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  • Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world in the eyes of many punters. Players travel from far and wide just for a glimpse of what the Vegas Strip has to offer. Neon-soaked and jam packed with everything from pub themed casinos sporting cash beer pong to the extravagance of the Bellagio, whatever your heart desires you will find on The Strip!

    Yes Vegas has a lot to offer, from performance venues where you can watch music, comedy and circus style acts, to world renowned restaurants and some of the best shopping you could ever imagine it is their luxurious state of the art gambling floors that deserve your attention.

    The moment you step onto the gambling floor of any of these casino hotel complexes you are welcomed in by the chiming sounds of slot machines, people laughing and chattering. There is just something about a casino that captures our imagination.

    It’s not just the gambling, it’s the entire magical experience of waking, playing and having access to various forms of entertainment all confined in one hotel complex.

    ‘Did you know? If you wanted to spend one night in every single hotel room in Las Vegas it would take you about 288 years to do so!

    When online casinos first launched in the late 90’s there was an audience who were thrilled to simply be able to enjoy gambling on this fascinating new medium – the internet! However, much like with land based gambling, players soon demanded more and more variation in their entertainment, and without the ability to put on a show or give away restaurant vouchers the industry was forced to create and innovate in its primary offer, its new slot releases!

    This rising demand has led Game developers to focus on constantly creating bigger and better new slots and broaden the scope of their casino games library. It wasn’t enough for more but these need slots needed to captivate players and provide them with a magical experience, they had to create the magic of The Strip online.

    Slot Machine Don’t talk, just entertain me!

    Land Based casinos didn’t start out with plenty of restaurants, other forms of entertainment or even show venues attached to them. It was development driven entirely by the needs of visitors for entertainment variety and distraction. In the same vein online casinos and game developers have faced the exact same challenge. They had to keep moving forward by developing new slot features and games, a stale game library would mean the end of the road for their casinos. In order to gain and keep interest and expand they need to test the waters, try new things and create things that are different.

    With Online Slots “new” came in various forms starting with different themes, paylines and betting options. As technology continued to become more advanced game developers were given more breathing room and chance to explore new avenues in terms of online slots. This lead to a variety of new and different types of slot games being created and released each year.

    The land based casino industry has hosted big events year where game developers and casino owners get together and watch the unveiling of new products, new technology and new possibilities. With the rapid growth of the online casino industry most of these events are now a platform where creators and casino owners of both online and offline casinos have the opportunity to get together and discover the latest the industry has to offer. One such event is the ICE hosted in London each year.

    Cool As ICE!

    Most players are unaware of all the big changes and happenings taking place behind the screens. They know there are plenty of big names in the industry developing the games they love to play but what they don’t know is how stiff the competition is and how hard it is for one developer to create something to stand out from the rest. All we know as players is that we like new, we like different but we also like it when some things remain the same. Some would even say the confusion in creating something that encapsulates all of this seems to be impossible but game developers to it constantly and we can only thank them for their innovation and creations.

    One of the biggest gaming events in the gaming industry is ICE Totally Gaming that takes place in London. It’s a 3-day event that covers land based and online channels across all sectors. The ICE is not just informative but it is also seen as a meeting place, a market, an educational and debating from as well as one of the best environments for networking and socialising with the crop of the crème in the industry.

    3 Mind Boggling ICE Stats:

    ➀ There are over 8,500 operators showcasing their latest slot creations each year

    ➁ There are over 20,000 ICE attendees each year

    ➂ With more than 150 countries represented at each event

    It’s considered an important gaming exhibition that is a must for gaming operators to attend. The event also has incredibly high standards and a place where you can experience the most innovative and modern gaming platforms the industry has to offer. It’s a chance for newcomers to show their stuff and for industry leaders to surprise and impress even more than they’ve done before. Those attending the event, much like players look for new, fresh creations that will surprise and entertain players.

    Big names in the industry that tend to bring their A – game with this event includes Microgaming, NetEnt, 888, Betsoft, Playtech and RTG. In most recent years NetEnt and Microgaming seem to be the frontrunners especially when it comes to new releases. NetEnt announced a few branded slot game releases expected to launch this year as well as the first Virtual Reality Casino room they’ve created in partnership with Mr. Green Casino.

