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  2. The online gambling industry has seen many changes in the past few months, especially regarding regulations and restrictions. The majority of regulators are tightening their grip on the iGaming market in an effort to increase player safety and promote responsible gambling. Italy is one of the strictest countries that has taken a serious approach to keep players safe and the gambling space uncluttered and free from unnecessary ads. Google in trouble Showing no mercy, the Italian Communications Authority, AgCOM, recently fined Google for breach of the Italian gambling advertising ban. This after an unlicensed operator’s advertisements came to light. The tech company was fined after a paid advertisement from a gambling operator on Google’s search results page was allowed to go live. This comes after AgCOM informed Google that it would be deepening its investigation into search page results, believing it to be used as a way of violating the ban. Gambling Advertising Ban In 2018, Italy passed the Dignity Decree which prohibited any form of advertising related to gambling activities. This was met with severe criticism from a range of licenced gambling operators in the country. These companies claim that their websites fell in local Google search results rankings at the expense of foreign operators. Suddenly the search page started ranking unlicensed operators at the top. Operators stated that the blanket ban was a danger for the online market, making it an easy target for unlicensed gambling operators. AgCOM stated that they would examine Article 9 of the Dignity Decree to find out if the scope covers search engine results. Their main concern being foreign gambling operators ranking at the top of the results page. During the investigation, it was found that Google was in breach of the gambling advertising ban. Strong enforcement from AgCOM Google is under serious investigation for its misconduct, which should show how seriously the gambling regulator is about its enforcement action on those in breach of the law. When it comes to gambling advertising, AgCOM’s primary focus are the bonus offers that gambling operators broadcast on their websites. According to the Italian authority, this type of advertisement includes explicit invitations and graphics as well as attractive claims which are considered the general elements of promotional content. As such, operators have no room for dispute and have to accept the settlements provided. In Google’s Defence Google stated that it was abiding by the data privacy rules provided by the European Union. In a recent statement, it was disclaimed that the company will continue to work constructively with the Italian authorities on these important areas to ensure everyone can make the most of the web. Despite its valiant efforts, Google is in hot water with the authorities due to the ad and allegedly reducing the competition. The investigation continues but current facts are not in favour of the tech giant.
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  4. It’s that time of year when the ghosts, goblins and scary creatures of the night come out of hiding. Fear not, they are here to entertain – especially on the reels of these great slots! Legend has it that lost souls return to the earth during Halloween to reunite with or torment the living. To escape the scares and indulge in sweet delights, here are 7 treat-filled slots. ✓ iScream by Dragon Gaming If you have a sweet tooth then get ready to indulge in some delicious candy, Día de Muertos style. This thrilling slot is inspired by the Mexican Halloween celebrated as the Day of the Dead. With its festive atmosphere, cheerful music and delectable candies, each spin is an absolute delight. Reels x Rows: 6 x 5 Paylines: Cluster Win Volatility: High RTP: 95.54% The slot has random Wild Spawns, Sticky Re-Spins and a Free Spins Bonus. The free spins are activated when there’s Scatter on three of the six reels. Your free spin number can be anything between 9 and 12 depending on the number of scatters on the reels. The free spins operate the same as the base game except that all low-value symbols disappear from the reels, giving better chances at bigger wins. With Wild Spawns you could get a random number of wilds on the reels. ✓ Spooktacular Spins by Nucleus Gaming The creepy creatures of the night have come out for some board game fun and hexagonal wins. The Spooktacular Spins slot from Nucleus Gaming is a superb game perfect for Halloween, or any other night you feel the need for spooky spins. It comes with superb graphics, sounds and bonus features that can lead to mega wins. Reels x Rows: 5 (Hexagonal Grid) Paylines: 30 Paylines Volatility: High RTP: Unknown The slot has a wide range of thrilling bonus features which includes the Creepy Creatures of the Night. These can appear on 18 different spots across the board, and when spawned, can stay for up to 18 spins. Look out for the Ghosts as each time they spawn they fill the Ectoplasmic meter to help trigger the free spins feature. During the free spins feature you will have up to 5 free spins to enjoy, during which Pumpkin Slime Spreading Wilds will