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  • Texas Hold’em Poker is one of those games that pretty much everyone has heard of and most people think they are pretty good at. However, the truth is that there are very few great Hold’em players and the game is complex beyond measure in its true form.

    Nevertheless, online casinos have come up with a Hold’em format that gives pretty much all the players the same chances at winning and this format is called Casino Hold’em. The game of Casino Hold’em features gameplay that resembles that of the classic Texas Hold’em game, only with less complexity. Other than this, the player competes against the house instead of other players, making concepts like bluffing or bet sizing not applicable.

    Casino Hold’em is a game played with a classic poker deck of 52 cards, where player is dealt two hole cards and a three card flop once he pays the ante. From here, the player gets a chance to call or fold. Calling places another bet, the same value as the ante, on the table. Folding means the player has decided not to play the hand.

    If the player does call, two more community cards are dealt out and the dealer’s hand is flipped over. The two hands are compared to see who has the best five card poker hand. The dealer must have at least a pair of fours to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify or the player has a stronger hand, than the player wins.

    AA Bonus and Gameplay Strategy

    Another feature of Casino Hold’em present in most versions of the game is the AA bonus, which pays players for all hands stronger than a pair of aces on the first five cards. Players can get a 7:1 payout for all hands between a pair of aces and a straight and a 25:1 payment for any hand stronger than a straight.

    Casino Hold’em is a fairly simple game where players will mostly understand whether a fold or a call is in order. To make things simpler, some versions of the game will also suggest what the best play is from a mathematical perspective, making the game really all about having fun and enjoying yourself.

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