a game changer for data and statistics products in sports betting. Computer vision can offer extremely accurate predictions by calculating a player's velocity and trajectory. ✓ 6. Superior Gaming Experience The extreme competition in iGaming is apparent through the number of software providers and gambling platforms available today. Software providers have a mammoth task of creating unique and engaging content, and platform providers must ensure a superior experience through impressive visual art, user-friendly layout, and responsive pages. Providers who leverage AI data will offer players relevant and enjoyable content. By applying customer data in real time, players receive unsurpassed personalisation. Savvy operators incorporate AI machine learning to guide players through their portals. The same technology that allows operators to spot early warning signs of harmful patterns can teach them to maximise a player's current and future sessions. Through a responsive portal, operators take the guessing work out of the player's hands by suggesting games they may enjoy. Engaging content and a deeply personalised experience secure loyal customers and increase market share. ✓ 7. Data for Insightful and Focused Marketing The ability to constantly collect data at unthinkable rates means AI offers unsurpassed information on players, even before they place a bet. With an interconnected network on the web, marketing strategies powered by AI data allow gaming providers to cast wide nets with specific goals that reach the exact market they cater for. Marketing insights help operators and other stakeholders in iGaming to ensure their message is well received. While driving campaigns through AI allows for a laser-focused reach, the technology also aids operators in creating unique, personalised offers to players in their target demographic. This means players get more of what they want, and operators grow their customer base. Boundless Potential These applications of AI have already changed the face of gambling forever and raised the bar for player expectations. Throw the metaverse and augmented reality gaming into the mix, and we can only begin to imagine what the industry's future looks like.
  21. These new releases in the genres of instant win and slot games present unique takes on online gambling entertainment and introduce new types of wagering options. Discover reimagined gambling games from True Lab, PopOk, and Pragmatic Play in today's roundup. Unlikely themes on slot reels paired with unique mechanics that vary from strikingly simple to seriously intricate add a touch of sophistication and complexity to our slot experience. PopOK shows us that amazing instant-win games have a worthy place in igaming with their new releases. ✓ Street Muse by True Lab Instead of following the classic rule book, True Lab created their own rules and made the unusual fashionista-inspired video slot, Street Muse. Forget everything you know about slots and arrive with an open mind. Reels: 8 Paylines: Up to 243 Volatility: Mid to High RTP: 96.37% Stakes: €0.10 - €10 Max Win: 10,000x Bet Simplicity: The Ultimate Sophistication Step into this stylish reimagining of what a slot game should look like, where jazzy saxophone music sets the street beat, and pop art takes us to a brilliantly simplistic reel experience. This artistic slot release has highly contrasting colours with black, white, grey, and red imagery. The background is a drawing of iconic London views, including Big Ben and the London Eye. Eight reels appear in non-linear order next to each other, and only one standard fashionista appears on the first 5. The last three reels remain blocked until a random enhancer drops in for a VIP appearance. Animated drawings of individuals in various fashionable styles appear with multipliers above them. The sum of the multipliers on reels 1 to 5 determines the win amount, which can be zero if one model has a x0 multiplier. Enhance Natural Features Reels 6, 7, and 8 have red tape crossed over them unless a VIP appears to create or enhance wins. Four bonus features include Revive, Bump, Strike, and Freeze and only one of each can land in either of the three spots during one spin session. When a Revive bonus appears, it transforms any x0 reel into a x1 to trigger a win. The Bump bonus improves every multiplier on the 5 standard reels with +1, and a Freeze feature locks the highest regular reel in place for three consecutive spins. Strike is a 6th multiplier to improve the sum of the 5 standard reels by up to x100. ✓ Magic idol by PopOK Pop OK Gaming presents a clever instant game where punters experience the excitement of roulette-based rules with the magic of the wheel of fortune mechanics. Magic Idol is the new instant-win game with incredible potential, including progressive jackpots. Volatility: Low to High RTP: 97.50% Stakes: €10 - €10,000 Max Win: Progressive Jackpot Spin the Wheel and Experience Magic Pop OK combines the mystical power of Tiki gods with the exciting potential of roulette and wheel of fortune in this new instant game. The game wheel consists of 10 segments, each numbered accordingly and coloured in yellow and orange contrasts. Silhouettes of tropical plants glowing with magic create a stagnant backdrop, and next to the wheel are the betting options. Odds