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  2. Pragmatic Play is renowned for its quality gaming titles which combine great visuals and features, along with solid mathematics. Hot to Burn is a slightly simpler ensemble than we have become accustomed to from the provider, but it still underpins the premium of the brand that we have come to know. Melissa Summerfield, Chief Commercial Officer at Pragmatic Play, said: “We are very pleased to launch our newest title, Hot to Burn. With just five paylines the slot is a throwback to the vintage era, but with a fun Pragmatic Play twist. We’ve turned up the heat on the classic experience by offering wins that could land anytime during the gameplay.” The classic gameplay is headlined by all your favourite fruits, which roll onto the hot reels to land combinations that hold the potential to multiply your stake by up to 1,000x. A Fruit Roll Up Hot to Burn is Pragmatic Play’s latest interpretation of a classic fruit slot. Not only does it headline your favourite vintage fruit symbols, such as Red Sevens, Watermelons, Currents, Strawberries, Oranges, Lemons, and Cherries, but it re-introduces the Golden Star symbol as a Scatter icon too. The hot theme is introduced by some heated visuals and fiery sounds. The game symbols dominate the screen but are grilled to perfection on a flaming background. Each reel roll presents generic clicks and thuds, with relative silence otherwise. The moment a win is made, some music plays in support of your triumph and the reel symbols involved will catch alight. While the classic game concept is vintage, there is nothing old about the graphics and designs in this game. Each bold symbol rendering provides a more modern interpretation of the theme. Sizzle The Hot to Burn Reels The game is played over 5 reels instead of the traditional 3 columns used in vintage slots, but it only embraces 5 fixed paylines to land your wins over. The increased reel size allows for a greater variety of win combinations. Rewards are won when you manage to land between 3 and 5 matching symbols on the screen from the left-most reel to the right. The symbols must line up along a payline pattern on adjacent reels to one another. Each round can be spun for a bet of between €0.05 and €250 per spin. The more you wager, the more you win. The game is moderately volatile which means that it pays quite steadily. The RTP of 96.71% could combine with your luck to create rewards that pay anywhere from 1x your bet for 3 cherries, to 1,000x your bet for 5 Red Sevens in a row. Stars in Your Eyes The only out of the ordinary feature offered to you in this slot game is Star scatter wins. Where all other symbols must land on the reels across a payline and on adjacent reels to one another to qualify as a valid combination, the Star scatter can land between 3 and 5 times across the screen in any position and still yield a prize of between 2x and 50x your total bet. The Simple Soul of Slots This slot is designed with a mature audience in mind – those that do not need all the thrills and frills of special bonus features to enjoy themselves. The game may lack features, but it certainly does not lack win potential. Play Hot to Burn at a top-rated online casino with the help of Gambler’s Pick and rate your experience by signing up as a part of our community.
  3. Connecticut’s sovereign tribal nations will be opening the Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun on June 1st, 2020. The Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes announced a gradual reopening of these land-based casino establishments. With a phased reopening, the casinos will initially target only Connecticut and Rhode Island patrons. Gov. Ned Lamont Ignored By Casino Owners The phased reopening of both tribally owned casinos will be done in clear defiance of Gov. Ned Lamont’s wishes. Lamont is trying to manage a gradual reopening of commerce but the tribal nations have grown impatient. “As other Connecticut businesses begin to emerge from the lockdown, so will the Mohegans and Mashantucket Pequots. It’s time.” Lamont responded to the announcement saying that it’s risky for those working at the casinos and those visiting the casino: “It’s risky for the people who work at the casinos, it’s risky for the people who go to the casinos, it’s risky for the region because you have a lot of employees who go back out to the region. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that we put public health first” While he can appeal to their leadership to consider the broader impact of their decisions he admits there is little more he can do as they are sovereign tribes. Safety Measurements for the Reopening According to the tribes they have already developed phased reopening plans to keep theatres, convention spaces and buffets closed. This would ensure there is only limited access allowed to slot machines and table games. Lamont’s biggest concern is that their reopening will draw patrons from New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts as they are the first to open in the region. James Gessner, Mohegan chairman said: “We completely agree, that’s why the plan we put forward today made clear that both casinos will not accept buses from New York or Massachusetts, nor will we do any marketing to those states at this time. Second, they are concerned about older customers who may have increased health risks. Again we agree, that’s why the plan we put forward today made clear that we will advise older customers to take specific precautions and to stay home if they are part of an at-risk group." The Mashantucket’s tribe, the owner of Foxwoods, have had to lay off more than 4,000 employees which include members of their Pequot family. It is for this reason that the tribes have chosen to ‘go against’ Gov. Lamont’s wishes and plan to go ahead with a phased reopening of their casinos. The tribes believe they can keep both employees and casino visitors safe and is determined to go ahead with a reopening. While they respected the Governor’s wishes and closed at the start of the outbreak it has become a struggle for them to stay afloat and the loss of revenue and employees have been too great. The Foxwood Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun will reopen on the 1st of June to Connecticut and Rhode Island Patrons.
