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  • 22_bulb.pngMost people know that roulette is a casino game that comes in a wide range of varieties. Yet, experienced players are usually playing three variants – American, European and French. There are many players who believe that European roulette is the same as the French roulette because they both have a single zero slot, but they are wrong.

    What makes French roulette unique is the physical appearance of the table.

    Namely, French roulette comes with a table that features two distinctive betting layouts. Between these two layouts, you can find the roulette wheel.

    In most cases, the numbers present on the betting board in French roulette come in a red color or the color/hue used for the table. So, we are talking about an approach used for outside bets in American and European roulette. The color change has nothing to do with the classic black or red bets because players can still use them.

    In its essence, the gameplay in French roulette is more or less the same as the ones found in the other two popular types of roulette. So, there is no need to explain the gameplay in details – there is a wheel, a table and classic bets that players can bet on.

    One of the unique features found in French roulette is the call bets feature. They represent wagers that are placed on specific sectors of the wheel right before the ball stops. Similar to European roulette, the French version of the casino game includes the En Prison and La Partage rules too.

    French roulette became extremely popular after the French Revolution in the late 18th century. Today, this version is gaining popularity again thanks to the Internet. This is an entertaining and possibly very profitable online gambling activity suitable for players of all categories.

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