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  • video poker machines may seem like a thing of the past to some, but there are still quite a few players who enjoy a good video poker game more than anything else. That's why many online casinos offer a number of video poker variations in their game libraries and why there are quite a few progressive jackpots video poker machines.

    Like with all progressive jackpots, these video pokers offer players a shot at a big money if they happen to get lucky and land just the right combination. What the right combination is, though, depends on the particular game variation.

    For example, Novomatic’s Joker Wild is a progressive video poker machine that awards the main jackpot when and if a player is dealt a royal flush straight up. This means that no Jokers can be used to make the hand and players aren’t allowed to exchange any cards. If the first five cards you’re dealt make a royal flush of any suit, you win the jackpot. Simple and hard to get.

    Microgaming’s Jackpot Deuces is a progressive jackpots video poker variation of the popular Deuces Wild format. To win the jackpot, players need to wager the maximum number of coins and make a royal flush in diamonds without any deuces (which act as wild cards). Players are allowed to exchange cards, so you don’t have to be dealt the royal flush directly.

    Novomatic’s Jacks or Better progressive jackpots video poker variation pays the main prize if a player is dealt any royal flush straight up, without exchanging any cards. The game is linked with all other progressive jackpots video poker machines by Novomatic, which means the jackpot can pay quite handsomely if you happen to get lucky.

    Of course, there are quite a few more progressive jackpot video poker variations out there, developed by the likes of Playtech, Cryptologic, and GTECH. Most of them require players to get a royal flush in one way or the other to win the jackpot.

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    Can I play progressive jackpots video poker online?

    Yes, there are quite a few progressive variations of video pokers found online?

    How are these different to standard video poker machines?

    They aren’t. Except for the fact players can also win a jackpot, they play like the standard video poker machines, following standard rules for a particular variation.

    What video poker variations offer progressive jackpots?

    Any video poker machine can be turned into a jackpot game. Players can find progressive jackpot variations of Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild, and many more.

    How do I win the jackpot?

    This depends on the particular variation. Broadly speaking players need to make a royal flush in some way, but exact rules vary from one variation to another.

    How big are these jackpots?

    This, also, depends on how popular the game is. Usually, progressive jackpots video poker games award jackpots in the mid five-figure range.

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