take over the reels. They will spread to adjacent board cells and disappear at the end of the free spins round. ✓ Van Helsing's Book of The Undead by 1x2Gaming Get ready to explore the inside of the infamous Castle Dracula with vampire hunter, Van Helsing. This action-packed horror-themed slot is a perfect combination of classic and modern slot spinning fun. Reels x Rows: 5x3 Paylines: 10 paylines Volatility: Medium RTP: 96% Max Win: 5,100x The slot benefits from a single bonus feature which is the highly rewarding free spins feature. To unlock the free spins, you need to land 3 or more scatters on the reels. Doing so will also award you an instant win of up to 200x your total stake! Play 10 free spins during which one symbol will become a special expanding symbol for the duration of your free spins. This expanding symbol can land on multiple reels simultaneously leading to mega wins. If Van Helsing is your expanding symbol you can trigger massive wins of up to 5,000x your stake in a single spin. ✓ Book of Darkness by Betsoft Gaming For those looking to escape a fantasy world where power and riches are within grasp, Book of Darkness is a must. This fantasy-themed slot allows you to pick your fighter and head into battle against mages and warriors for epic wins. It’s a superbly designed Betsoft slot with crisp graphics, clear sounds and thrilling bonus features. Reels x Rows: 5 x 3 Paylines: 10 Paylines Volatility: High RTP: 96.48% Max Win: 640x your stake With Book of Darkness, you’ll get to look forward to triggering many fun features and special symbols. The game logo serves as the wild of the slot and can help you form bigger wins. To trigger the Clash for Power free games you need to land the Huntress, Book and Dark Wizard on adjacent reels within the same row. Hero meters will appear on the sides of the reels and fill up each time the Huntress or Dark Wizard appears on the reels. Before the games begin you will get to choose between the Huntress and the Dark Wizard. If your chosen warrior wins, it will unlock the Shadowform free spins level. If it loses you will return to the base game. During the Shadowform free spins, you get 10 free spins during which additional multipliers, expanding wilds and more can be added to the reels. ✓ Vegans vs Vampires by Gamevy Gamevy knows how to surprise with a fun and quirky theme and highly engaging slot fun. Their Vegans vs Vampires slot is a hilarious, quirky themed slot that will leave you giggling with each spin. It’s simply designed with elegant graphics, fun sounds and a range of entertaining bonus features. Reels x Rows: 5 x 3 Paylines: 25 Paylines Volatility: low RTP: 95% Max Win: 500x The features available for this slot include free spins, bonus games and a bonus wheel. The Wheel Bonus feature is your key to success. You can unlock this feature with 3 scatters on the reels. You will get one spin on the wheel which will determine your prize. You can win cash prizes of up to 500x your bet or trigger the Vegas Free Spins or Vampire Tower Free Spins. ✓ Ducks till Dawn by Kalamba Games Bored with generic themes you play over and over again? Ducks till Dawn is a refreshing change in slot games from Kalamba Games. This slot has a mystical and magical theme and plays off in an abandoned theme park. If you’re looking for a mildly spooky Halloween slot that still delights your inner child, this slot is a must-play. With exciting retro graphics, a fitting soundtrack and winning features, each spin brings joy. Reels x Rows: 6 x 4 Paylines: up to 4,096 ways to win Volatility: High RTP: 96.91% Max Win: 6,000 coins There are plenty of entertaining features in this slot that will keep you immersed starting with the Crosshairs. The target ducks will start at the right side of the game and move one reel to the left with each spin. If a duck is in sight of a crosshair, it will get shot and you will be awarded a cash prize of up to 50x your stake. There are also free spins and multipliers to amplify your winning possibilities! The big hit of the slot is definitely shooting ducks for cash prizes. ✓ Halloween Cash Pots by Inspired Gaming Halloween might be a spooky holiday but there’s no reason to refrain from celebrating it in style. With Halloween Cash Pots you get to enjoy a cartoonish style slot game where big wins are possible on every spin. The slot has that Irish Luck feel to it, dimming the ghostly scares and awakening the lucky wins on the reels. With Halloween-themed symbols, spooky decorations and festive features, there’s plenty of treats waiting to be explored on the reels. Reels x Rows: 5 x 3 Paylines: 10 paylines Volatility: Medium/High RTP: 96.5% Max Win: 4,166x your total bet The slot has multiple bonus features to trigger which can produce promising wins. The first is the Cash Collector Bonus during which prizes in the Cash Pots are multiples of your stake. With this feature, you get respins and once these are complete, all wins are paid in the value of cash pots or pumpkins. You can get up to 5 respins. Other features include sticky symbols and free spins where more big wins can be triggered. Play these spooky online slots at any of our top-rated casinos for your share of Halloween thrills!
