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  • 22_bulb.png21 Burn Blackjack is one of the newest blackjack variation developed specifically for online casino. This blackjack variation was created by Betsoft, a company better-known in the casino circles for their numerous 3D slots.

    First thing first, 21 Burn Blackjack doesn't differ from the original game in terms of the game goal. Players try to reach a total of 21 or under, without going over (busting). If the player's total is better than the dealer's total, the player wins the hand and is payed even money.

    22_craps.png Specific 21 Burn Blackjack Rules

    So, where does 21 Burn Blackjack differ from the traditional game? The biggest difference is that the player is allowed to burn his or her second card. To burn the card in this context means to exchange it for the next random card from the top of the shoe. To burn the card, player will have to pay 50% of their initial wager.

    In the 21 Burn Blackjack variation, players can opt to burn the card only before splitting. If they decide to split (one split allowed only), they will no longer have the option to burn a card.

    22_info.png Additional important rules for 21 Burn Blackjack

    Blackjack pays even money only (not 3 to 2 like in most variations)

    Players don't have an option to surrender

    The dealer always hits soft 17

    As for the side wagers made for the burn card, the entire wager is lost unless the player draws an ace. An ace of spade will pay at 7 to 1, while all other aces pay at 2 to 1.

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