vary according to your bet choice and compare to universal roulette rules. Bet on either of the colours for odds worth x1.95. A bet on Odd or Even and on 6 – 10 or 1 - 5 all payout at similar rates to the bet mentioned above. A straight bet on any individually numbered wheel segment comes with odds worth x9.6. Jackpot Spins Magic Idol has an above-average RTP rate on most bets. Wagers on the colours, odds, evens, 1 – 5, and 6 – 10 present players with 97.5% RTP. Bets on individual numbers have a lower RTP of 96% but a much higher payout possibility. Besides exciting instant wins, Magic Idol is part of the Pop OK progressive jackpot network. Punters can win any of the four jackpots displayed above the game. These trigger at random during an active bet, and the green, yellow, blue, and red diamonds show the current value of each jackpot tier. Spin the Magic Idol wheel for satisfying instant prizes, and if the gambling gods smile down on you, perhaps even a life-changing jackpot. ✓ GoGo Banana by PopOK Pop OK has the perfect instant game for you if you are feeling in tune with your sixth sense. GoGo Banana is a guessing game where those who dare can win up to 920x their stake plus progressive jackpots. Volatility: Adjustable RTP: 95.41% - 96.41% Stakes: €10 - €10,000 Max Win: Progressive Jackpot Follow Your Gut and Go Bananas This instant hit draws inspiration from one of Pop OK's most popular instant games and allows players to use their intuition for better luck. GoGo Banana is a guessing game with 28 mini cubes on the screen and a sleek green and yellow design. The tropical finish on the logo above the game board reminds us of a relaxing getaway. Players take more control in this instant game with a choice of volatility rates that directly impact payout values. Before placing your bet, select whether the game should have a Low, Medium, or High volatility and see how the multipliers below each row of cubes adjust accordingly. Set your bet amount and go with your gut before clicking on the cube of your choice in the first row. Potassium for Stamina Your selection either reveals a spider web or a banana. When a banana shows its face, players choose whether they want to progress by picking another cube in the second row or cash out their winnings. Payout amounts start from x1.28 on Low volatility and increase to a maximum of x920 with High volatility active. Enjoy the adrenaline boost from this guessing game while collecting big wins as you take a chance on the next row. GoGo Banana is part of the progressive jackpot on the Pop OK network, and players can win one of the four jackpots at random. ✓ Down the Rails by Pragmatic Play Pragmatic Play takes us to the London underground railway with their new slot game inspired by the era it came into existence. Take a spin back to the 19th century as Down the Rails unveils a slot adventure like no other. Reels: 5 x 3 Paylines: 20 Volatility: High RTP: 95.58% Stakes: €0.20 - €125 Max Win: 5,000x Bet Mind The Gap The slot game plays out in a historical era when the Tube debuted in England as the first underground railway. Sounds of trains running and muffled chatter of passengers create an immersive experience while game animations keep us entertained. Joyful music plays to match the celebration of innovation. The paytable comprises card deck royals, J to A, for lower returns when 3 to 5 of a kind align on the 20 pay ways from left to right. Medium to high payouts trigger when historical figures align. These caricatures include Isaac Newton, Florence Nightingale, William Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, and King Henry VIII. A newspaper Wild symbol pays equal returns to the premium King Henry symbol and substitutes all standard paying symbols. Underground Bonus Bonanza Pragmatic Play went the whole nine yards with bonus features in this imaginative new slot game. From base game modifiers to a variety of Free Spin games, players will want for nothing in Down the Rails. Randomly triggered base game modifiers include Tunnel Vision, The Big Smoke, Wild Strike, Shifting Stack, and Bonus Blitz. When these features trigger, a train runs across the game screen and comes to a stop. The doors open to reveal which enhancer was triggered. Tunnel Vision adds a random number of mystery symbols to the reels, and these all transform into the same paying symbol to award a win. The Big Smoke adds a colossal symbol of 3x3 to reels 1 – 3 or 2 – 4. Wild Strike randomly scatters Wild symbols across the reels, and Shifting Stack adds Shifting Stack Wilds with multipliers to various reels. Even More Bonus Fun Bonus Blits awards the Bonus Feature. An organic Bonus feature trigger requires 3 train Scatter symbols in 1 spin. When this happens, players win any of the following Bonus Features: Pentonville, Kings Cross, Buckingham Palace, Canary Wharf, and End of the Line. The player can gamble for a higher tier enhancer or accept the reward. All the games except End of the Line are Free Spin games with a variety of spins and different enhancers during the feature. Win from 5 to 8 Free Spins with sticky symbols, respins, Wild transformations, stacked Wilds, and multipliers. End of the Line is a hold-and-win style game with 3 respins on the counter and multiplier money symbols worth up to x2,500 your stake.