  5. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has taken action on three UK-facing online gaming brands; GAN PLC, BGO Entertainment Limited, and NetBet Enterprises Limited, after they were found to have missed the mark in their compliance to regulatory standards. The three gaming operators were investigated by the Commission as part of its ongoing mission to uphold higher industry standards by coming down heavily on regulatory misconduct. Owing to their failures which included insufficient social responsibility (SR) practices to keep their patrons safe and inadequate procedures to abide by anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) policies, the operators all underwent license reviews. Consequently, the UK gaming ombudsman has imposed additional conditions per SR and AML policies on the licenses of two of the operators, GAN PLC and BGO. On top of that, all three online gambling companies will have to revamp their policies and procedures and they will also make payments to the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms (NSRGH) – a three-year strategy that was introduced by the British watchdog last year to tackle gambling harms. For all three cases, the UK regulator will also review the actions of the individual holders of a Personal Management License in the gaming companies. What Did the Offenders Do to Face UKGC’s Wrath? From the investigations that were carried out by the UK Gambling Commission, here’s a highlight of the failures that led to the actions that were taken against the three operators in question; GAN PLC GAN was charged for the offenses committed Winstar Casino, a platform that the operator ran in the stead of Oklahoma’s Chickasaw Nation until late last year. GAN was thus guilty of failing to abide by four license conditions that touch on social responsibility and AML for UK license holders between August 2018 and September 2019. Part of GAN PLC’s failures were not having effective AML measures, and failing to display warnings that gambling for users under 18 years old is against the law. The company was also under fire for a poor user interaction guide for safer gambling by displaying animated imagery for the promotion of a casino product, against the code of conduct that prohibits the use of imagery that may be appealing to youngsters. In addition to the aforementioned consequences, GAN will be required to offer more training to its senior staff and the holders of a Personal Management License, and will also pay £146,754 to the NSRGH and an additional £6,000 to compensate for the costs of the review BGO Entertainment Limited As for BGO, the company did not have adequate measures on board to protect the patrons who may have displayed signs of compulsive gambling between the 25th of September 2018 and 23rd March this year. Moreover, BGO failed to set up suitable AML controls for the period starting 25th September 2018 to 21st July 2020. In one instance, BGO allowed a player to load more than £100,000 to their account and the customer later lost over £65,000 of the funds even though the customer’s salary was under £20,000. On another occasion, BGO did not intervene when a player deposited over £106,000 in less than three weeks, including £6,500 worth of deposits in 13 intervals within 1 hour. After the incident, the online casino operator chose to send the customer an email rather than speak to the player directly. Part of BGO’s penance as ruled by the UKGC is paying £2 million to the NSRGH, on top of the already discussed conditions on its license, plus £31,000 more to reimburse the regulator for the costs of the review. NetBet Enterprises Limited UKGC’s investigation also disclosed that NetBet did not comply with two license conditions under AML and SR regulations between the 20th of November 2010 and 29th May last year. The online gaming operator has been punished for not doing enough due diligence on bankroll documentations that were submitted by patrons, and it also failed to implement its responsible gambling policy as effectively as regulatory policies require. To make amends for the offenses, NetBet has been instructed to introduce changes to its processes and procedures such as paying more attention to customer log-in times during its responsible gambling customer evaluations. The online gaming operator will also be required to place automatic limits on patrons that display early signs of compulsive gambling and also offer customers access to an affordability calculator. NetBet will also part with £748,000 payable to the NSRGH and another £9,000 to cover the costs of the commission’s review. Following the announcement of the measures taken against GAN, NetBet, and BGO, Richard Watson, the watchdog’s executive director released a statement to express UKGC’s unwavering stand against uncompliant licensees;
  6. There has been plenty of speculation regarding the origin of Halloween. There are those who believe it’s simply the “night before All Saints’ Day” which has also been dubbed Hallowmas or All Hallows’ Day. This is the more religious version of the origin of Halloween and it comes from the fact that the 1st of November is All Saints Day. A day to celebrate the faithfully departed through feasting which includes all the saints. Based on the Christian tradition the feasts would start the night before and continue into the next day. The Dead will have their Day There are however historians who believe that modern-day Halloween can be linked to Samhain. Samhain is an ancient Celtic festival celebrating summer’s end and was followed across Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. According to Celtic mythology, the veil between the Otherworld and our world gets thinner during Samhain. Making it easier for the souls of the dead and other spirits to return to the move among the living. To stay on the good side of the spirits and departed ancestors people would make offerings of food. This ritual of giving offerings to appease the dead is what has devolved over time into our fun and fanciful tradition of trick or treating. Dark Celebrations Turned Family Fun Halloween is one of the spookiest and most beloved holidays celebrated all across the globe. Each year people of all ages, shapes and sizes dress up to take part in trick or treating and other Halloween related events. Why Pumpkins? Halloween is all about exploring the mystical, magical and legends of olds. In this modern age, the majority of the days celebrants focus on dressing up, creating comical pumpkin carvings to decorate the yard and perhaps attending haunted houses or other "spooky" events. Pumpkins didn’t just appear on the scene out of nowhere. Whether you know it or not you are keeping the legend of the Irish Folk Figure, Jack O’Lantern, alive. Legend has it that the local drunkard named Jack trapped the Prince of Darkness in a tree by hacking a sing of the cross into the bark. Later they made an exchange, Jack would let Satan climb down in exchange for the Dark Prince to keep his claws of Jack’s Soul. But the old drunkard continued to live life acting like a jerk and got denied entrance to heaven. When Jack tried to go to the underworld to unite with the dark souls' Satan rejected him throwing a lump of hellish coal at him. With nothing but the blazing coal and nowhere to go, Jack too the coal and placed it