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  • The online gambling industry has been constantly expanding during the past couple of decades or so.

    Although there is already a big number of gaming site, new online casinos appear almost every week.

    Being fresh to the market, these new sites try their best to attract players with their game selection, bigger bonuses, nice designs, interesting VIP programs, and more.

    Online gambling is a mighty popular pass time around the world. New casinos open-up online every year, to add to the thousands that already exist. It’s hard to imagine that only 20 years ago (1998), Microgaming was the first online casino provider.

    Although the sheer volume of online casinos outnumbers their land-based piers, the revenues generated at ground level outstrip anything that web-based casinos can muster. This is okay though, as igaming casinos do not have to worry about huge rentals, high overheads, and big wage cheques.

    Many entrepreneurs see online casinos as a sure-fire way to get rich, but the truth is, the industry is super-competitive, and many new casinos do not ever really get off the ground. Those that do are either of exceptional quality or practice very unethically.

    Revenue Battle: In 2016, the online gambling industry generated a revenue of US$ 44.16 billion, globally. Over the same period, worldwide land-based casino revenue came in at US$ 450 billion. This statistic shows that there is still much room for online and mobile gambling to grow.


    Along with new casinos, comes a number of advantages and disadvantages to you the player.


    • Freshness: New casinos generally have a brand-new feel. The interface and site are usually modern and more glitzy than older sites. This is because operators are continually learning from the market and are continually trying to maximise on the experience.
    • User Friendly: The site navigation on top-quality new casino sites are usually quite easy to navigate. This quality is truly appreciated and adds to the atmosphere of the casino.
    • Cutting Edge Technology: Many older casinos do not update their software as regularly as they could and often become very set in their ways. I guess they could argue, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” New casinos offer the newest tech and software, which truly enhances navigation and game play.
    • Great Bonuses: With a fresh package, comes bigger and better bonuses. These ‘better than average’ promotions and bonuses are offered so that they can gain traction in the market place with haste.
    • New Games: Unlike older online casinos with cluttered games portfolios, newer casinos can concentrate on bringing you the more cutting-edge titles.



    • Lack of Experience: Unless an operator or his/her senior staff are really experienced in the market, the experience of a new casino’s competitors could soon get the better. It is a cut-throat market, where survival is only for the fittest.
    • Lack of Reputation: Because New Casinos are…well, new, that have not had a chance to build any credible reputation. There won’t be too many reviews written on new establishments, which means you may be flying blind when making use of their services.
    • Not Licensed: Not all new casinos have had the chance to become licensed and as such pose a great risk to you as a gambler, as there may be no recourse in the case of unfair practice.



    If there was no dishonesty in the world, the task of choosing an online casino to play at would be as easy as ‘1,2,3’. But unfortunately, when it comes to money, there are always wolves among the sheep and some of them even have sheep’s clothing.

    For this very reason, it is vitally important for players to know how to choose a top new casino. We, at ‘GamblersPick’ have made it easy for our gambling community by offering you a guide of 6 criterion that can be used as a checklist to validate reputable new casino brands.

    Get by with a little help from your friends: Aside from the helpful guide provided below, we invite you to read what your friends in the field have to say about some of the new casinos that they have experienced. Keep an eye out for ‘GamblersPick Select’ badges, as these will offer you a premium review from a reputable community of reviewers.”

    Licensing and Service

    All throughout the world there are gambling regulating commissions which are set up to protect online gamblers in specific jurisdictions from fraud, unfair practice, and sub-standard service. Not all new casinos are licensed, but we advise that you avoid these operators until they are able to secure licensing from reputable ‘stables’, to avoid any stress and loss.

    Usually, operators that carry licenses have gone through a testing process with the regulator to ensure that the software is up to scratch and that the site, in general is on par with industry standards. You can ensure that a licensed casino also has protocol in place to offer great customer service.

