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  • Online gambling is a popular pastime among citizens across the globe. Players prefer partaking in online gambling simply because it is more convenient and comes without additional costs. If you’re playing at a land based casino then you need to set some money aside for travelling expenses, food, drinks and in some cases even a place to stay for a night or two. With online gambling you pay only for your gaming.

    Of course there are many who love the experience of land based casinos. For these players there is one type of slot that encapsulates the experience the best, Classic Slots. These games are the ‘OG’ they are the reason so many are able to play different types of slots today. Apart from that they are simplistic, fun and a reminder of the good old times.

    How it all began

    The first real slot machines first came about in America at the turn of the 20th Century. They became popular very quickly and pretty soon they were found in other parts of the world including England and Australia. These slots, now known as the classics, had up to 10 symbols on a reel and the symbols were made up out of standard poker playing cards. The games came with a standard 3 or 5 reel layout which is still seen in some of the modern day slots today.

    Interestingly enough the earliest slot games did not offer a lot of prize money. Instead some of the earliest slot machines awarded tokens which could be used to buy all sorts of prizes from the store including cigarettes, chewing gum and even soap. In short, these slot games could be seen as a novelty rather than a serious gambling game. Much like the Claw machines still standing outside of grocery stores and arcades today, the idea was to test your luck and take something home for show.

    The Classic slots really started taking shape and earning their stripes in the 1960’s when electro-mechanical designs were added to the games. These designs were faster and flashier and gave birth to the ‘Vegas experience’ of flashing lights and chiming sounds when a jackpot was hit. These designs replaced the traditional levers and springs and were soon nicknamed ‘one-armed bandits’.

    Why the one-armed bandit? Most assume that the name came solely from the fact that these slots were played by pulling a lever to spin the reels. The ‘bandit’ part of the nickname came from the fact that these games took the money of unlucky players.

    Whether you love them or hate them, classic slots are the grandfathers of the more modern slots and they deserve to be remembered. These games are the reason so many software developers today get the chance to entertain us with video slots, progressives and other games.

    How they work

    These 3 or 5 reel classic slots were simplistic and relatively easy to play. The aim was to place a coin in the slot or ‘bet’ as it is now referred to and pull on the lever to start spinning the reels. Once the reels came to a stop the outcome would be revealed. If there were matching symbols in a payline a win would be awarded.

    If you look at the basic design of slot machines even with all the improvement over the years it stays more or less the same. It’s funny to think that slots come with rules that have been there since the launch of classic slots. These games are so simple and easy to understand that almost no one takes the times to actually read through the rules or pay any attention to them. After all, slot games are known as games of chance and no set of rules can help increase your luck. That be the case, it is still beneficial to skim through the rules just to know what the terms and conditions connected to the games are. Reading through the rules is not a fun activity but it could save you in terms of winning chances and keeping hold of the wins you’ve obtained throughout the game. For new players especially it’s nice to go through the rules, even if it is just once.

    Classic slots are simple, all you need to do is choose your coin size and the number of paylines you wish to be active, although with these slots you are generally limited to between 1 and 5 paylines. And once all the settings and bets have been applied you take your spin and wait for the outcome to be revealed. Most classic slots don’t come with an Auto-spin or Reel Stop option.

    These games are straightforward press and play, there are no bonus features and in most cases there are no massive jackpot pool prizes connected to them. For High Rollers these games will definitely not be as satisfying.

    Why the Fruit, Bells and Candy symbols?

    If you’ve played your share of online casino slots you might have noticed that some of the symbols features in the classic slots are still used to this very day. In fact, it might annoy you that there are so many repetitive symbols but what you don’t know is that these little gems have a rich history.

    The first slot ever created was built with five reels and different card symbols. Much like poker the only way to win was to create certain poker hands. This original slots symbols still show up in many video slots you play to this day.

    The first three reel slot ever created was the infamous, Liberty Bell, and it offered a payout not higher than $0.50 which was the equivalent of 10x a 0.5 coin bet. The only way to get this win was to line up three liberty bell symbols in a payline. The bell became iconic and is still used in modern slots to this very day.