into a turnip for light. Doomed to wander for eternity in search of a resting place. And so the legend of Jack O’Lantern was born. The idea of bribing the undead with food and soul cakes is also the what started what has become a ‘Trick or Treat’ today. There are so many superstitions, myths, legends and beliefs surrounding this spooky day. In fact, when you take a minute to explore them all, you realize it’s not as fun, warm and kid-friendly as the media portrays it to be. Still, we celebrate and enjoy the hot beverages, endless heaps of candy and flurry of events that fall into our lap. Apples: The Most Magical of Fruits Today, pumpkins are most closely associated with the supernatural, and more specifically Halloween given the tradition of carving Jack-o-lanterns, but it should not be forgotten that apples play an important role in humanities arcana given their appearance in various myths and legends throughout the world. Whether you’re reading up on Christian belief of the fall of mankind or looking to the Norse goddess Idun for eternal youth the humble apple is always front and centre to these tales of wonder. Given this storied history, the apple can claim far deeper occult roots than the pumpkin can ever dream of. Halloween and the Wizarding World In the Wizarding World Halloween held great significant value, especially for Harry Potter. The 31st of October marks the day his life changed, with Lord Voldemort having stormed Godric’s Hollow and murdering his Lily and James Potter on 31 October 1981. For Harry Potter, it meant a life of misery spent with the Dursleys, for the rest of the Wizarding World it brought peace thanks to the mysterious disappearance of Lord Voldemort. It also marks a date where Ron, Hermione and Harry became the fighting trio we know and love. This due to the fight against the troll unleashed in Hogwarts Castle during Halloween festivities. In Harry’s second year at Hogwarts, this date was an introduction to Nearly Headless Nick and the celebration of Death date. Again the treats got swapped for trickery and scares with the mysterious opening of the Chamber of Secrets. So many big moments took place on the 31st of October in Harry Potter. It was the day Sirius Black broke into Hogwarts and Harry was picked as a Triwizard Champion. The Deathly Hallows, iconic to the book series, also share their name with Halloween. The Hallows are three powerful enchanted objects that can conquer death when united. There was a stage when Harry possessed all three. Halloween is not just a day of mystical and magical celebration for muggles, it is a day of spectacular events taking place throughout the Harry Potter universe. Celebrate Halloween with Spooky Spins If you’re staying home rather than going Trick or Treating this Halloween we have selected 3 ghoulish new slots for you to play. Hopefully your find more treats than tricks when you spin. ✓Helloween by Play ‘n Go For a combination theme game bringing you good music and spooky spins, Helloween is a must. This 5 reels and 10 paylines video slot is based on the German power metal band with the same name. The slot comes with superb graphics, imagery and sounds that will keep you entertained with every spin. Feature-wise the main attraction is the Keeper of the Seven Keys feature wheel which unlocks 7 different Free Spins features. Each of these come with a unique pumpkin that can award different modifiers including wild reels, roaming wilds and 2x2 wilds. With every spooky spin, there are maximum wins of up to 5,000x your stake up for grabs. ✓Hades: Gigablox by Yggdrasil Yggdrasil is a master in slot creation and Hades: Gigablox does not disappoint. This 6x6 game is based on Greek mythology and played across 50 paylines. Prepare for a trip to the underworld where the King of Darkness awaits. High-quality designs, features and sounds are a guarantee. A highlight in this slot is the Hades Wild Hunt feature where the underworld royalty battles monsters on every spin. Each battle fills the Cerberus multiplier to increase the win multiplier and stack up the free spins. It’s a 96% RTP slot that can award wins of up to 11,129x your stake. ✓Wild Walker by Pragmatic Play A Zombie has disrupted your Halloween fun! The lates 5-8 reels vide slot by Pragmatic Play is a must. A Zombie has disrupted your Halloween fun! The latest 5-8 reels video slot by Pragmatic Play is a must. This video slot has a superb Zombie theme ideal for Halloween fun. With 25 paylines it gives you the opportunity to trigger wins of up to 4,900x your stake. One of the best features of the slot is the Roaming Walker Wild that will move randomly across the reels throughout the base game. On top of that, the progressive free spins feature starts with 5-6 reels but can expand to 8 reels. Giving you the chance to unlock more ways to win while collecting bonus symbols along the way. Whether you attend Halloween festivities or stay in for spooky spins and monstrous wins, you can rest assured that the tricks and treats have just begun.
  7. Finland is considered a veritable paradise with recent studies finding it to be one of the most content and secure countries in the world. Even a usually contentious pastime like gambling has found favour with the Finnish population, where rather than a vice it is seen as an entertaining and perhaps lucrative way to support the country and its charitable organisations. Betting on a Better Tomorrow The reason gambling is seen as a way to support the betterment of Finland is that it is run by the state-owned entity Veikkaus Oy. The projected profits for Veikkaus are in the region of €1 billion per annum and by law are distributed among local ministry departments as follows: 53% to the Ministry of Education and Culture 43% to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 4% to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (and benefits horse racing) As Veikkaus is state-owned they currently enjoy a monopoly in Finland which allows them to be the sole conduit for all of Finland’s gambling revenues, and as such all profits from gambling see their way into these ministry coffers. The Winds of Change Due to the recent financial impact of the lockdowns, Veikkaus has notified the government that they are expecting a 30% (or €300 million) decline in profits for 2020. This news has prompted many international operators to speak up on the benefits of a licensed gambling industry in Finland. Christer Fahlstedt of PAF said: “Finland could build a regulated licensing system that serves Finnish society and enables gamblers to exclude games and gambling ads. With a licensing system for online gaming, Veikkaus would have an equal competitive position in online gaming as other foreign competitors, who would be subject to the strict regulation in Finland” The argument is that a wider net of providers could have ensured a more stable income from Finnish players, as various brands and offers appeal to different market segments. A sentiment which is beginning to gain popularity among the populace with a survey showing that 31% of Fins support an amended Remote Gaming Act that allows for licensed international operators. Naturally, Veikkaus would still be a prominent presence in the country given its excellent history, local brand equity and the Finnish tendency towards supporting local enterprise.
