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  • 22_bulb.png21 Duel Blackjack is arguably one of the easiest types of blackjack one can find at online casinos. That’s because instead of having more special rules it actually has less and players only have to focus on one thing. They need to come as close as possible to 21 to beat the dealer and all bets will pay even money, without special rewards for blackjack.

    21 Duel Blackjack online casinos offering this game won’t bother players with special mechanics, such as splitting cards or doubling down.

    There’s no possibility to ask for insurance which is a bad decision in any case, so players can focus exclusively on the hit and stand mechanics. If the dealer has less than 13 after the first two cards he won’t qualify and players will win the ante bet while the standard wager is void. When the dealer has in excess of 13 the hands are compared and the greater total wins the bet.

    22_poker.png The 2 Up Side Bet in 21 Duel Blackjack

    Given all the simplicity of 21 Duel Blackjack the game is preferred by those who want to experience the thrills of basic blackjack. With a house edge of roughly 3%, it is slightly less profitable than the standard game, but this percentage can be decreased by using optimal strategy. One way of improving the odds of winning is by extracting the most from special bets, such as the 2 Up Bet

    The 2 Up Bet is the only available optional side bet and players can make it on the first three cards that the dealer reveals. Players use their own cards and the other two community cards, winning if they find a pair among them. The wager pays 3:1 and if all three cards are the same players win 20 times the bet.

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