    ‘Don’t stop the party! Each year Microgaming has their own ship docked close to the ICE event where they host elite and exclusive parties that only a few lucky ones get to attend. It’s an experience definitely worth adding to the bucket list. ‘

    Standing On the Shoulders of Giants

    There are various different casino software developers in the industry but the leaders in the industry remain RTG, Playtech, Betsoft, 888, Microgaming and NetEnt. Each of these providers have paid their industry dues, most having been around since the inception of the online casino industry.

    The reason these providers stand out is because they keep bringing new and innovative creations to the table. They are not afraid to take risks or change the gaming world one creation at a time.

    Top 3 New Slot Innovators:

    1) Microgaming, one of the best established online casino game developers in the industry are known for launching state of the art video slots that are considered to be some of the most exciting and technologically advanced in the industry. With their Viper casino software they manage to grow from strength to strength and keep their status as a leader in the industry. Microgaming is also known as a game developer company that is not afraid to be the first to try out anything. In fact Microgaming pioneered the Autoplay feature to allow players more time to spin without the hassle of constantly clicking the button.

    ‘Theme-Powered! To promote their new steampunk themed slot release, Fortunium, Microgaming served up tasty desserts crafted by a steam-powered nitrogen ice cream station.

    2) Betsoft has managed to make its mark in the industry because of their top quality 3D cinematic slot games. So if you’re looking for a game with excellent animations and great in-play features Betsoft is definitely the game provider you should try out. Then there is Playtech, another big name in the industry that has gone the extra mile to push the boundaries and create innovative and unique games. The group might have only started in 1999 but managed to launch 45 new casino games in a time span of 3 years and each came with shorter loading times and highly advanced 3D graphics.

    3) NetEnt is best known as a leader in innovative casino slots, especially new mobile slot development. This provider is a whale shark, gigantic, beautiful and unmoved by the competition. Each year NetEnt manages to surprise with announcements regarding latest game releases, added features and changes to or even new software. They’ve also been known to team up with big movie brands to create branded games exclusive to their portfolio.

    Each of the casino software developers face the challenge of bringing something new and unique to the table year-round. Whether it be a new bonus feature, a range of new games, better jackpots or software usability upgrades. The key focus for all these developers is to satisfy players with a constant stream of shiny new toys. Thankfully they’ve perfected the art of creating a range of new slots, several with new slot releases every 4-6 weeks, in order to keep us entertained. The most recent games by software providers NetEnt and Microgaming have been showcasing new animations and in-game designs that leave you feeling like you’re stepping into a virtual reality environment.

    Speaking of Virtual Reality, it is also a well-known fact that these big brands are the frontrunners in attempting to create Virtual Reality versions of casino games including slots.

    ‘Gonzo VR! 2018 sees Netent’s breakout slot Gonzo’s Quest get a crazy new Virtual Reality makeover – far from just a flat interface this version sees you in the middle of the action. With a full 360 degree field of play it takes ‘having a spin’ to the next level!

    The near future might just see us playing new slots in Virtual Reality Casinos that leaves us feeling like we’re vacationing in Vegas, Macau or even Monte Carlo, all at the push of a button!

    Something old, something new, something borrowed and something for you

    Considering we’ve been discussing all things new, the conversation wouldn’t be complete without discussing the mobile casino movement. With technology allowing casinos and software developers to move their games from desktop to mobile it opens a world of new possibilities. Developers and casinos are under more pressure to fill up the mobile casino gaming portfolio which is ultimately good as it allows players to get their hands on new games in shorter timeframes.

    And the best part of the mobile casino movement is that instead of just creating new slots to play some of the golden oldies are revived. If you’ve been playing online casinos games since the start then you’ll probably have a few favourites you don’t want to give up on. With the latest technology making the impossible possible, casino software developers are working at creating browser variants of downloadable casino slots and even spicing up some of the classics. For you it simply means getting a chance to play your favourite slots on the go without having to download the game to your mobile or tablet device. For someone new to online casino gaming the more the merrier!

    The industry is growing rapidly and as it grows the challenge to come up with something new becomes harder. Thankfully there are die hard software providers and casino sites that aim to do nothing other than please. With them behind the wheel there will always be something new, exciting and unexplored waiting to be unveiled.

    More Information If you have a series of new slots that you love playing please join our GamblersPick Community and let us know about them – we’d love to add them to our favourite’s folder too.

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