  8. awesome indiana jones style slot, i love it! (plus free spins rounds)
  9. Genius Sports Group, a London-based leader in the supply of sports data and sportsbook technology has announced its plans to go public through a merger deal with dMY Technology Group II, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) listed on the York Stock Exchange (NYSE). According to a statement released by both companies, the deal puts the value of Genius Sports at $1.5 billion, or 8.0x the $190 million revenue that Genius is projected to generate in 2021. The dMY SPAC is led by Harry You, the former executive of EMC Corp, and Niccolo de Masi the current chairman and former Chief Executive Officer of Glu Mobile Inc. Based on the arrangement that the two companies have, after the transaction is completed Genius Sports will start trading on the NYSE where the SPAC - or blank check company as such firms are popularly called, is already listed. As part of the deal, stakeholders of both companies will be exchanging their current shares for shares in NewCo, the brand-new company that will be listed publicly on the NYSE. After closing the deal, the merged company will start trading under the ‘GENI’ ticker symbol. Breaking Down the Transaction that Will Take Genius to the NYSE Sources close to the matter indicate that DMY has been meeting with institutional and industry investors over the past three months to discuss the subject of raising at least $300 million in fresh equity to assist with the financing of the merger with the UK betting data company. The boards of both firms had also approved this merger unanimously, and the deal is expected to be sealed by Q1 2021, of course, subject to a specific set of conditions. dMY plans to set aside $276 million in a trust account, assuming none of the public stockholders of dMY will redeem their stock positions. And from the earlier talks of raising funds, some institutional and industry investors have already committed to taking part in the transaction via a private investment in public equity (PIPE) at the cost of $10 for every share – to raise another $330 million. The $330 million collected from the PIPE fundraising transaction will then be used to compensate shareholder loans and other payments for corporate shareholders. At closing, NewCo is expected to have about $150 million in monetary cash reserves that aren’t earmarked for any specific use, and a balance sheet that’s free of debt. Mark Locke to Stay on the Steering Wheel After Public Listing Even though the transaction is planned for completion next year, 2020 has seen a lot of gaming companies seek public listing through blank check companies. So far, Skillz Inc, Rush Street Interactive, Golden Nugget, and DraftKings have sidestepped the IPO roadmap and Genius Sports is now following suit. After the merger is done and dusted, Mark Locke, the current Chief Executive Officer of the Genius Sports Group will retain his mantle as CEO of NewCo, and he will be flanked by a talented top brass of gurus in the sports betting, technology, and finance industries. Harry You and Niccolo de Masi will be part of the Board of Directors of the combined company. Upon the announcement of the merger with dMY to pursue a spot on the NYSE, Mr. Locke released the following statement to voice his excitement; Mr. de Masi also had a few words to say about the new merger as follows;
  10. With less than a week until the election, the scope for a gamechanger is miniscule. Opinion has long been entrenched and a record 70M have already voted, still rising. In many Texas counties, they’ve already topped their entire 2016 tally. The time for speculating about what might happen is past. Now to bet on what is actually happening. Betfair’s Next President market is now the biggest in betting history, beating the £199M traded on Trump v Clinton and on course to double that total. This exchange is where I do most of my trading but sportsbooks around the world are also offering more diverse markets than ever. I haven’t scoured them all but if you see a bet and want an opinion, feel free to contact me on Twitter @paulmotty. 1: Back Biden to win @ 1.51 Readers of my regular columns throughout 2020 or indeed anywhere since 2016 will know I’m heavily against Trump. I have a big position on Biden which equates to odds of 2.1. No need, therefore to press up but if you haven’t played yet, 1.5 represents excellent value. Estimates from reputable, comprehensive polling models equate to odds around 1.15 or shorter. Biden has led him head-to-head for five years. His 9% average lead is higher than any recent front-runner. However this isn’t a massive endorsement of the Democrat. Rather, a referendum on a uniquely polarising president whom the majority are against. One-sided national and state polls are predictable given trends and results since 2016. This is not a re-run of 2016. Biden has a much higher approval rating than Clinton and isn’t under federal investigation. There is no strong third party to split the anti-Trump vote this time. Biden has a huge lead among this group and previous non-voters. Democrat turnout, especially among blacks in pivotal cities, fell ruinously last time. Ever since, their turnout has soared off the scale, as illustrated by early voting numbers. Trump is a uniquely polarising figure, whose presence overwhelms all other considerations. The election is a referendum on him. The biggest issue is Covid, about whom around 60% oppose his handling. Biden has led him head-to-head for five years and the margin has risen during the campaign. Even before the pandemic, polls consistently showed a clear majority against and record strong disapprovals. More than 50% frequently said they would vote for any Democrat opponent. Up to 