  22. The online gaming industry can finally breathe a sigh of relief thanks to some recent good news about the interpretation of the Intestate Wire Act of 1961. International Game Technology (IGT), a leading gaming company, has won a case about the law’s interpretation against the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and US Attorney General Merrick Garland. Following a year-long legal battle, the ruling made at the US District Court for the District of Rhode Island read: The judgment passed last Thursday (September 15) by District Judge William Smith meant Wire Act would only cover sportsbook betting, not online casino games and lotteries. It is notably a big win for IGT as it can run its online lottery operations in 37 states without fearing losing money due to lawsuits. In his 21-page ruling, Judge Smith indicated that: The Interstate Wire Act of 1961, a brainchild of Robert F. Kennedy, was enacted to ban interstate gambling in a bid to curb the rampant organized crime activities at that time. A State of Confusion Loomed iGaming After a 2018 Interpretation In 2011, during the Obama Administration, the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) issued its opinion on the Wire Act when two state lotteries planned to sell lottery tickets online. So, based on the interpretation of the US Department of Justice at that time, the Interstate Wire act of 1961 solely applied to sports betting. As a result, the decision opened doors to the legalization of state-by-state online casinos and poker gambling. However, in 2018, under Trump’s Administration, the DOJ OLC reversed the 2011 opinion stating the Wire Act covered all online gambling activities. Although no action was taken against the US lottery and gaming operators, the 2018 opinion left the gambling industry in a state of confusion. Come February 2019, The New Hampshire Lottery Commission (NHLC) filed a lawsuit against then Attorney General Bill Barr and the DOJ. The Commission requested the US District Court for the District of New Hampshire to throw out the revised DOJ opinion, claiming that it would cost the commission millions of dollars each year. In June of the same year, District Court Judge Paul Barbadoro highlighted that the Wire Act only covered sports betting in his ruling. The DOJ’s OLC then proceeded to the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, but again, the court ruled in favor of the NHLC in January 2021. IGT Took to Court to Shield its Operations From Legal Turmoil After the First Circuit ruling, the Biden Administration and the Department of Justice had not given any indications of going after the online gambling community. Nonetheless, IGT wanted the Wire Act correctly interpreted to ensure its business runs without fear of paying hefty fines. Thus, IGT moved to file a lawsuit in November 2021, and at the time, the gaming company’s legal team remarked on the Justice Department’s OLC opinion saying in part: IGT further claimed that the OLC’s 2018 interpretation of the Wire Act pushed the company to set aside money to cover potential lawsuits in case the government sought legal action. Later in February 2022, the DOJ filed a motion to dismiss, maintaining that the international lottery and gaming firm did not present sufficient evidence to support its claim of potential prosecution. In addition, the department of justice emphasized that the Wire Act did not apply to the brick-and-mortar casino and lottery services, which consist primarily of IGT’s business. The Interstate Wire Act Legal Brawl is Far From Over According to experts in US gaming law, the Wire Act issue is still in limbo. A report from Pokerfuse indicated that after the court ruling, Jeffrey Silver, a gaming law attorney, warned the gambling industry in an ominous statement as follows: Gregory Gemignani, an attorney, working with Dickson Wright PLLC, noted that IGT and other gaming operators are safe from lawsuits until 2024. However, if Republicans win 2024, the Wire Act situation will be unpredictable. Gemignani pointed out that: Meanwhile, according to Jeremy Kleiman of Saiber LLC, there are two possible circumstances where the ruling made by Judge Smith is not to be the final verdict of the Wire Act. That is, Congress amends the Wire Act, or when an appellate court makes a ruling conflicting with other circuit courts. If there is conflict in the ruling between the appellate court and the circuit, then the US Supreme Court will resolve the matter. Anthony Cabot, a Distinguished Fellow in Gaming Law at the Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, took shots at the US Congress saying: Furthermore, in June 2021, the Attorney Generals of 25 states and the District of Colombia requested the Biden Administration to reject the Wire Act opinion based on the OCL during Trump’s Administration. However, Biden’s team has not acted on it.
  23. Step into a cyberpunk world where you will meet cyborgs, modified humans, and good old humans. Machina Reloaded Megaways is an exciting online slot game developed by Kalamba Games with a sci-fi theme. This title also has memorable visuals like shiny icons in vivid colors and a frame around the matrix made of metal. You can see a futuristic city behind the reels. Machina Reloaded Megaways has 6 reels and provides up to 117,649 ways to win. On the list of regular symbols, every user will find six playing card icons and five characters, including a cyborg. The icon that looks like a microchip with a wild sign is a wild icon replacing missing regular symbols. It can appear stacked on any reel. Another chip (yellow/blue) is a bonus icon, and landing three or more of these symbols will activate a round of up to 18 Free Spins. Remember that you will upgrade icons and get additional spins by collecting bonus accumulation icons during this mode. Players with ten or more cyborgs on the matrix will get one of the four cashpots. In the end, we should also note that the HyperBonus feature lets you choose a round of free spins which will be activated once you pay for it.
