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  • 22_bulb.pngOnline casinos go to great lengths to meet players halfway and one way to achieve that is by offering the games on mobile devices. Mobile blackjack is a shining example of a table game that can be played on smartphones and tablets powered by iOS, Android or Windows operating systems. Making the transition from PCs to these gadgets doesn’t influence the house edge, since the game is played by the same rules.

    When players choose to experience the thrills of mobile blackjack, they actually get to play one of the many variants available. Blackjack comes in different flavors, each game with its unique set of rules built on the popularity of the core game mechanics. Those who have learned the optimal strategy and use it on a daily basis can expect to decrease the house edge to a fraction of a percent.

    22_blackjack.png Why is Mobile Blackjack so Popular Online?

    The latest smartphones and tablets are powerful enough as to run mobile blackjack games smoothly without any technical glitches. It is even possible to play these games against real dealers, effectively re-creating the atmosphere of brick-and-mortar casinos. The main reason for why people have switched from brick-and-mortar locations to online casinos is to enjoy more flexibility. Mobile devices take convenience to the next level, since players can enjoy their favorite games whenever they have an Internet connection.

    Not only more than online casinos offer support for these games, but some even have special bonuses for mobile users. One-time promotions and occasional campaigns provide the ultimate incentive to play mobile blackjack. Some of these bonuses are available exclusively to those who play blackjack on tablets and smartphones. Last but definitely not least, the game carries a low house edge and rewards players who use strategy instead of relying exclusively on luck.

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