55% wanted him removed from office during impeachment only nine months ago. 2: Biden to win the popular vote by more than 10% @ 2.75 (Paddy Power, Skybet) With all that in mind, the current polls are not in any way surprising. I think opinion on Trump is extremely predictable. Most either love or hate him, with historically few on the fence. For months, my prediction for the final vote share has been Biden 53.5%, Trump 44.5%, Others 2%. Today’s Fivethirtyeight average lead is 9.1%. Could the polls be wrong? Of course. Anything from 6-12% feels perfectly realistic. The one thing polls often misread is differential turnout. Indeed that was one important reason behind the 2016 misread and the two other great political betting upsets - Brexit and the 2017 UK election. One side - Republicans, Leavers, Labour voters - were better motivated than their opponents. If differential turnout is a factor this time, I reckon it will work against Trump. From the moment he took office - whether the gubernatorial races in Virginia and Kentucky, mid-term for the House of Representatives or elections for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court - anti-Trump turnout has soared. Particularly among women and African Americans. I’m happy with that 9% popular vote margin estimate but would rather back higher than lower. There have been several more outlier polls showing Biden ahead in the mid-teens than by 5% or below. In many safe GOP states, huge Trump leads in 2016 have shrunk markedly. It is also possible to imagine Democrats running up irrelevant tallies in uncompetitive states. Back Biden to win Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania at 2.0 (Skybet) The fundamental reason I’m so confident about Biden is his path to victory in the electoral college. There are 538 electoral college votes, allocated to the winners of each state. 270 is the winning line. If Biden wins these six states, it is almost unimaginable that he doesn’t win the presidency. They would take him to 278. The first three were won narrowly by Clinton. The last three went narrowly for Trump. Biden’s lowest Fivethirtyeight estimate for any of them is 85% (Pennsylvania). Back Biden to win the -100.5 Electoral College Handicaps at 2.1 (Betfair, Betfred) To win this bet, Biden needs 320 electoral college votes. In addition to the above, I’m confident Biden will move to 279 by winning Nebraska’s 2nd District. After this things get harder. Arizona is the best chance. He’s consistently ahead there and, notably, the Democrats are even further ahead for the Senate race there. These 11 votes would take us within 30 of this target. I make Biden a marginal favourite for North Carolina (15), Florida (29) and Maine-CD2 (1). Georgia (16) and Iowa (6) are toss-ups. Ohio (18) and Texas (30) lean Republican, but are equally not certain for Trump. Without risking anything on any in particular, I’m confident we can get the required 30 votes from this batch. Back Biden to win 330-359 Electoral College Votes @ [5.5] (Betfair) This for me is the likeliest band that Biden lands in. Per the above calculations, Biden winning Arizona, North Carolina and Florida results in 334. Add Maine-CD2, Georgia and Iowa and he’s on 356. Without winning either Ohio or Texas, Biden won’t go beyond 359. Consequently, there are numerous permutations that land this bet. Once polls close, results start being reported and the betting goes live in-play, I expect the odds about this band to collapse as the market realises the likelihood of these outcomes.
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    Oppa888 Casino Review

    Oppa888 Casino was founded in 2019 and it is one of the few gambling operators licensed in the Belize. Since this is a crypto currency friendly operator players can load their account and gamble in Bitcoin, as well as half a dozen other types of digital money. The mobile friendly website is translated into eight languages and players can talk to customer support in several of them. The available channels of communication are live chat, email and phone, with assistance being offered 24/7 to those in need. Oppa888 Casino games are so numerous because they are the product of three dozen software developers. There is such a long list of suppliers that there is virtually no risk of running out of options even if you are a demanding player. Their collection is on a constant expansion and with thousands of slots, table games and video pokers on display, everyone will find something to enjoy. 10 progressive jackpots and many fun live dealer table games are one click away for punters seeking these types of thrills.
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    betboo Casino Review

    Betboo Casino games leave nothing to be desired, with a significant percentage of the more than 1000 titles being reserved to video pokers and table games. The latter can also be played in the select company of real dealers where players can interact with their peers and the croupiers using the chat feature. Most of the games, however, are slots and in this category, players will find an eclectic mix of three reel games and five reel titles. It is among the latter where players will discover most of the progressive jackpot slots. ElectraWorks Limited launched its latest casino in 2020 and chose to license Betboo Casino in Gibraltar. The casino aspires to attract international punters, but for the time being, it only offers assistance in one language and doesn’t have the website translated. Seven payment methods are featured and with a short waiting time on withdrawals, it provides a strong incentive for players to make the first deposit. Those who walk down this path will be eligible for welcome bonuses and can take part in other promotions.