  24. Innovative software provider, Wazdan, continues on course to become the top iGaming solution company in the industry. Through product innovation that consistently surpasses expectations, Michal Imiolek believes his team offers players what they want and platform operators what they need. Following recognition for outstanding performance at the SBC Summit, Wazdan once more affirms its place in the market through exciting mechanics and reliable business approaches. While conquering the North American market, the B2B provider moves forward with more exciting gambling titles and gains market share in new regions. Defining Customisable Mechanics Wazdan presented an outstanding collection of games at the SBC Summit this year, where the software company showcased new mechanics to complement its current offering. Adjustable game features, such as volatility levels, secured Wazdan's foothold in regulated European jurisdictions and these defining features helped further growth in the US market. The company’s CEO, Michal Imiolek, explained in an interview with SBC: “A major focal point for us will be highlighting the importance of customisation to the player experience.” Thanks to these authentic mechanics, Wazdan made its mark on players and operators alike, and SBC recognised the achievement through a Silver Award in their Rising Star in Casino category. Building on the known features, the iGaming provider introduced new titles this year with enhanced mechanics like Collect to Infinity and Cash Infinity. Imiolek revealed that as the year-end draws near, players can expect a continued pace to include new releases from the studio. Infinite Potential Wazdan grew its casino games library with exciting new releases this year, and three of these include the Collect to Infinity feature - Magic Spins, Sizzling Eggs, and Sizzling Kingdom: Bison. The CEO revealed an upcoming release, Hot Slot: Magic Bombs also includes this favourite extra. Imiolek admits how excited the company was about releasing Sizzling Kingdom: Bison and the overwhelming response from players matched the studio's enthusiasm. As the first slot of many in the Sizzling Kingdom collection, the game boasts a combination of original Wazdan features and fan favourite extras. Custom options like Ultra Lite mote, Ultra Fast Mode, Volatility Levels, and more, combined with the new Wild Rampage bonus, takes players on an unforgettable slot experience. The newest slot enhancer from Wazdan, Cash Infinity, recently appeared on iGaming screens in the 9 Coins slot, which also offers the Hold the Jackpot bonus. Cash Infinity offer players better odds for triggering the bonus game, presenting increased potential. Another debut series, Hot Slot, kicks off with Hot Slot: Magic Bombs and the game also debuts yet another Wazdan-original feature called Sticky to Infinity. Commitment to Innovation Wazdan's commitment to changing the game rules led to unmatched player engagement and memorable remote casino experiences. With its sights securely set on conquering more US regions and furthering its impact on European gambling, Wazdan raises the bar for peers while enhancing the industry for players.
  25. 1Win Casino is famous for rewarding players who are active on the platform with Free Spins, bonuses, and other cool promotions. Newcomers are also welcomed with open arms and they are now eligible for free spins on deposit. This new offer will conclude 75 days from now, so punters need to act quickly to take advantage of this unique opportunity. How to Claim the 1Win Casino Free Spins? All players who make the first deposit of at least $30 will be eligible for this bonus and they don’t even need to verify the account. Free space will automatically be awarded after the qualifying deposit is made, so punters can use them to play their favorite games. It is possible to deposit in another currency and still take advantage of this bonus, as long as the minimum deposit is made. The bonus can be used two days after activation, therefore punters need to act quickly to take full advantage. It’s important to know that winnings will expire one day after being awarded, so they need to be used to prevent them from expiring. Any winnings resulting from the free space are subject to 50 times wagering requirements and they can only be met by spinning the reels of slots. Play the Best Slots from Quickspin This 1Win Casino promotion applies exclusively to games provided by Quickspin, but there are plenty of qualifying slots. After you activate a bonus, 70 free spins will be awarded and you can choose to play a single slot or any of the eligible ones. Big Bad Wolf Megaways, Crown of Valor, Volcano Riches, Fairy Gate, Ghost Glyph, Hidden Valley, Hot Sync, and Illuminous qualify. 1Win Casino has other special deals for its players, but they are expected to clear them in time. This means that you need to meet the wagering requirements on this promotion after claiming the free space before you can sign up for another offer. Many payment methods can be used to deposit and withdraw winnings, so you can quickly load your account and unlock the free spins.
  26. Trusted Las Atlantis casino reviews and ratings by real players, Complete details about Las Atlantis Casino including available games, bonuses and promotions.
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