    Did you know? The fruits were symbolic for the flavoured bubble-gum you’d receive if you got a winning spin. For instance if you lined up three grapes you’d be given grape flavoured bubble-gum as a prize.

    Then there are the delicious fruit symbols and interestingly enough the idea of fruit symbols was derived from the fact that the first slots only awarded food items as prizes. In a sense all the symbols seen on classic slots today had meaning and reason for finding their way onto the reels.

    So where did the BAR symbol come from? One of the companies that created some of the fruit machines was the Bell-Fruit Gum Company and the BAR symbol was a replica of their logo.

    The bells, fruit symbols and bar symbols are to this day added to classic slots or even some of the more modern video slots as a reminder of how far the development of slots have really come. The lucky number 7 was added purely for the fact that it is considered a lucky number and gave players hope of landing a winning spin.

    These symbols might be an annoyance, or they might simply bore you but you have to take into account that these symbols are reminders of where it all began. Classic slots started it all and their symbols are still used in video slots to show the history of the games today and how much could still change in the future.

    Improve your Classic Slot game experience with these simple tricks

    While there is no real strategy that goes into playing classic slots or any other slots for that matter there are a few tips and tricks you can implement to increase you gaming experience or even make it last a little bit longer.

    ➀ Play with the lowest bet amount possible

    Classic slots don’t come with progressive jackpots or features that require a high bet amount. By playing the lowest bet amount available you can prolong your gameplay.

    ➁ Know your limits

    Even playing at a low bet amount could easily deplete your bankroll if you get caught in the moment. Rather create a budget for the day or week and stick to it. This will ensure you get to play another day without the worries of a gambling problem developing or your bankroll draining fast.

    ➂ Play for free

    Some classic slots are available in free play mode so if you really want to continue playing for longer without going over your budget you could just enjoy the thrill of the game without worrying about any cost being attached to it for a while.

    Flashbacks and Nostalgia

    Considering the mass amount of slots available today with exquisite graphics, crisp sounds and beautiful themes you might wonder why so many still choose to play Classic Slots in the modern day time.

    Classic slots online are not the OG’s but they are replicas of the very first slot machines ever created. And if you catch yourself wondering why so many online casino players still choose to play the classics the reasons are simple.

    Vintage feels

    If you take a look at even bigger things like fashion, architecture and interior design then you will notice that vintage remains a style preferred by many. There is just something about it that captivates and keeps you grounded. This is very much the same for classic slots, the allow you to remember the good old days.

    Simplicity is key

    One of the main reasons many still opt to play classic slots is because they are incredibly simple. This makes it quick to learn and understand the workings. Even as a beginner in particular these slots can be very beneficial.

    Better graphics

    One of the key features that make classic slots remain relevant is that they keep their vintage look and feel but are designed with improved graphics. Thus while they remain nostalgic it doesn’t feel like you’re playing an outdated game.

    Personal preference

    There are various reasons why you can assume that players love the classic slots. In essence the biggest reason of all remains personal preference. There are some who detest classic slots and tend to stick to slots that offer more variance, bigger payouts and heaps of bonus features. For others the classics are first choice because their aim is not to strike big wins but merely to have fun and enjoy small payouts. Classic slots to the casino industry is the same as Jeans to the fashion industry, their model might improve but at the end of the day they will always remain a must have among your selection.

    A bonus twist

    The modern day classic slot variants created come with modern graphics but some also come with the added benefit of bonus features and jackpot prizes. Their rules remain the same and the gameplay continues to be simple and straightforward but now players have the opportunity to play for big jackpot payouts.

    Old School continues to be Cool

    Whether you are a veteran player, or recently started playing online casino games, classic slots definitely deserves a spot on your must play list. These games might seem simplistic and dull compared to the more lavish video slots the casino industry has to offer but they remain interesting and fun.

    Classic slots remind us of how far the casino industry has come, how much effort has been placed into the development of slot games and how much of an impact technology has really made on the industry.

    And at the end of the day sometimes you just want to play a simple game with a straightforward outcome and what better way to do so than opening a classic slot with a 3 reel and 1 payline game layout.

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