  13. BetGames is one of the hot new live dealer casino game providers as their industry accolades attest. The company not only took home the Rising Star in Casino Innovation at last years SBC Awards but was also shortlisted for no less than five hotly contested categories at the EGR B2B Awards. In a groundbreaking deal for the South African online gambling market BetGames and Sunbet, Sun International’s online sports betting division, have signed an agreement that will see the providers live game portfolio added to Sunbet via the Bede platform. What Can Sunbet Players Look Forward To? Online gambling is without a doubt a growth industry in South Africa and with Sun International’s long history of excellence in the land-based arena, it is no surprise that Sunbet has a massive online following. Nitesh Matai, Sunbet General Manager, said: “Online gaming is booming in our region and BetGames.TV will be an ideal partner to help deliver live dealer content to players, whether in the comfort of their own homes or within our land-based estate in the nearest future.” This latest partnership will see Sunbet players gain access to BetGames entire live game portfolio which includes Bet on Poker, Bet on Baccarat, War of Bets, Wheel of Fortune and several other entertaining games as well as a superb lottery game. Is Regulation on the Horizon? One question that immediately comes to mind is whether the government's approval of said deal is an indication that South Africa is leaning favourably towards regulating online casino games in the near future? The question is based on the fact that the current National Gambling Board (NGB) website displays a bold red statement "Online gambling is illegal in South Africa" which makes their stance on online games of chance irrefutable. However, this seems at odds with the fact that the deal between BetGames and Sunbet is approved by both the NGB and the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board (WCGRB). Nitesh Matai was kind enough to speak to GamblersPick to clarify the situation. He explained that the live games offered by BetGames are not considered games of chance for two key reasons: They do no make use of a digital RNG engine to determine the outcome of the game Players are betting based on a fixed-odds model which is the same as a sports bet This combination of a live-action such as spinning a wheel or dealing from a deck of cards combined with the placing of a fixed-odds wager is what separates the live games on offer from something like a slot machine where it is a game of chance based on a digital random number generator. Even looking at approved online lottery programs in South Africa one will see that they are offered on a fixed-odds basis and not on the outcome of the specific draw. Again, this is an important distinction as the National Lottery in South Africa is a government monopoly overseen by the National Lotteries Commission. So while the agreement between BetGames and Sunbet is good news for fixed-odds players and sports betting enthusiasts it would seem that fans of online slot and progressive jackpot games will have a while to go before being able to legally play in South Africa.
  14. Over 42 million people chose to visit Las Vegas in 2019. Most of the tourists crowd the Las Vegas Strip, making this a crowded and often overrated location. But, the smarter tourists visit Fremont Street! Keep reading to discover activities for the ultimate Fremont Street experience in Las Vegas. 1. Swim With the Sharks Even though Las Vegas in landlocked and in the middle of the desert, you can still swim with the sharks! One of the things to do on Fremont Street Las Vegas is to visit the Golden Nugget resort. This resort has a 200,000-gallon shark aquarium that tourists can swim right up to. While there will be a layer of glass separating you and the sharks, this is likely the closest experience you can safely get. In addition, you can arrange a behind-the-scenes tour to get an even closer look at the sharks. The resort also has luxury cabanas, 9 restaurants, 6 bars, and a casino. There's no shortage of fun! 2. Catch a Live Performance When deciding what to do on Fremont Street, don't forget to add a few live performances to your schedule. Freemont Street is home to three stages. The stages hold performers and entertainers every night of the year. Throughout the week, you'll find great performances, but Friday nights are when the more well-known artists perform. If you're planning a trip to Sin City, be sure to check out the entertainment schedule before you book your stay. You may just be able to schedule your trip around a free performance by your favorite performer or musician! 3. Enjoy a Vivi Vision Light Show While many people would categorize the Vivi Vision Light Show as a live performance, this spectacle is so amazing it needs it's own section. Coming in as one of the top things to do on Fremont Street, this show features the largest video screen in the world. The 1,3750-foot long screen runs above the street and plays a 6-minute show hourly each evening. During the performance, you'll see an amazing light show synced to popular music by The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Green Day, and others. 4. Stay Cultured With a Museum Trip When searching for Fremont street attractions, don't downplay the available museums. The Las Vegas Neon Museum lets you take a trip down memory-road with old neon signs from the city. Be sure to visit at night to experience all the signs lit up! There is also the Mob Museum. Learn about the Mobs which once ruled the city. This entertaining history lesson will have you viewing the city in a whole new light. 5. Get Rich Quick And no Fremont experience would be complete without the chance to get rich quick at one of the many casinos. Gambling is a Las Vegas staple, and there is no shortage of opportunities. Explore The D Las Vegas, Four Queens, and Fremont Hotel and Casino. Don't be afraid to explore beyond Fremont Street for this one. We would suggest visiting Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort. Plan Your Trip to Fremont Street Today! With all these fun Fremont Street activities, it's time to add this trip to your travel bucket list! Grab a few friends and plan out your dream trip today. But, before your trip, you'll want to make sure you're prepared for the ultimate trip. Bookmark the Gambler's Pick blog for all the best tips and tricks. There, you can learn about everything from Blackjack card counting to the biggest Las Vegas scandals.