  4. If you play one more round of Texas Hold 'Em, you're going to scream and throw your chair out the window. Ok, so it's not that dramatic, but after playing the same type of card game forever the game can start to stale out and not be fun anymore. But what game can you play without going out and buying a whole bunch of new gear? Well, you've come to the right people. We're here to tell you all about Badugi poker and give you a complete breakdown of the rules and how to play! Sound good? Then let's get started! What Is Badugi Poker? Badugi poker is a special kind of lowball poker (which means the lowest or worst hand wins) that originated in South Korea in the 1960s. It came to America (supposedly) with the help of a man named Paul Eskimo Clark, who says he learned the game overseas while serving in Vietnam. Badugi poker does share some similarities with more popular poker types like Hold 'Em. For example, they both share similar systems for posting blinds, with the player to the left of the dealer posting the small blind while the player two seats away from the left of the dealer posts the big blind. After that, however, Badugi is a whole different animal. The Rules of the Game The win condition of Badugi is the complete inverse of conventional poker. Your "score" splits into two parts: how many unique cards you have (ones that don't share a number or suit with another card) and the highest number card in your hand (keep in mind you want as low a high number as possible). As such, the best hand in the game is pulling an ace, a two, a three, and a four of different suits. Doubles of either suits or numbers are useless regardless of number, and the number of unique cards you have has a higher in-game value than your rank (or highest number in your hand). So, someone with four valid cards beats someone with three valid cards, even if the four-card holder had an eight for their highest value and the three-card holder had a four. Let's say you had a hand consisting of the five of clubs, the three of clubs, the seven of hearts, and the four of spades. Since the clubs match, you can only use the lower-value card so your hand would be the three of clubs, seven of hearts, and four of spades (a three-card seven-high Badugi within the game's terminology). How to Play Badugi Gameplay starts the dealer giving every player a hand of four cards. From there, the player to the left of whoever posted the big blind goes first. They can match the current bet (known as a call), raise the bet higher, or fold (surrender for this "round"). After everyone gets a turn to bet, the dealer discards a card to signify that a turn has passed. Every other player gets the choice to keep their hand or discard up to 4 cards from their hand, re-drawing as many as they discarded. For the next round of betting, the small blind poster goes first. You gain a few new tactical options in this phase, like the ability to check (pass turn) if there is no current bet this turn. You can also make a bet and call/raise if someone else makes a bet (you get that as a "free action" if you wouldn't get the chance to respond in the natural turn order) in addition to any options you had in the first turn. Once betting ends, the dealer discards a second card and you can reshuffle your hand if you desire. After that, there is a third round of betting and drawing, then a final round of betting before the hands are revealed. The winner takes all the bets in the middle of the table (known as the pot). But what happens if two hands tie? Then you split your winnings for that round with the other guy 50/50. Gameplay resumes until one person has amassed enough money that the other player either tap out or cannot play. There is also a spin-off game of Badugi: Badacey, where the pot gets split in half. One half goes to the player with the best Badugi hand, while the other half goes to whoever has the lowest-value hand (regardless of suits). Players also start with five-card hands rather than four. Otherwise, most of the rules are identical to Badugi. Badugi Strategies or How to Become the King of Games So now that you know how to play, what strategies can you whip out to ensure you have the best chance of winning? Well, one key strategy involves knowing when to "snow". Snowing refers to when a player plays like they have a powerful Badugi hand (like the ace/two/three/four we mentioned earlier) when they actually don't so they can trick the other players into folding out of the game. Knowing when to snow involves paying attention to what the other players do. For example, if one of your opponents discards three cards in the second phase, it's safe to assume they have a bad hand, and luck is not in their favor to turn it around with one draw. In that case, doubling down on the impression you have a god-tier hand will cause your opponent to bail so they don't lose more money. It's also important to snow on the regular. You can make this play even safer by knowing the ratio of cards in a deck. For example, if you draw three jacks in your opening hand, you now know there's only one jack left in the game. Believe in the Heart of the Cards Congratulations! Now that you have all the facts about Badugi poker and how to play it, you'll be able to sweep the floor with your friends without pausing once to look up the rules! Want to know about the wide world of card games? Then come check our blog for more posts on the topic! Now, if you'll excuse us, we've got a fortune to go win.
  5. One of the world’s most famous action heroes has returned. Rambo is an online slot game made by Stakelogic based on the movie character played by Sylvester Stallone. Visually, this is a high-quality slot with refined cartoon-like symbols, transparent reels, and a view of a military outpost in the jungle in the background. Rambo comes equipped with 5 reels and has 20 paylines. There are ten basic symbols in this online slot including a machete, a hand grenade, five playing card symbols, a holster, Rambo, and a box of ammo. Landing at least three scatters (cobras) anywhere on the reels will provide up to 50 Free Spins. The crate is in the role of a wild. It counts as any basic symbol to help you finish winning lines. Some wilds can appear with a multiplier. They multiply the wins where they participate. You can also find an explosive wild that bring more wilds to the reels. With an additional bet, players can increase the chances of big wins.