    A Galleon of Games

    There is nothing worse than perusing through a casinos gallery of games, only to find a few titles, or many mediocre titles. A good new casino will offer many of the newer and more advanced games on the market. The array of games should include:

    • Slots and Table Games: No operator can be labelled a bonafide casino without some of the more popular slot sub-genres. Popular table games like blackjack, poker, and roulette are also a must at any establishment.
    • Live Dealer: live dealer games include some of the more popular table games, which are brought to your desktop or mobile device via live video stream. This means that you will be able to interact with real dealers in real time.
    • Virtual Reality: If you want to know if an online casino is really on the cutting edge of the industry, they will offer an array of VR games. Virtual reality allows for the highest degree of interactivity of all casino experiences. This is done by entering a virtual world offered to you by wearing goggles and earphones. You will be submerged in a new world of gaming. Any new casino offering this type of entertainment is truly worth their salt.
    • Mobile: The mobile gaming industry is newer than regular online gambling, but has already surpassed it in number of users. A reputable new casino will offer you the option of mobile device gambling, either by way of mobile application, or HTML5 browser.


    The Better Browser: HTML5 is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language (the code that describes webpages). It makes more complicated web data far easier for mobile devices to handle. This means that you will be able to play mobile games directly from the mobile site without the need of a mobile app.”

    Industry Approved Software

    You will want to make sure that you are playing on good software and not on the pirated stuff. This will ensure smooth gameplay and navigational excellence. Have a look to see whether the software has been tested by an independent auditor, such as ‘eCogra’ or ‘TST’.

    One of the safest things you can do, is to see whether the operator is using reputable software from one of the industry leaders, such as:


    If the provider is unknown, just move on and find a casino that embraces leading technology.

    Big Bonus Busters

    Bonuses offered by new casinos are often the best out there, because the casinos are wanting to win over as many players as possible in order to gain traction in the industry. There are a number of different bonuses available at online casinos, but you will want to check that a new casino offers good bonuses in three particular categories:

    1. welcome bonuses: These almost always offer free cash. You will need this free cash to explore the games and software at a casino. It eliminates some of the risk, as you do not have to use so much of your own cash to get a feel for the games and software.

    2. Loyalty Bonuses: All casinos worth their salt, will ensure that regular players are rewarded. A loyalty bonus program is a sure way to determine if a casino is in it for the long haul or not.

    3. High Roller Bonuses: If you’re into big deposits and high wagers it will be best to contact the casino support team and ask for their VIP Host. They’ll be able to give you insights into what they have on offer to entice Whales to come on-board!

    Payment Methods

    A New casino should embrace some the more popular and secure payment methods. Have a look out for:

    • E-wallets, such as PayPal, NETELLER, and Skrill.
    • Do they allow Visa and Mastercard payments and withdrawals?
    • Can you use popular vouchers to load your wallet, such as ‘paysafecard’ and ‘UKash’?
    • Do they permit Bank wire transfers and EFT’s?
    • Super modern casinos may even accept cryptocurrency. This would be the sign of a winner.



    It is absolutely vital that you read up on a new casino’s pay-out policy. Keep a look out for the following 2 criteria:

    1. Pay-out ratio: Some casinos do not pay-out 100% of your winnings. Make sure that the pay-out ratio is 100% or as close as possible to that, to ensure that you can withdraw as much of your winnings as possible. There are plenty of casinos out there who will pay-out all of your winnings, if you look for them. Low pay-out percentages are the sure sign of a ‘rogue casino’.

    2. Pay-out Speeds: The payment method that you select at a casino can determine the time you wait for funds to reflect in your account. Aside for if you opt for payment via courier cheque, you should not wait longer than 5 days for cash to appear in your coffers.


    We hope that you will use this trusty guide to make your search for a modern, new casino an easy task. There is no need to risk your hard-earned cash on sub-par providers, when there are so many great reputable casinos out there waiting for you to sign-up.

    Casinos for You



    Why are there so many new online casinos opening all the time?

    It is no secret that the online gambling industry is a very attractive and profitable one, so there are many people wanting to get in on it. The best way to do it is by launching a new, attractive casino.

    How can I know if a new casino is legit?

    We recommend you always exercise caution when joining new online casinos and make sure to check out reviews and players’ comments before deciding to join. Also, you can try reaching out to the customer support and see what kind of a vibe you’re getting.

    Why should I join a new online casino?

    There are many advantages to joining a new casino. Players are often offered generous welcome bonuses, the selection of games might be better than at your current casino, they might offer a better mobile experience, etc.

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