  15. Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the largest land-based casino operator in the world is considering the sale of its US-based casinos to move out of the United States gambling industry at least for now. The flagship Sands properties that are included in this potential sale are the Palazzo, the Venetian Resort Las Vegas, and the Sands Expo Convention Center, which are currently projected to be worth at least $6 billion combined. Should this sale bear fruition, the Las Vegas Sands Corp will officially direct its focus solely on the Asian market in Macau and Singapore, where its other casino properties are situated. According to a fresh report that was published by Bloomberg, the casino giant has teamed up with an adviser in a bid to solicit interest from potential buyers of the properties. Additionally, the news outlet established that an inside person informed them that the sale discussions were still at a very early stage and there’s no official confirmation of anything yet. 2020 Has Been a Sour Year for Las Vegas Sands Corp The land-based gambling industry has been taking a beating since March when the novel Coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Like any other company that thrives on travel and large masses of people coming together in one spot, Las Vegas Sands has been hit hard. By 30th June this year, it was reported that the company had racked up a total outstanding debt of $13.82 billion, and this figure excluded financial leases. Sheldon Adelson, the chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Sands group, who also happens to be one of the richest people in the globe with an estimated fortune of $30 billion, had however indicated that the company’s recovery from the Coronavirus fiasco was already underway. For Q3 2020, the gaming conglomerate reported a $586 million loss, with revenue falling by 82.5% year over year. True to Adelson’s word, this was an improvement compared to the $985 million loss that they reported for the second quarter of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Q2 revenue was down 97.1% compared to the same period in 2019 in which $1.11 billion in revenue was collected. Either way, 2020 hasn’t been an easy year for Las Vegas Sands Corp. Earlier in May, the gaming company ended its pursuit for the lunch of a $10 billion Integrated Resort (IR) in Japan, and it did not offer any reason whatsoever for the unanticipated move. Is the USA Market Losing Significance for Sands? As alarming as this sale is, some industry analysts have pointed out that this move makes plenty of sense for Adelson’s company which is currently estimated to have a market value worth $37.5 billion. In 2019 for instance, less than 15% of the revenue that Sands collected came from its US business, meaning that the US market is probably becoming a less significant priority for the company. Thus, by selling its Sin City properties the company could bring in more money that could be used to fund its other development prospects elsewhere. For instance, Sands is currently carrying out a major overhaul of its properties in Asia, which includes a $3.3 billion expansion project of its Marina Bay Sands Property in Singapore, and a $2.2 billion renovation of Sands Cotai Central to transform it into the Londoner Macao. But then again, as crystal clear as a US exit it may seem, we shouldn’t cross out Sands’ presence in the USA yet. Adelson, the 87-year-old billionaire CEO of the gaming leviathan expressed interest in venturing into New York City, an expansion opportunity that may ripen in 2021.
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    new promising casino, had great experience so far
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  20. There are certain industries around the world which are lauded as being bomb-proof. These are industries where despite local and international economics and legalities they will continue to remain stable if not grow, and gambling is one such industry. In the face of the economic impact of the pandemic and its resultant lockdown’s job creation and investment into local infrastructures are much sought after. Norfolk Virginia has received a much-needed lifeline in the form a proposed casino and resort development, and local leaders could not be more thrilled. Looking at the Bottomline The proposed Norfolk Resort & Casino is the reason for an upcoming referendum, the outcome of which will determine whether or not the project moves forward. With an initial investment of $500 million plus an estimated annual tax income of as much as $30 million the local leaders are extremely positive about the project and what it means for the region. Norfolk mayor, Kenny Alexander, said of the proposed resort: “New opportunities will be presented to our businesses and entrepreneurs, and our city will potentially benefit from millions of dollars in new tax revenue that will be committed to public education. This would be the first project of its size to be financed without taxpayer subsidies, and the land for this project will be purchased at full-market-value.” The mayor is not the only local political figure to come out in support of the proposed resort, rather its supporters boast a veritable who’s who of upstanding figures including former mayor Paul Fraim, city council representatives Courtney Doyle, Mamie Johnson and Tommy Smigiel and local senators Lynwood Lewis and Jen Kiggans, to name but a few. A Boon to the Pamunkey Tribe The Pamunkey Tribe have been designated the preferred developer for the project which will greatly benefit the indigenous American people. Robert Gray, Chief of the Pamunkey Tribe, said: “Leaders from every corner of Norfolk have been so enthusiastic about this project, and the Tribe is grateful for their support. This has been a true partnership throughout, and I know that it will continue to provide benefits for Norfolk well into the future.” The proposed development will create at least 2000 construction jobs for the tribe, and once completed the resort will require approximately 2500 full time or equivalent roles to be filled. The outlined resort will be a spectacular venue boasting over 300 hotel rooms, hosting 3000 slot machines, 150 table games, several restaurants and bars as well as an entertainment facility capable of seating 2500 guests for Vegas-style showcases
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