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  7. Meet a jester who is quite handy when it comes to the creation of bolts of lightning. Lightning Joker is a fun online slot game developed by Yggdrasil inspired by classic slots. The graphics of this online slot look nice and include big polished icons in vivid colors, dark reels in a shiny gold frame, and an abstract background image with stripes in purple nuances. Lightning Joker has 3 reels and 5 paylines. As for the payout table, you can hit basic symbols like watermelon, cherries, grapes, a lemon, a bell, a star, and a lucky red seven. There’s a bright neon WILD sign that serves as a wild. It replaces all basic symbols in this game. Remember that whenever a player fills two reels with identical symbols including wilds, they will launch a rapid respin which repins all non-winning symbols. In case you fill all the positions with the same symbol, you will get a random multiplier worth up to ten times. There’s a special symbol in the shape of a joker. Land at least two of them to receive a mystery win and multiply your initial bet up to 10.000 times.
  8. A genie living in a lamp waiting to get released – does this story sound familiar? Enchanted Lamp is an online slot game developed by IGT based on Arabian fairy tales about a genie who grants wishes and Aladdin. In Enchanted Lamp, you will notice decent visuals like small, but detailed symbols, blue ornated reels covered in gold, and a background image that depicts an Arabian city. There are 6 reels and 26 paylines in this game. The payout table contains a few different regular symbols – a ring, a sword, a pendant, princess Jasmine, an Arabian hat, and Aladdin. There’s also a genie who acts as a wild. He counts as any regular symbol when he can help you finish a winning combination. You also find a lamp. This lamp reveals a symbol and turns all the symbols like that into wilds. If you land a lamp (anywhere in view) and a bonus sign on the first reel, you will trigger ten Free Spins. At least one lamp appears during each spin in this round.
  9. An experienced slot player knows what to expect from a slot with a title like this. Classic Cherries is an online slot game developed by WeAreCasino based on classic fruit slot machines. The visuals of this slot look polished and glitzy. You will find big icons in specific colors, grey reels separated with red lines, and a blue background image with stars. Classic Cherries is played on 5 reels and has 9 paylines. The payout table of this game includes six basic symbols – a silver seven with a melon, cherries, a blue seven with a lemon, a single bar, a red seven with a bell, and triple bars. To activate a round of Free Spins with up to 21 free spins, you will have to wait to land at least three Free Spins symbols. On the other hand, three or more Bonus icons on a payline will trigger a fortune wheel game for cash rewards.
  10. It’s time to explore the only place that’s left unexplored on our planet – the depths of the sea. Deep Blue is an online slot game developed by Felix Gaming. When it comes to graphics, it’s a slot game that provides access to small, but detailed and colorful icons placed in bubbles, transparent reels, animated bubbles, and a view of a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea in the background. Deep Blue Jackbomb has 4 reels and offers 256 ways to win. The list of basic symbols that you can hit on the reels includes a seahorse, a starfish, a skull, a cannon, a message in a bottle, a jellyfish, some kind of a marine plant, a redfish and a sword. There is just one special symbol in this slot – the gold coin with a skull on it which acts as a wild. This means that it can substitute any missing basic symbol to complete a winning combo. The wild is a paying symbol. At random, the game can provide a progressive jackpot prize.
  11. Love can be found everywhere even in the depths of the sea. Mermaid’s Love is an online slot game designed and released by Leap Gaming with a romantic story that revolves around a mermaid and a sailor. The visuals of this slot look nice and include a few animated icons in special colors, transparent reels, and a view of an underwater kingdom located at the bottom of the sea. Mermaid’s Love comes equipped with 5 reels and has 25 paylines. A seahorse, a seashell, a starfish, a clam with a pearl, a pufferfish, a dolphin, a shipwreck, an underwater king, and a sailor – this is the list of regular symbols in this slot. On the other hand, the beautiful red-haired mermaid is the wild which replaces all regular symbols whenever she can help you complete a winning line. When a player lands three treasure chests on the first, third, and fifth reel, they will activate ten Free Spins with an expanding wild on the first reel.
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  16. Are you ready to visit a medieval kingdom where the ruler is extremely rich? Respin King is a fun online slot game developed by Skywind Group with a story like that. In terms of graphics, this is a slot with very brightly-colored icons placed on white reels surrounded with golden lines as well as a background image where you can see two castles and animated clouds. Respin King is played on 5 reels and has 40 paylines. There are nine standard symbols in this slot game including a golden key, a chalice, five playing card symbols in different colors, a ring, and a pendant. You can also find a wild symbol represented by the king. The king has the power to replace any missing standard symbol to finish a winning combo. When a player hits two or more crowns, they will activate a respin feature. Five or more crowns will award a progressive jackpot. Finally, if you land three wheels on the first, third, and fifth reel, you will trigger the wheel bonus. It’s a classic fortune wheel game that leads players to cash prizes, Free Spins or free spins with win multipliers.
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